Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bagel egg sandwich - No recipe required

A simple and healthy “brunch" put together by my Quay Lo.  No recipe required. Just toast the bagels, apply some butter and assemble omelette and a piece of cheese of your choice and serve with salad.  The omelette and salad used here are left overs from our previous meals. A delicious way to use up left overs don't you think? Notice what the prints on the cover of the magazine say? "Work Hard, Play Harder". With meals like this, we sure have lots of time to play harder! LOL!


  1. Yum! Sometimes simple really is best ;)

  2. Good to see a multigrain bagel.

  3. Hey, I love the word "Friend"! Can I be greedy? I want to be friend & fan. Hahaha! Love those shots :) U make me drool!

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  4. Hi Veronica!

    These bagel egg sandwiches look lovely and delicious! What a great way to use up leftovers indeed. I'd have to say, leftovers never looked so good. Love the pictures! Hope you and your family are all doing well, my dear.

  5. Quick and easy, just the way I like it especially when I am on my own :-) Diane

  6. Simplicity at its best. I love anything that is simple and yet delicious. Especially those one dish washing type :p

  7. simple is good. simple fast and easy. Tummy full, I happy :D

  8. yeah, couldn't agree with you more on the part ingredients recycling. Not to mention a very hearty but yet healthy lunch!

  9. This is super popular morning street food in New York. I would love having bagels with egg and cheese (and ketchup, of course) as I walked to work in the springtime. So filling and wonderful.

    Thanks so much for visiting our blog. Cheers!

  10. isn't that the "best" recipe? simple but good. that looks soo delish that i could almost bite the screen.

  11. Two of my favorite ingredients - bagel and egg :) Love it!

  12. I love simple dishes like this. Great post!

  13. I love this simple and healthy brunch, remind me i have so long did not bake some bagels...

  14. Such a comforting breakfast!

    Dear, you addressed me as Kak Love? sweet..

  15. Those pictures are making me hungry! Simple and filling, a perfect brunch :)

  16. David: Yes, it is:D

    Cath: They are healthy.

    Blackswan: Thanks

    LeQuan: Please check your email:D

    Diane: Me too, when Gary is traveling I eat very simple.

    Elin: Cooking is fun but washing up sucks! hehe

    Small Kucing: Ya lor, tummy must be full, otherwise cannot no energy to "cari makan" hehe

    Alan: I am trained well by my mum not to waste anything not just food.

    Stevie: Please to meet you and thanks for dropping by and leave your comment. See you around ya?

    daphne: Oops, sorry, make you put a dent on your screen! hehe

    Kiran: I believe the two ingredients are common favorite.

    yummychunklet: thanks

    Sonia: you make your own bagels? That's awesome.

    Kak Love: You are an experienced food blogger so I got a lot to learn from you. Thanks for your support.

    Ben: Welcome to my blog and hope you enjoy what you see here. Do visit often.

  17. If it doesn't need a recipe and still tastes fantastic, well that sounds just perfect to me. Great photography by the way. :)

  18. Julia: Don't we all wish all delicious dishes don't require a recipe? Me too, love easy to whip up dishes.

  19. I love these shots! These pictures definitely make this meal a very interesting one. I am certain that this really tastes good as much as it does look so appetizing. I am sure that other readers as well as restaurant Fort Lauderdale owners will also appreciate this. Thank you for sharing this fun idea. Please keep on posting. I will absolutely be back for more!

    1. Thanks Dianne for your compliments on the pictures. I am very happy to know you enjoy what I posted. See you around.


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