Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stir fry abalone mushroom with ginkgo nuts and wolfberries - featured in Group Recipes

When my mum cooks this dish, I cannot help but eat 2 bowls of rice. I love the combination of flavors and ingredients. Abalone mushroom has little flavor or aroma when they are not cooked. However, when they are cooked with ginkgo nuts and wolfberries, they develop an ‘umami’ of flavors no one can resisit. I love abalone and this mushroom has a texture similar to it. Definitely this is more affordable than abalone and I don't need to think twice or count my pennies when I crave for it.
350gm abalone mushrooms
100 gm ginkgo nuts (remove shell and skin)
20 gm wolfberries
1 tb vegetable oil
2 tb oysters sauce
2 tb Chinese wine (hua tiao)
1 ts sugar
1 cube bullion chicken stock
½ cup water
½ ts ground white pepper
Dissolve a cube of bullion chicken stock in ½ cup warm water and set aside. Wash wolfberries and set aside. Soak gingko nuts for 1 hour. Cooks gingko nuts in boiling water till it is soft, drain and set aside. Blanch ablaone mushroom briefly, drain and set aside. Heat oil in wok, saute gingko nuts, add oysters sauce, sugar, chicken stock, and abalone mushrooms. Simmer for 1 min and add wolfberries and simmer for another min. Add Chinese wine and simmer for 30 secs and transfer all to a serving plate.


  1. I really like this dish. Light and healthy. Abalone's are so good.

  2. Lisa,
    Good to see you. You must be busy preparing for challenge #7. I will watch out for the vote opening to cast a vote for you. All the best.

  3. This is one of my favorite mushrooms, and I also love how light and healthy the recipe seems. Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  4. 5-star restaurant worthy, this is :)

  5. So easy yet wholesome. Love abalone mushrooms they're my favorite :)

  6. Jude,
    Yes, it is a healthy dish, if you prefer it less oily, can always cut down the oil.

  7. tigerfish,
    You are always so generous with your compliment. Thank you:D

  8. Sommer,
    Thanks for dropping by. I enjoy reading your blog and looking at all the fabulous pictures.

  9. Kim,
    This is a good dish when you just don't feel like eating meat for the day.

  10. I'm not a mushroom fan but this sure is pretty! Looks like something you would get at a restaurant! Thanks!

  11. Debbie,
    Thank you for comment. Really appreciate it. I visited your blog and you have lots of great recipes:D


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