Friday, November 18, 2011

Angry Birds cupcake class

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of attending a class about making cupcakes, and using fondant to decorate the cakes with "angry bird" figures. Before I tell you more about it, I would like to thank Shyamala for the invitation to the Angry bird cupcake class. 

The instructor started the class by introducing fondant and its characteristics to us. She then went on to show us step by step how to make 2D and 3D figurines. After that she asked us to make the angry birds and a "piggie" on our own as she assisted us whenever necessary.

Step by step instruction by Nancy of Cake Connection

Her instruction was clear and precise. During her demonstration she had also cautioned us to pay attention to details when we work with fondant in order to get impressive figurines. I like that she also shared with us tips that we might never get if we just  followed instructions from a book. 

After spending a few hours working with the fondant to make the angry bird figurines, I now understand why these cupcakes sell at a high price.  So now, take a look at my Angry bird cupcakes and tell me if I have WOWED you.

2D angry bird

Brown bird (the eyebrow broke due to handling)

Yellow bird

My favorite Red bird

Cute green Piggy

Ta da!! My masterpieces at a glance

For those of you who would like to try making these angry bird figurines for your cupcakes, here are some of the tools you need.

A small paring.
A pizza cutter
A smooth, clean surface.  
A small rolling pin.
Plastic wrap or bags, to keep the extra bits of fondant from drying out while not in use.
A small paintbrush.
A small offset spatula, or other thin-bladed spatula
Round cutters and flower petal cutters

The ingredients you need to do the figurines:
CMC powder
Flavoring essence
Food coloring, preferably gel or paste.
Powdered sugar to keep the fondant from sticking to everything.
Shortening, to repair small tears and to put on your hands.
Edible glue


  1. the cup cakes turned out great, they look like so much fun to make, well done!

  2. Little children would be so happy to have these Angry Birds cupcakes. Take some efforts to make those little things. It is like playing with "plastercine", isn't it? All those look really lovely.

  3. WOW! These angry birds are super cute! Thank you very much for sharing:)

  4. 2 Thumbs up for your masterpieces ;) That cupcakes really looks gorgeous :)

  5. you are so GREAT, all the angry bird are so so cute !

  6. you are so talented!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  7. wah... so much details right down to the beak!!

    lots of fun I can tell... thks for sharing as usual QP! :)

  8. Hehe, I love Angry Birds and your cupcakes look suitably annoyed! It certainly seems like hard work, but you did really well. I did a cupcake decorating class a few years ago but have not made one since :(

  9. Veron, wow, you are super fast post it. I now under pressure, hehehe.

  10. Wow, my goodness more fun is on the way. Btw, congratulations on your 1st cooking class demo. You look so pro & great. Bet you had loads of fun there with Sonia too. Frankly, I still haven't dare to put my hands on this kind of work yet, though I have already had everything on hand. :o) You're so good on it.
    Thanks for sharing & Hope you're enjoying your day. Happy thanksgiving to you & your family.
    Blessings, Kristy

  11. Definitely the hottest characters now!

  12. It's amazing how all the creative things that can be made with fondant!
    Veronica, you did such a great job on the cute little angry birds cupcakes. What a fun class!

    So nice that you shared all these adorable cupcakes, and instructions with us. Those cakes are so incredible with all the pretty figures with the fondant!

  13. My two princesses will yell and scream at these Angry Bird Cupcakes. So beautiful and lovely.

  14. Wow, I'm really impressed with your first experience with 2D and 3D angry birds!

    It's a fine work and I truly salute on the detailed pattern you've made.

    So, this making these cupcakes ain't kacang, huh?

  15. I kenot let my girls see these cute cupcakes...ahahhaha. I really heart ur green pig.

  16. Impressive indeed! My kids will go gaga over them. But the fondant usually doesn't taste very good right? At least the ones I've tried doesn't; even my kids think so too.

  17. Not too bad for a beginner at all! Can't wait to see what you will come up.:)

  18. How much fun this must have been:)) And what an amazing result:))

  19. Yes im under pressure to post too..:P

    super cute and a job so well done Veron! Congrats.

  20. hahahah, your cat is one smart feline!! the cake is really yummy, i must say! nice post Veron and it was certainly wonderful to meet you too. i actually recognise you instantly :). happy decorating with all the colours and ingredients you've bought. cheers!

  21. Quay Po, I am not a "cook-er" nor a baker ... but... i m a taster and a great eater! Those cupcakes left me imagining how they taste like ... :)

  22. these are very impressive. Love the Red angry Bird with a nest of eggs.

    All the figures there are so lovely.

  23. Wow .. angry birds cup cake is beautifull. It's look yummy, I like it.

  24. Those are beautiful!!!! Makes me want to throw them at each other!

  25. I am a big fan of Angry Birds games on the iphone...these cupcakes versions are so realistic and cute! I dare not attempt to play with fondant yet, looks pretty daunting lol!

  26. I think the 2-D red bird is my favorite!

  27. such dedication and focus on details... quite incredible... but but but... angry bird? :O)

  28. Brilliant cupcakes! You must have been a very attentive student, because your work looks well-nigh perfect!

  29. Wow, looks like there are lots of cooking/baking classes going on in KL now? And you girls seemed to have so much of fun. Wish that I could join too.Envy envy!

  30. Oooo...they're all so cute. Too nice to be eaten. But the test of the pudding is in the taste of the cakes. I've had some very beautiful cup cakes....but the cake proper was hard, coarse - not to my liking. I was told they must be hard to be able to stand the heavy icing. I wouldn't know - not into baking.

  31. wah! you are the new fondant queen! very adventurous eh!

  32. I am WOWED! These are amazing and it sounds like such a fun class, so detailed these beauties are :) Funny about your cat and pup, mine plot things as well and stealing food is just the start :)
    So funny when I was reading your post I though of Shirley, I was introduced to Angry Birds through her...such fun!

  33. Veron, those cupcakes are already a masterpiece to me! Love the green pig especially! It's another mission impossible for me. Hahaha!

    Welcome to the AB Club & thks for much for linking up! I can see you've enjoyed your AB adventure as much as I did! A wonderful post indeed!

  34. Hi Veron..just want to let you know a typo regarding my name...its Zurin of cherry on a cake not Cherry :P

    ps youre smart took so many step by step photos...I didnt :(

  35. wow amazing!! the cupcake really looks like angry bird la, great job you done here... :D where can i get this cupcake? is it for sale?

  36. Your angry birds fondant are so cuteand pretty!! I yet to play with any fondant, hope to try it one day :)

  37. wow, your angry birds really look angry like eye balls popping out. :) Yes, love the details on the beak! :)

  38. Omigosh, those cakes are adorable...!! And your Angry Bird cupcakes are too cool! My husband likes to play the Angry Bird games sometimes, maybe I also need to make Angry Bird themed cake someday :).

  39. They are so cute (and real) that I want to keep them for good!

  40. My, those are so adorable! Shall make them someday.

  41. Quay Po what nice look these cupcakes, amazing:)

  42. This is so amazing and inspiring. I need to take some classes. Love the pics. You look so proud as you should. These were absolutely gorgeous!

  43. @laurie
    I am very pleased with them:D

    Yes, when i gave these cupcakes to my friend's grandkids, they flipped!

    Thanks, not as cute as your piggy moonlike:D

    Thanks anne.

    Thanks Joelyn.

    Thanks Cloudia.

    @Food Dreams
    Thanks. A lot of time and patience to make these figurines but it is fun to do.

    Oh start doing, it is very satisfying when the figurines come out right.

  44. Very cute and beautiful angry birds cupcake Veron.. well done ^_^

  45. @Sonia
    While I still remember it, I better get it done, you know me, I am very "Lucy". Out of sight, out of mind. Sorry if it give you guys pressure:D

    You are most welcome:D So nice to see your comment. Thanks.

    You got everything on hand? You should try making some figurines, I know you will enjoy doing it. Thanks for your kind words.

    @choi yen
    Yes they are.

    Yes, I have never worked with fondant and it is completely new to me. After creating all those cute adorable figurines, I want to play with it some more. LOL!


    @Sheoh Yan
    I am sure they will. You should make some for them.

  46. @yvonne
    I am surprise at myself too. I feel very comfortable working with fondant.

    @Yee Ling

    Frankly I do not encourage anyone to eat the fondant. Too much handling and coloring. You are right, I don't think they taste nice either.

    Yes, I have to pat myself on my shoulder. I am very happy with my products.

    Yes, lot of fun, can't wait to do it again.

    No pressure lah. Nancy said you guys can post whenever you like. I posted it because I am very forgetful so while I am thinking about it, I better get it out of the way. Thanks for your kind words. I would love to be able to do fine work like you:D Your cakes decoration is fabulous!

  47. @reanaclaire
    The cupcake taste very good.

    @Small Kucing
    I love that one too. My favorite.

    The cupcakes are yummy. Wish I can let you taste one.

    hahaha, I know what you mean.

    It is not so daunting as time consuming.

    @That Girl
    Oh ya, looks like you like the same bird as my cat, Ranger. LOL!

    Thanks for you visit. yes luckily I was not the angry bird after the class.

    @Mark Willis
    Thanks for your compliment. First time here? Hope to see your around.

  48. @Jessie
    Come to KL! hehe

    @petite nyonya
    Yes, Wonderful to meet all of you in person. I was rather surprise you recognize me:D Hope to see you at the rose making class soon.

    The cake taste good. No need to make the cake harder, they are not really that heavy:D

    Thanks ANU, I would love to think so.

    Aiyoh, don't lah tease me like that. Beginners only, far from fondant queen:D

    @Magic of spice
    So happy to have WOWed you! Yes, me too, when i see angry birds, I think of Shirley too.

    You are most welcome Shirley, I did think about you when I was at the class making the angry birds. hehe

  49. @Martha
    The beak is what I love the most.

    @Cooking Gallery
    Yes, you should and I can't wait to see your angry birds/

    I know what you are saying. I can't bring myself to demolish those angry birds so I gave them all to my girlfriend's grandkids:D

    Good, Look forward to your creation.

    How are you my dear. Long time no see. Hope all is well. I am so happy to see you again.

    @Kim Bee
    Yes I think no so much proud as happy because I really think I did good with the angry birds as a first timer. Hope I do not sound arrogant:D

  50. You would be my 5 year old son best friend if you bring those cupcakes to him lol! What a incredible post..LOVE IT Veronica!!

  51. @Sandra
    hahaha, I know, it is so easy to be friends with kiddies. If you are staying nearby, I would love to make a box of angry bird cupcakes for your son in return for a big bear hug!

  52. The cupcakes are so cute. You did a great job!

  53. Wow! Very impressive and beautiful cupcakes you have made eventhough it's your 1st time attending the class.

  54. @FoodnTravelLa
    Thanks for your kind words. I want to see if I can maker better figurines on my own:D

  55. hi qpc! i have always been a silent follower. no more now. isn't Nancy amazing? i have missed missed missed out so many interesting classes. thanks for showing the steps. they really look so professional and super cute. too cute to take a bite. have a good week! cheers Jo

  56. @Chic & Gorgeous Treats
    Glad to meet you Jo and thanks for your following. Come for the rose making class in Dec so that we can meet in person and have some fun together:D

  57. Jo, on second thought where are you? hehe

  58. That is some fabulous fondant work! My husband loves playing Angry Birds on his iPhone, and I wish I were better with fondant--it would be fun to make these!

  59. Angry Birds!! haha kids will drag mummy and point "mah! I want that angry Birds" lol

    There is also sesame street and smurfs!

    Oh well will there be any Power Rangers? :P

  60. @Kian Fai
    Yes, kids love Angry birds and most cartoon figurines. I remember when I was a kid, I love those too. I remember Power Rangers, that was ultra popular when my son was a kid:D

  61. Nice meeting u, Veron! Do keep in touch ya :-) Can't believe how focused we all were, with out little Angry Birds, haha!

  62. @Chris
    The feeling is mutual. I enjoyed myself at your space. Look forward to catch up with you soon. Take care.

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  64. Oh my grandsons would LOVE these - what a great job you did!

  65. Hi Mrs. Quay Po!
    Your Angry Birds cupcakes look so cute! It must be very exciting to attend an awesome cupcake making class like that. Unfortunately, cupcake class is seldom held in my neighborhood. By the way, thanks a lot for writing a comment on my blog!
    I also have a question. Could you please tell me why you call yourself as Quay Po (the devil woman)? It surely is not a common nickname to me, hehe..

    1. Elvy, You are welcome. It was a fun class. Please read this post and you will know why Quay Po. LOL!

  66. Little children would be so happy to have these Angry Birds cupcakes. Take some efforts to make those little things. It is like playing with "plastercine", isn't it? All those look really lovely.
    Angry Birds Games


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