Monday, August 15, 2011


I was not a blogger when my first husband, Mike suddenly passed away 22 years ago. If I was, I would probably have done something similar as Jennie did for Mikey. I would have written a post to remember him and made one of his favorite meals and invite all my blogger friends to join me to celebrate his life. 

I do not know Jennie of  "In Jennie's Kitchen", nor did I know her husband Mikey, but I do know what she is going through. The sudden loss of the man that you love most is devastating! The loving tribute she has written for her husband brought tears to my eyes. She wanted to make this pie for Mikey but did not get to do it before he passed. So she has requested her fellow bloggers to make this pie for his memory.  This is what she said. “For those asking what they can do to help my healing process, make a peanut butter pie this Friday and share it with someone you love. Then hug them like there's no tomorrow because today is the only guarantee we can count on.” I have made the pie using her recipe and I am going to share it with those I love and tell them that I love them, and remind myself that I don't say that enough and yes, I will follow Jennie’s advice, I will keep in mind that TODAY is the only guarantee we can count on! What a wonderful thing she has done to memorialize her husband's life. She has reminded us the importance of expressing our love to our loved ones. And she has shared her husband's love for a pie, and her love for him, all across the blogosphere. I hope you make the pie, or another favorite, for someone you love.

Peanut butter cream pie for Mikey

Please click on the photos to get Jennie's recipe


  1. That's so sweet of you dear. Yes, we don't know what will happen the next second too, so cherish the moment you live now with your beloved ones. There could be no tomorrow :(

    So sorry for Jennie.

  2. So touching.... and the pie does look delicious !

    Life is so fragile......

  3. Great post, yes life is very fragile. I have two friends this month who have very suddenly lost their husbands. Difficult times ahead for both of them. Diane

  4. It is so sad. A lovely tribute.

  5. What a lovely post, Veron! U brought tears to my eyes too. U've a good heart!

  6. very thoughtful post Quay pie looks delicious

  7. a beautiful tribute... and reminder to all of us. blessings ~ tanna

  8. Sobssss....I wonder what my missus will cook in my memory when I've joined the heavenly choir.

  9. 难以想像那种痛,也为 Jennie 感到难过。。。

  10. wow! awesome pie...and very nice space you got with lovely recipes...

    Thanks for dropping by my blog....
    Am happy to follow you and hope you would also be....

    This recipe is so touching with a story....will surely make this on a friday!...thanks for sharing!

  11. What a lovely tribute and way to do something positive to tell those around us how much we love them.

  12. what a lovely pie you had made to pay tribute to Mikey...a very meaningful post:)

  13. What a beautiful post and such true words. Never hesitate to tell your loved ones how important they are and how very much you love them.
    Thank you for your visit and for leaving a comment. I look forward to your visits. Blessings, Catherine xo

  14. Your pie looks great! I love the flower accents on top.

  15. what lovely post dear, your pie look amazing, the other day I stopping by at jennie, and yes the life and us my dear are very fragile! I think personally we are in God hands always! LOL, xgloria
    Lovely tribute!

  16. This is such a lovely post, Quay Po! We all miss the people we love the most. And the pie looks delicious and isn't that a beautiful plate? Yes, it's nice to remember the people we love through food. I remember when my father died (I was 19 and it was very devastating to me), and I remember the foods he loved too. Thanks for sharing this story, very touching.

  17. My boys and I made a pie on Friday as well. I've been praying peace and comfort for Jennie and her family all weekend. The outpouring of love and support from the blogging community has been amazing to see.

  18. that's really nice of you to do this! but the pie does looks really really gorgeous. I'm so glad Jennie has another blogger to share her pain as well.

  19. What a touching and well-written post. Your pie is a beautiful tribute.

  20. So sweet of you to post. I love seeing all of these posts, your pie is lovely!

  21. Hi Quay Po, beautiful posting and thats a beautiful cake.
    Our life today is not a dress rehearsal. We only get to play one round.....
    And life can be so unpredictable.....

    And to Jennie....
    What though the radiance which was once so bright.
    Be now forever taken from my sight.
    Though nothing can bring back the hour....

    Of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flowers,
    We will grieve not.
    Rather find strength in what remains behind.

    Best regards, keep a song in your heart.

  22. Such a lovely tribute for Mikey and beautiful pie you made, Veronica!
    So touching to read your post, and you also losing your first husband when you were so very young.
    You've been blessed the second time in your marriage...your strength and courage to raise your child when he was so little is remarkable.
    I did not know Jennie either, but my daughter did, and she also did a lovely tribute for her, as well!

    I would like to invite you to join in the fun with the 7 Links.
    Just stop by my blog to check out the tag. You've been tagged, my fiend!

  23. What a gorgeous post! Both the writing and the beautiful pie are truly heartwarming.

  24. My mom just spent the weekend at "Camp Widow." It's so interesting that once you join the club, you see it everywhere.

  25. i love this. you're sweet!
    and your pie turned out beautifully.

  26. @Kak Love
    Good to see you. Long time no hear. Yes, never wait for tomorrow when have today. In Jennie's case, tomorrow did not come. It is sad.

    You are so right, hope what happened to Jennie reminds us to treasure our love ones while they are still here.

    Somehow or other, time like this will come, we just got to roll with the punch although easier said than done.


    I hope the support Jennie receives from the blogging community will help her in her healing process.

    Yes we need this reminder but hopefully not when we lose someone we love.


    You know what, you should inform her what to cook for you now:D

    I am sure many of us feel Jennie's pain

    Thanks for your visit and your following.

    Yes, Jennie has shared with us a very precious lesson.

    The little I could do to help a fellow blogger to ease her pain.

    We have to remember to tell and show our love one often that we love them when they are still here.

    @yummychunklet, @Gloria, @Alida, @Joanne, @Lauren, Katie Mar

    Kudos to you to have your boys join in to make the pie to pay tribute to Mikey. We are in one of the best community filled with caring and loving and family orientated folks.

    During difficult times like Jennie's it helps to know there so many people who feel her pain.

    @Uncle Lee
    Nice poetry for Jennie. Thanks

    I will check out the tag later. I have been busy with the renovation of my condo but I will definitely join in the fun. Thanks for tagging me.

    @That Girl
    I wonder if we have clubs like this here. The reason why you see the clubs everywhere when one joined is probably because one is more observant and aware.

  27. Great tribute to one loving and great blogger. Your pie sound so tasty, and looks divine.

  28. A beautiful thought and a beautiful tribute. We'll gladly make this pie in honor of Mikey's memory

  29. @Sandra
    The fool blogging community to me is one big family and when someday sad happen to one of our family members, we will be there to share her pain.

    @Cheryl and Adam
    I am sure Jennie will be very please to see the pie you make for her Mikey.

  30. Oh so sweet ~ both the pie and the post..very touching tQ.

  31. A very lovely & touching post. I'm sure she will appreciate it, seeing soo many people care

  32. @Bananaz
    I agree, Jennie's strength in dealing with her lost of Mikey touches our heart. Thanks for the compliment for my the pie. This is an awesome recipe. The pie very delicious.

    Yes, I am sure Jennie appreciates all the love and support from her fellow bloggers.

  33. Great Pie and Post! Love the little flowers on top!

  34. Beautiful post Quay Po. You know all too well what Jennie is going through. For some of us, what she is going through scares the heck out of us. Enjoy the pie and the time with your family.

  35. meaningful!! and i like how positive Jennie's attitude is, kudos!! i can't bake, so perhaps i can just go and get a peanut butter pie or something to celebrate life.. :)

  36. Such a heartfelt post, Veronica. There was no blogging when my husband passed away many years ago. I still miss him.

    No words can comfort at the moment but jennie should know there are those who pray for her and her family.

    Your pie is simply gorgeous...

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  37. I tried to write a comment earlier but it didn't work so going at it again. i cannot say how moved I am at this given the circumstances. I didn't know jennie or her husband but could only imagine. it makes me so proud to be a part o the blogging community. even a simple "yum great pie" makes the biggest difference in my opinion. I get so excited to see a comment from someone that i may never even meet.

    yum great pie

  38. I just want to let you know that I've tagged you in a 7 link Challenge game. I hope you can make it! More info on my blog!

  39. gorgeous pie! i am sorry both for your loss years ago and jennie's more recent :(

  40. @BigBearswife
    Many thanks for your visit and comment.

    I have. Both my big man and young man give their two thumbs:D

    Of course you can! hehe

    I know, we still miss them don't we? They may be gone but they very alife in our heart.

    Yes, we are in one of the most caring and loving community. It is incredible the amount of support and love Jennie received from her fellow bloggers.

    Thanks for tagging me. Elisabeth has tagged me to on this. I told her that I might be late do the post because I am very busy with the reno of my condo but I will get to it. I appreciate your thinking of me.

    Thanks and appreciate your visit and your comment. We all share Jennie's pain.

  41. A thoughtful, honest and loving tribute to someone in your circle. I came late - being away - to Jennie's story and how the bloggers have banded together - just moves me deeply. Thanks for doing this so sweetly.

  42. @Claudia
    Thanks for your visit and comment. Yes we are all very blessed to be in a community of caring and loving people. Hope to come visit and again soon. the weekend is approaching again, have a wonderful one with you family.

  43. Your pie is beautiful so is this post. It was very heartwarming.

  44. @Lilly
    It is truly heartwarming to see so many beautiful peanut butter pies across the blogsphere specially made for Mikey. We are like one BIG family! I am so blessed to be a family member and so is Jennie.

  45. A heartwarming post, over 1000 bloggers joined in and as I am sure you feel the same a very wonder union has happened here, we are all proud to join in this cyber memorial, your pie was made with compassion and that means more to us foodies than anything else... this was wonderful to pay respects to a fellow foodie... this pie looks GRAND!

  46. So sweet of you to support a fellow blogger. Your pie is marvelous... so good looking. Love the photos.

  47. @Pegasuslegend
    Thanks. I am glad I can virtually give my love and support to Jennie and her girls.

  48. What a lovely idea and so kind hearted anthoughtful of you to join in. It is amazing how close the world can become via the internet! Also how wonderful it is that we can be there for one another and pull together. The cake is gorgeous!

  49. i am just in awe of this concept. I do hope you made your friend smile a bit over this

  50. @Lyndsey
    Yes the invention of the internet is genius! Of course there are pros and cons about anything. To me, it is more pros than cons especially when it is so easy to keep in touch with friends and family fro abroad.

    I do not know if this will make her smile but I know this will let her know there are many people out there who cares and she is not alone.

  51. It's so kind and thoughtful of you. I'm sure the person receiving would be so touched and happy.

    You take very good picture, Quay Po! It makes it look so tempting. Must be very tasty. Salivating now. hehe.

  52. What a heart wrenching story. I saw this too late to bake a peanut butter pie. Nevertheless, I would give my love ones a BIG hug. Blessed your heart with your beautiful gesture.

  53. @Carolyn
    The peanut creamy pie is very tasty. Jennie shared with us an awesome recipe. I hope the gestures of all fellow bloggers who baked this pie will help Jennie in her healing process. In difficult times like hers, it is helpful to know there are people out there who cares.

    Blessed your heart too to give your love ones those BIG hugs!


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