Monday, April 18, 2011

I celebrate "YOU" with a “Mother's Day Give Away”



Mother's Day is round the corner so I want to take this opportunity to celebrate "YOU" as well. You guys have made my blogging experience so very wonderful! Your comments make each day more interesting for me and give me a sense of accomplishment. It had never crossed my mind that I could have a blog of my own because I afraid to write with my limited English. Furthermore, I did not even dream that someone would spend time reading my posts for I always felt that I thought and wrote would be boring. When I started I told myself, just write from my heart and share my thoughts and if nobody cares about my stories, I can at least share our recipes and surely there will be people out there who loves food and can benefit from it. There is a selfish motive for my blog though, for I knew that I would feel joy from sharing joy. 

Along the way, blogging has opened the door for me to meet many new friends far and near. Even though, I have not met all of my blogger friends, I have met and made friendships with many lovely local bloggers, I have made a few good friends from far away whom stay in touch by emails as well. Isn't that amazing? Thank you for all your friendship and I will always value it. This Quay Po's passion is burning high and bright because of your love and support. HUGS to all and Happy Mother's Day in advance.

This cookbook “Reviving Local Dialect Cuisine” by Pan Nyu Yoon is a bilinqual edition. Madam Pang was honoured with the Singapore’s first “Life Long Learning Award” in 2002 and her culinary finesse and creativity has won her a silver medal in the individual category of “The Fifth World Championships of Chinese Cuisine” held in Guangzhou in November 2004. In this cookbook, you will find many handpicked popular authentic recipes of Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese, Hainanese and Hakka origin. On the first page of each section, there is a short description of each dialect's cultural roots pertaining to their food. I am sure the winner will enjoy this cookbook as much as I did.
A sneak peek in the book:
To participate:
  1) You must be my blog or twitter followers, to enter this contest. If you are not and would like to enter for this giveaway, can I bribe you to click on the follow button now? (hahaha, just kidding, the intention of this "Give Away" is not to lure followers but celebrate "YOU".)
2) Leave your comment and tell me the recipe or post that you like the most on my blog and why. (This is for me, I am curious to know)
3) This Giveaway ends 1st May 2011 at 12 midnight Malaysian Time.
4) The Winner will be announced on 2nd May 2011 so please check back on this post on that day to find out if you are the winner.
5) The Winner will be contacted on 3rd May 2011 for postal information and the book will be posted within 3 workings from the date of winner's reply.
Note: Those who post as anonymous, please leave your name and email address, otherwise I have no way of contacting you if you are the winner.
Once again, THANK YOU for being part of my culinary journey and blogging experience.


  1. Hi dear,
    Just know your blog recently,
    and i like the most on your blog's recipe is: carrot cake! it looks very special and good taste for me and my family.
    below is the blog that i make it :

    HUGS to you TOO!
    and Happy Mother's Day in advance Too:)

  2. Im just happy I found your blog :)

  3. I also like your carrot cake. Thanks for this giveaway.

  4. For me, I have an RSS feed, so I'm always looking at your blog posts but today, I finally finally tried one recipe from your blog - the char siew bao after doing some searches online and OMG it's really really good :D (I just had 2 for lunch hee and I'm having the rest for tea!)

    Have a Happy Mother's Day to you too :)

  5. Hi there

    Just want to write to tell you that I love your blog. Its totally inspiring, entertaining and at the same time educational (when it comes to cooking). Looking at all the food that you have made makes me think that I can actually cook if I put my mind to it. I really admire your creativity in taking food photos as well as the way you write. As for which recipe I like, you can say that I'm spoil for choice but I'm somehow attracted to the Char Siew Pau blog. Somehow, when it comes to Char Siew Pau, it can never get pass me.

    Thanks again for sharing your recipes and writing with me. Here's wishing your an advance Happy Mother's Day!

  6. I'm joining in the fun. I'm already following u. Love the recipes in the book especially the mei chye with pork :)

    I like your Kang Kong recipes best. This may seem a simple dish but a lot of people don't do it well - overcook & veg turns yellow. I like the colour of your kang kong. Well done!

  7. Definitely love your char siew bao recipe with the overflowing sauce in it.

  8. All your posts are great! I especially like the ones where you talk about your son. You're so supportive!

  9. I am already a follower of your blog:D I would love to own this wonderful looking cookbook...I love the look of the mui choy kau yok dish! I love reading about how you met your quaylo hehe! But of course your dishes provide some very good food porn during my lunch break at the office:D

  10. Just discovered your blog this week and I've found the recipe to try.....Your steamed bao! Actually I want to try your bread out to make "Chinese Saussage" Bau!

  11. are tempting me with this book and even if I don't win this I will go get myself one...looks good and those dishes inside are mouthwatering....slurp slurp slaivating already just with a sneak peep of what is inside :)))

  12. Oh Veronica...I forgot to tell you this...all the recipe you shared here are all great ones but I think I will want to try this out for sure. Love fresh mushrooms !

  13. Dear all, it is good to know what you guys like on my blog. Thanks for taking the time to tell me and join in this "Mother's day give away". I look forward to more participation. XOXO!!

  14. For me of course lah the steam crabs...hahaha....droling. Cant have enough of it

  15. Hi there Quay!
    I love reading your blog about your family and your passion for cooking! I've actually saved down your blog in my blog so once there's new updates I'll always check it out~ But I've also followed you on twitter under BeaniPet :)

    I would definitely love to win this recipe book because I'm actually new at cooking and I'm still in the learning process. Food Bloggers like you Quay, inspires me to cook and try out new recipes! I'm engaged now and soon I'll be a wife and a mother after that. I definitely need to make sure I'm good in cooking and baking! I think it makes the home warmer for my husband to be and my kids to come feel happier when coming home to mummy's cooking :)

    So I really hope I'll win the book and my favourite post in your blog (I've plenty!!! But i'll pick this one)
    It's the chinese Dong Po Yok... Yummy dish super challenging but I just love it!

    Thanks for reading my super long comment and Happy mother's Day!!!

  16. Small Kucing: You mean my steam prawns right? Anyway glad you participate and hope you get to win this cookbook.

    Jun: Thanks for following me on twitter. I dropped by your blog and saw all the cute adorable pillows! It is so heart-warming to hear that you want to learn to cook better for your future husband and kids. Does he know that he is a lucky man? I feel honored to know that my blog inspire you to cook and that you are following my post. I appreciate it very much. I hope you win this cook book too. I am very sure you will enjoy it because there are so many awesome classic dishes from different dialects. Please don't worry about leaving long comments, the longer the better, I love reading comments from my readers and my blogger friends. Hope to see you around Jun and if you have any question regarding my recipes, please do not hesitate to email me. I am happy to clear your doubts. Have a wonderful weekend with your love ones.

  17. I love that. "Husband to be and kids to come." You started the blog to record and pass on your Mom's food legacy. Now, as we share some saki and sushi, we are reading one of your reader's post that talks about "husbands to be and kids to come". You see Darling , you are part of the, simpli

  18. I am a follower, and I am going to follow on twitter too...even though I'm not there much. I love how blogging bring us closer together from all around the world. I find it amazing. I love to try local cuisine, and what better way if you can't get there in person than by local blogs and cookbooks!

    Right now my favorite recipe of yours is the steamed pork buns.

  19. Lyndsey: thanks for your participation and your following.

  20. Hi Veronica!

    We're back from vacation and as promised, I dropped by to enter in this wonderful giveaway. As I've told you before, my favorite post was the one you did for your Mom's birthday. All the bright smiles and joy on everyone's made me smile all the way through while reading. Plus, I cracked up when I saw the birthday card you gave her and what she said. Lol.

    Best of luck to all your other participants as well. Need to catch up on so much blog reading.

  21. LeQuan: Welcome home:D So happy that you join in.


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