Friday, June 10, 2011

Post natal confinement should be an enjoyable time not a drag

I am sure most of you already knew that our friend Wendy of Table for two or more has a new addition to her family. Hi Wendy, I made this card specially for you. Hope you like it.

For those of you who just got this good news, do hop over to her blog and congratulate her. She is now on confinement and I am sure she is enjoying her time with her new baby boy. This reminds me of my own confinement back in 1988. Here is a very old photo of "the happy me" feeding my baby. Nick was only 2 weeks old. He was the flawless baby to me. Don't we mothers always see our babies that way?

Did anyone of you had problem following the confinement practice like, avoiding bath, not washing hair, covered with thick clothings and stay indoor for the whole confinement period of thirty days? I did not because I told my mum I won't do that and knowing that her daughter is stubborn, she did not insist so as to keep the peace. I think we should not follow primitive practice blindly. As long as we know we are doing the right thing, we should be fine. Furthermore, confinement period should be an enjoyable time for the mother and the new born, not a drag. One thing I did not mind following was the diet because my mum is the best confinement lady. She had a wide variety of confinement healthy soups and dishes up her sleeve. I had different dishes and soups everyday and almost every one of them was delicious. One of my favorites was braised pork trotters in vinegar with lots of ginger. I LOVE it so much that I requested for it every week during my confinement! Here is her recipe, try it and I am very sure you will love it as much as I do.

Braised pork trotters in vinegar 

1.5 kg pork trotters
1 ½ bottle of 625ml sweetened vinegar
½ bottle 625ml  black vinegar
250gm rock sugar
220gm old or young ginger
3 tbs sesame oil

Put pork hocks in a large pan. Peel ginger and cut it into 2 cm pieces. Pour Sweetened vinegar ad black vinegar and rock sugar into the pot. Par boil the pork hocks and then rinse with cold water.  Drop ginger in sesame oil and fry till fragrant and slightly brown. Add pork hock and stir fry till pork hocks looks opague. Heat up the vinegar to boil.  Add the pork hocks and ginger into the pot of vinegar and simmer in low heat for 1 ½ to 2 hours till pork hocks are tender. Taste and see if more rock sugar need to be added. This is rather subjective because some people prefer more sour but other prefer it more sweet.  Adjust the taste to your liking.

This dish taste even better the next day.


  1. Actually, I love my confinement days.I love all the food that my confinement lady prepared especially ginger wine chicken and this trotter vinegar...oh I missed it so much....your's looks so delicious, and I'm craving for it, in the middle of night??!!!lol..

  2. I've heard they started doing this in group housing in New York. Congratulations to the new mom. I love that photo!

  3. I know that confinement is customary, but I would probably die of depression if I had to do that! I am a restless person and would not appreciate being cooped up anywhere, unclean, for that long. (Though food like that would help!)

  4. Nice know about your customs, congratulations of new mom. only me and husband and new born was there

  5. Very cute card!

  6. I also missed the 'Ti Kar Chor' during confinement days, but it seems no long ago I had my confinement days, still remember the smell, no bath for first 10 days, ha ha..........

  7. Thank you so much for this card.
    It's so thoughtful of you.
    Wow, Nick must have been a huge baby. He does look big for 2 weeks.
    And he sure had lots of hair.
    I'm well now, just that I'm waiting for the final confirmation of name from his papa to put his pic up, hahaha!! He's very fickle minded about naming him.

  8. Really miss this pork trotter in vinegar, it's nice to add in hard boil egg too. Quay Po, yours look great, make me craving for it now, lol
    Confinement food is nice but minus the customary :(

  9. Quay Po,

    You are always such a dear. How sweet of you to make that card for Wendy. A big congrats to your friend Wendy. I never followed much of the traditions after giving birth. Most of the one's I followed had to do with the foods I ate. I know a lot of people eat this pork dish after giving birth and they love it. I must be honest though, I'm not a big pork fan so this was one of the one's I passed on. My mom knew trying to pusuade me is a loosing battle too. Teehee.

  10. Veronica...I was just telling Wendy, I am crave for confinement food and you put this mouth watering trotters with black vinegar up....awwww salivating now !!! Gosh hope the keyboard is not wet...... :0

  11. I did not follow the confinement rules too. Haiz...too bad i didnt get to eat the vinegar pork trotter nor the chicken wine too :(

  12. I absolutely love this dish, pregnant or not ! Would be on my regular menu had it not been for doc's warning ..

  13. this famous food is my hubby's NO ONE selected food,he can finish one pork trotters ^_^,and i used

  14. my grandma cooks this every year even if there is no one in confinement.. since i worry abt fat content, she often makes a version using chicken drumsticks.. ah! I could drink this by the bowlful!

  15. I enjoyed both my confinement periods, probably more with my 2nd daughter, then the 1st because my oldest had some complications at birth with clicky hips (hips dsyplasia). I also loved the confinement food, anything with ginger was lovely.

  16. i love pig trotters! wobbly collagen so yummy! but no confinement for me though! LOL

  17. Veron dear, I have some awards for you. Please feel free to hop over to collect it.
    cheers, Kristy

  18. Quay Po- So interesting! I've never heard the time after birth called "confinement" in the US, but my mother said it was so customary in her time for mothers to stay home for a month or two for fear of exposing the new baby to "germs."

    Today, everyone in the US seems to bring the newborns into the public right away!

    Your dish looks lovely. My mother's day would also have nursing mothers eat bland foods. Not anymore, I ate whatever I wanted when my three were born!


  19. I guess I just wouldn't sit still when my kids were born in the 60's and 70's. I breast fed the babies and was out and about fairly soon after they were born. When friends and relatives arrived to help with the new baby, I asked them to help with the housework and cooking while I took care of my babies which worked out very well. :)

    I just LOVE your recipes!!!!!


  20. I also loved the "Tu Ka Chor". However, not toooo much vinegar though. I had a friend who kindly made a pot for me during my confinement. Unfortunately it was loaded with ginger and too sour, it took me quite a while to finish that pot. Like you said, must adjust to your taste.
    My husband cooked my confinement food. I enjoyed all the soups.
    I didn't really practice all the other confinement stuff. In fact, I washed my hair the moment I came home from the hospital.

  21. Lian: I am like you, I don't like too much vinegar. Wow, your hubby cooked your confinement food? How lucky! Good for you not to practice the confinement rules blindly.

    Lois: Would you try this braised pork trotters? If you do, let me know how you like it. HUGS back.

    Loretta: Most of my Western friends told me they do not have confinement period, I like that better.I t is so nice that your friends and relatives came to help out.

    Christine: Thanks:D Hope to see you around more often.

    Kristy: You are so kind to pass on the award to me. That is why I say my blogger friends rawk! They are so generous, they not only said their knowledge, they share their awards. Thanks a million. You might not see me displaying the award because I am still trying to figure out how to put all the awards in one page. So please do not think I don't value it.

    Alan: It is easy to like those wobbly collagen isn't it? LOL! No confinement for you? YAY!!

    Charmaine: That should be the way.

    Joelyn: Wow, must be very tasty with "boon tong" ginger.

    The experimental cook: I am sure this is the case for many people.

    Small Kucing: You can eat as much as you can now, no need to wait for confinement lah.

    daphne: My mum never cook this dish with chicken but that's a good idea for a more healthy version.

    Elin: Strange how we crave for confinement foods. LOL!

    LeQuan: See we share another traits! how not to get along with you?

    That Girl, Swathi: I am sure Wendy saw that:D Thanks for dropping by.

    Amelia: You are spot on... MINUS the customary! Oh yes, I love to have hard boil eggs in this dish too.

    Wendy: You are most welcome. Nick was a huge baby. He was 8 lbs 14 ozs at birth. He was so huge for a small frame lady like me and I could not deliver him naturally. He was a caesarian baby. Oh yes, I have not seen any baby at birth having so much hair like him.

    Mimosa: I am sure it is rather uncomfortable for you not to have a bath for 10 days.

    Nancy and Vijay: Thanks. Cute card for a cute baby.

    Nobel4lit: Me too!

    Belinda: Is that right? I am sure it will cost the new mother a hefty sum to go there.

    yummylittlecooks: I know, we should visit any food blog at late night... can be a torture..LOL!

  22. Hi there! blog hopping. Love your blog so much, enjoy reading all those stories and recipes.

    As for confinement, I have been through twice. I enjoyed the first one, the lady cooked superb confinement food. I actually eagerly waiting for my meal time every day. *wink* As for the second one, the lady did not know how to cook; not to mention "kacang ma". I ate a lot of kacang ma (chicken/pork in herbs). I did not taste any pork trotters in vinegar during my confinement.

    I like pork belly cooked in vinegar because I dont fancy trotter. :p

  23. Awww what a cute card..wonderful!!!
    I followed only one rule with all my babies, keeping my lamp on especially at night with light pointing at them for 40 days, everything else I was just like you...nobody couldn't tell me how to do anything...was going by my rule and my kids are healthy and happy! :) Awww your picture is beautiful...I miss having new born babies when I see one:)))but three are enough hahaa
    Your pork trotters look mouthwatering...I love that recipe of yours..very well done!!!

  24. Over here, there is no confinement but relatives are coming and coming and give the new mom a tons of contradictory advices so running out is the only option :)))
    great dish!!

  25. Rose: I am happy that you enjoyed my stories and recipes. It makes my day when I know that I am able to share joy. That is the primary purpose of my blog:D A good confinement lady is rare find especially those who can cook delicious healthy soup and food. I am sure they are others like you who prefer pork belly to pork trotter. I am sure pork belly in vinegar will taste as good. Look forward to visit with you again.

    Sandra: Thanks for you comment on my pic and my mum's recipe. I have not come across this lamp rule during confinement. May I ask what is the purpose for doing that?

    something_good: hahaha, if that is the case, I would run out too!

  26. Oh, what a cute photo of you and your it! I never could stay put...I think I was running out to the store within days of giving birth.

    Pork with ginger sounds wonderful! Such a lovely recipe~

  27. Lizzy: Thanks. I like that you do not have confinement after giving birth.


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