Monday, February 21, 2011

Steam three kinds of eggs

My son and hubby loves eggs. You can cook them in any variation, they will still love it.  To me, my mum makes the best steam eggs. This may look simple to do but to get the right consistency and texture are not so.  Before I started this blog, I never pay any attention to how mum makes this dish. I just know that I love it and have not found any restaurant in Kuala Lumpur that can make it better than her. There are times when I craves for it. Whenever that happens, all I have to do is said to mum, I want to eat steam eggs. "PUOOFF!" the steam eggs will be served at dinner time! I consider myself VERY lucky to have mum staying with me.  She is my BEST friend, someone I can confide in and be myself.  There are times when I go cranky and become nasty and blow my top unreasonably.  Mum puts me back on track by giving me a nice scolding which I deserved! She is my guardian angel. 

As usual, mum does not follow any measurement.  When I asked her how she makes the steam eggs, she said, a pinch of this and a bowl of that and use this aluminium plate to hold the eggs. So, I have to explain to her that I need accurate measurement in order for me to share this recipe with my readers and blogger friends.  They don't have the same size bowl or the aluminium plate we use. I told her I need to measure all her "pinch of this and handful of that" and "a bowl of this and that" to get it right. You know what she said to me?  She said "Aiyoh, why so "Ma fan"(troublesome)?, I don't need so many cups and spoons to cook. All I have is my ten fingers!" LOL! So there you go, here is the recipe carefully measured from my mum's ten fingers.  Enjoy!


1 egg
1 century egg
1 salted egg
¾ cup water
1 tsp chopped garlic, deep fried
1 shallot, thinly slice and deep fried
1 tsp diced chives
1 tsp sesame oil


Crack the regular and salted eggs in an aluminium plate. Dice the salted egg yolk. Add water and beat them lightly. Remove shell from century egg and cut into bite size and spread out into the salted egg and regular egg mixture.   Heat steam on high heat till water is boiling. Place plate with eggs mixture into the steamer and gently stir the mixture for 30 sec. Keep heat on high and close lid but just allowing a little gap. You can use a spoon or spatula to create the gap, this is a secret to getting the perfect steam egg custard with silky smooth surface. Steam for about 15 to 20 mins. Drizzle sesame oil on top of steamed eggs and garnish with deep fried garlic, deep fried shallots and chives. Serve hot.


  1. mums are truly angels:)

    the recipe sounds wonderful.

  2. Sounds delightful...beautiful photo.Blessings, Catherine

  3. So fancy! I love love eggs too. Can't get enough, any way!

  4. ooohh, I love eggs too. One of my fave dishes is spinach with trio of egg! I'm definitely gonna try this recipe. But... the century eggs I get are always already solid. Didn't know they came in liquid form. Will have to go look again.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  5. i love this too Veron!! very very yummy and your texture looks so silky smooth! yumm!

  6. Moms do make the best food. My Filipino mother explains her cooking the same way!

  7. i love steamed eggs too. just didnt occur to me that i can use century and salted eggs in steamed eggs as well. this dish is so nutritious and easy to prepare, and looks delicious

  8. WOW! i didnt know they add century eggs too. my siblings love steamed eggs and yours look so extremely mouthwatering! (: (:

  9. Hi Quay Po,

    This was a sweet post. I loved how you described your relationship with your Mom. I hope my daughter and I will be best friends when she gets older. This dish reminds me of my grandma. She used to make it for me when I come home from school for lunch. It was one of my favorites. Quick to eat and no meat. I hated meat when I was younger. Oh, and my mom cooks the same way (a pinch of this and a handful of that). I've been in the same situation trying to explain that I need measurements for my readers. Haha. Thank you for getting these measurements for us.

  10. I love steamed eggs. My mum makes a great one with salted egg and mince and other things in it.

  11. This dish sound interesting but where do I buy 1 century egg and
    1 salted egg? I have never heard of them before :( Diane

  12. Haha... your mom is so funny! My girl & I love this too and I used to make this very often but hubby doesn't like it. :o( I'm still making this though. he...Thanks for sharing & hope you're having a terrific week ahead.
    Blessings, Kristy

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) this looks SO good! really hungry now :)

    Love, Vanilla

  14. I love your mom already! Hahaa.. seriously, i'm so like your mom. All i need is 10 fingers. Cups and teaspoons?!? Really quite MA FAN lor..

    Btw, i've been meaning to whip this dish up for the longest time ever! I'm so gonna cook this, this week :)

  15. I've never heard of steamed eggs. How cool!

  16. I love this dish also, usually order it outside, haven't tried out my self.

  17. my hubby and son also loves this.'s true. If ppl ask me how much water to add ..this and that..I also wont be able to answer. I can say is "agak-agak". Hahaha

  18. That's one mouthwatering photo!


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  19. Oh...I remember my grandma cooked this when I was a little girl. This is called 三色蛋,really delicious. Thanks to your mum for sharing this recipe :)

  20. How funny - I think my mom makes the best eggs too! I haven't tasted steam eggs before but they sound really amazing.

    Thanks for sharing my friend!

  21. I never read a recipe of this kind. It looks delicious. Thanks for sharing

  22. Mothers are treasures everywhere. Beautiful dish and great photos as well.

  23. Thank God for Moms!! Your recipe looks so delicious :)

  24. A very flavorful egg dish! Reminds me of a dish with 3 kinds of egg over spinach in broth :)

  25. David, yummychunklet, Katerina: I know it is a selfish wish but don't we all wish our Mums live forever?

    Catherine: Thanks for the compliment on the photo. Blessings to you too.

    Belinda: hahaha, you are like my son and hubby.

    NEL: those century eggs I used are solid. I am sorry, I should written in my recipe that you have to cut the century eggs in bit size. I got to go correct it. I apologize for confusing you.

    Jess: I guess this is an easy dish to love.

    Jean: Yes, easy to prepare but do be mindful of the steaming time.

    Sommer: I am not sure if you will like the taste of adding the century egg because it is an acquired taste. No harm giving it a try to find out.

    LeQuan: You a such a good wife and mum. I may not know you in person but reading all your posts in your blog, I can tell you are. I am sure your daughter and you will have a great relationship just like me and my mum.

    thanh7580, Ameema: I am sure your mus' steam eggs are awesome.

    Diane: I guess it may be difficult for you to find the salted eggs and century eggs at your end. You can omit the two kinds and just use regular eggs and it taste very delicious too.

    Kristy: You are welcome. Yes my Mum is one cool MAMA! hehe

    Vanilla: You are welcome and thanks for visiting me. Hope you will drop by often.

    maameemoomoo: Thanks for your comment, I will tell my Mum what you said. I love how you describe about you in your blog:D

    The Blonde Duck: Now you do my dear. Try it and you will not regret it.

    Min: Now you have the recipe, try making yourself, you will not want to eat those outside.

    Kathy: I think a lot of us cook by agak-agak lah, you are not alone my dear.

    Magical Mystical Teacher: Thanks for dropping by and your compliment on my photo. Hope to you around often.

    Ann: This is exactly what we call in Chinese. I got to ask my mum to read the 3 chinese characters:D

    Efty: I am glad you like the recipe.

    Nancy and Vijay: It has been sometime I have not seem you guys, so good to see you today.

    tigerfish: Yes, I love that dish you mentioned too.

  26. No worries :) No need to apologise. We all miss out little details on our post sometimes. Thanks for replying and assuring me that the century egg is the solid type. Can't wait to give this recipe a try :)

  27. Your eggs sound delicious! I need to try out this way of preparing them!

  28. Haha... old people are like that la. They don't like people to disturb them when they cook.

    But then hoh, I think you should include the heat ur mom used to steam the egg. 15 minutes on high can give you very puffy eggs.
    I'm glad my mom is very supportive of my blog and will pose when I take step by step pics of dishes done by her

  29. Amy: good to know you will try this.

    Wendy: Good point. I will include that. Thanks for your advice. You are lucky that your mum is so supportive of your blog. My mum do too but takes time for her to get use to stop and measure everything before cooking.

  30. I will try one of this...

    I can just imagine the diversity of combining this three eggs.

  31. Sounds so tasty, and it does look tempting!!!

  32. Salt and Century eggs! 2 of my favorite orbs (but then again...any egg is king in my book!)I've had this type of custard before but never could figure out how they put it all together..

    Thanks for sharing!

  33. Hi,
    Thanks for visiting my space and for your comments .Eggs in any form count me in .Recipe sounds great .

  34. That's a funny story with your mum, but I think it's very typical Asian. We just don't measure when we cook...;)!

  35. yup!! classic Cantonese dish that my granny and I love making too! not only that it's healthy ;)

  36. RawfoodHaven: It will be great if you can give me your feedback after you try the recipe.

    Sandra: It is, do try it someday.

    Toby: you are most welcome:D Good to see you again.

    Loganathan: you are most welcome. You have a nice blog. I have enjoyed browsing through your recipes.
    Thanks for visiting me.

    CG: you are absolutely right.

    daphne: This dish truly brings back childhood memories to many of us. This one evergreen!

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  38. Just beautiful..., your making me so hungry for eggs :)

  39. Bette: Thanks for your visit and comment.

    Rudi: This is easy dish to love.

    Anna: Thanks for your visit and comment. Have wonderful week ahead of you.

  40. I've never heard of anything like this and now I'm going to have to go find out what a century egg is. :)

    My mom is the same way with her recipes, but she cups her hand and draws a circle to describe how much salt or other seasoning she uses. :)

  41. Christiane, Nice to see you again. I have send you a picture of the century eggs. Just want to caution you that they are acquired taste and some people may not like it. I suggest you taste the egg before you make the dish. If you do not like it, you can make the dish without the century eggs and use 2 regular eggs and 1 salted eggs instead.

  42. hi i would like to ask your salted egg is cooked or uncooked wan?

  43. mabel: The salted egg is uncooked:D

  44. Hi Quaypo, I have cooked using your this recipe and following exactly the steps but how come it doesn't have a smooth surface like yours? When I lift up the cover and saw the "Wave surface" a little disappointed.

  45. @Mel
    What material plate and how big a plate did you use? My mum use an aluminium plate. Did you leave a gap between the cover and the wok when you steam the eggs? If you plate is too big and the egg mixture did not cover all the century eggs and salted eggs piece completely, that will also cause the waviness. When you said wave surface, is it because it is too cooked? The are so may factors for one recipe to work in a kitchen and not the other. I have experienced this myself. The are so many reasons to it. Like the difference in temperature, the different material in the holder etc etc. So what I do is to adjust all that and try again. The next time my mum makes it again, I will make sure what she gave me is correct and revert. Just in case, you know lah old people may give the wrong thing sometimes. I apologize for your disappointment.

  46. Hi Quaypo, thanks for your comments and advise here. I didn't know there is a difference of using what type of plate for the steaming. I used a ceramic plate and I did leave a gap while steaming. I think I must have overcooked it or do you think the temperature would be too high? Don't worry I will definitely try this again.


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