Friday, April 22, 2011

I have been tagged to celebrate Easter

 I was tagged by Ping of ping's pickings, and like her, I have not played this game for a long time too.  Kind of nice to join in the fun to celebrate Easter. Thanks Ping for the invitation.

I have to come up with a suggested menu of 5 - 10 items. and upload these photos from my previous posts and link them to their recipes.  After that, I have to tag 10 of my blogger friends to do the same.

Here is my Easter Menu (to get the recipe, please click on the photo):

Cocktail drink: QPC Snow White

Appetizer - Cabbage Roll

Soup - Clam Soup

Main Course - Stew Beef Brisket

Dessert - Creme Brulee

I would like to invite the following friends to join in the fun:

 8) Joelyn



  1. mmmmmmmmmmmm those look so good....Happy Easter Friend :)

  2. Dear, thanks for tag me, but I think I will have less than 5, as usually I cook
    Chinese foods more than Western foods.., hehehe..
    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  3. oooo.. Sounds like fun! Gonna have a gooooo.....

  4. These dishes look amazing for Easter!

  5. hi, come by to wish the Quay couple a very blessed easter and have fun!!

  6. yumm...delicious....Happy Easter to you and your family

  7. Happy Easter! Wow! I'm absolutely impressed with this very elegant menu. Thanks for joining in the fun! I enjoyed it too ... actually much more than the real tag game having to run around perspiring like a mad woman... esp in our weather.

  8. I'm actually taking a 5-min break while packing my stuff for another week-long vacation when I saw your post. Hahaha!

    I'll make a quick post on your invite & join in the fun too. Then I'll be off to Perth! Thks for having me in mind! Oh, do u mind changing No. 2 to Shirley of Luxury Haven instead? Hahaha! Blackswan's my nickname :)

    Pls continue to drop by & I'll catch up with u when I return :) Happy Easter, dear!

  9. Happy Easter :). Your Easter roundup looks totally delicious...!

  10. what a feast! Happy Easter Day to you & your family. Enjoy your day!
    Cheers, Kristy

  11. Hi dear, done with thanks! Here's my post with your link @ 5 Recipes To Celebrate Easter! Adieus :)

  12. Thanks all for the kind and warm Easter greetings and hope you guy had a great one.

    Shirley: Thanks for joining on such short notice. Have a wonderful holiday in Perth.

  13. Quay Po- Happy Easter!

    I am a guest for Easter todday, so I am only in charge of the dinner rolls. Just took butter out of the fridge to start the dough.

    Two eggs in this dough! It will be a very rich roll!

    Your menu looks delicious!


  14. Loretta: Thanks, hope you had a great one!

  15. Mmmm I love your spread! You have some beautiful and I'm sure tasty dishes here.

  16. Veronica, thank you so much for thinking of me and tagging me to join in on this fun. So sorry I was unable to join in with you on this fun. I'm sure you totally understand why though, right. Glad you were able to have fun with this though. Such beautiful dishes. You are making me so hungry. It's 2 AM here and now I may need to get a snack. Haha. Thank you again for the sweet tag.

  17. LeQuan, no apology needed. First it was a very short notice and second, I don't know what I was thinking, I knew you were on vacation and still tag you. That shows you are always in my thoughts.


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