Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ah Lui Jay's Turnip and dried squid stew

Many may mistaken that this dish is Ju Hu Char but it is not. There is no shredded mushroom or shredded pork. My Mum make this dish to be wrapped in lettuce and it is really refreshing and tasty and will never feel full. It can be eaten as a snack before the main meal or as a side dish for the main meal to be eaten with rice.  If you like it spicy, you can spread some sambal belachan on the lettuce before putting the stew turnip and dried squid.  

Ah Lui Jay's Turnip and dried squid stew

1)      1 cup julienne carr0t
2)      4 cups julienne turnip
3)      1 cup julienne black fungus 
(washed and soaked till all opened and soft)
4)      25gm dried shredded squid 
(washed and soaked till soft)
5)      2 tb vegetable oil
6)      2 tb oyster sauce
7)      1 tb black sauce
8)      1 tb sugar
9)      1 chicken stock cube
10)  2 ½ cup water
11)   Spring Onion for garnishing

Heat oil and sautee turnip till translucent and scoop off the wok and set aside.
Add carrot and shredded dired squid and stir fry till carrot is soft and you smell the fragrant of the dried squid. Add turnip, black sauce, oyster sauce, sugar and chicken stock cube and water.  Stir and conbime well and let it stew till turnip is limp.

Serves with lettuce and sambal belachan.  I like it with romanian lettuce.


  1. I don't think I have tried such a dish before. Or maybe I did but have forgotten? Should be very tasty with the dried squid in the stew.

  2. tigerfish,
    this is very tasty especially when you wrap it in romanian lettuce and dip in sambal belachan. Just talking about it makes me want to make the dish again.


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