Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lotus Root Soup

I love soups.  Chinese especially people from Hong Kong must have soup everyday.  They are ardent believers of soup for their goodness.  Lotus roots soup is one of my favorite soups. During the time when my late husband was alife, this is “THE” soup for almost all big Chinese festivals or family gathering at his Dad’s house.  One thing one must know about making lotus roots soup is the buy the right lotus roots.  For making soup, we must buy the starchy mature one and the rest is no brainer.

1 400 gm lotus root
350 gm pork ribs
20 gm dried cuttle fish
8 pieces or 50 gm preserved sweet dates
6 or 40gm red dates
1 ½ litre water
1 cube chicken bullion
1 tsp salt (this can be more or less, up to individual preference)

Blanch pork rib and set aside. Bring water to boil. Add pork ribs and the rest of the ingredients.  Turn on high heat and let it boil for 5 mins without covering the pot.  Turn down the heat to low and cover the port and simmer for 2 hours. Add salt to taste before serving.


  1. I love soups too. They are a great way to start off a meal. Very healthy and filling too. Your soup sounds delish...

  2. Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for your comment. For many years, I used to drink soup with the meal or at the end of the meal. Only after I married my hubby, we started to drink soup to start off a meal.

  3. I'm taking a Food, Nutrition and Culture class right now. We frequently have to try new, noon American, foods and write about the experience. My last one was lotus root and I did a very quick recipe with it, the end result being a little bland. I look forward to trying this with the left root I have in the freezer. It looks far more appetizing!

  4. Hi SC,
    Welcome to my blog and I am happy that you find the lotus root recipe more appetizing than the one you have made. I hope it is easy for you to get the dried cuttle fish.

  5. Looking at your photo of the lotus root soup got me missing my mom's soup. Nothing beats a hot hearty bowl of home-made soup.

    Just dropping by to say Hi.. You have a great collection of recipes. Keep sharing!


  6. Hi Bing,

    It is a delight to see you again. You said you miss your Mum's soup so I believe your Mum must be staying quick far away from you. I totally appreciate why you feel like that. By the way, I enjoy reading your blog, you are such a good writer and photographer. You have a handsome family too. You are blessed my dear.

  7. How comforting...sliced lotus roots are so beautiful too.

  8. Oh yes, the Cantonese love their "Po Tong" (boiled soups)!

  9. Love lotus root. Have you tried sauteeing it? Very yummy as well!

  10. Nice post :) I love lotus root. Have you tried sauteeing it? Very yummy.

  11. Hi tigerfish,
    You are so right, we all love our "Po tong" LOL!.

  12. Hi yamamichibassett,
    thanks for your visit and comment. I like your healthy lifestyle. Keep sharing those healthy recipes.

  13. Hi wgfoodie/yamamichibasett,
    I have tried sauteeing the lotus roots but you have to use the young ones not the mature and starchy one ya? they taste really nice with fermented beancurd gravy. I like the crunchiness of the young lotus roots.

  14. This is also my favourite soup! and my grandmother always called it the "deen wah tong" as the lotus root looks like the telephone receiver.

    We usually just use pork ribs, but it's interesting using a cube of chicken brouillion, might have a go next time.

    Love your photos!!

  15. Juliana,
    Many thanks for your visit and your comments. Haha, I like what your Mum call the lotus roots "deen wah tong"! How appropriate! Hope to see you again.


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