Sunday, October 2, 2011

The earth moves under my macs’ hidden feet!

Just a last week, I felt on top of the world because I thought I have conquered the intimidation of making macarons. The reason being I had received lots of compliments and congratulations from you all.  Alan of  Travelling Foodies said this to me, “wow! your days of macawrongs are over, sista! This recent batch looks perfect!” My answer to him was, “Please don't say that so soon, I can tell you now it is not over yet and you will read about it in my next post:D LOL!” You will know why I said that when you read on. Oh if you want to see some really professionally made macarons, go check out Alan's blog especially his Pierre Herme's Macaron Montebello.

Since I am still having the mac fever, I tried to make another batch of macs yesterday. The intention was to make these for one of my girlfriend's kiddies because she told me they wanted more after eating some of my maca-rights.

For this batch, here is my story. After putting the batter in the oven for baking, I did my usual. I placed my mum's low stool in front of the oven and waited patiently to see the feet of my macs grow. It is funny how this can give me so much joy, it comes within and it is a nice feeling. Sadly, this time around, it did not happen as anticipated. What happened was, my macs felt the earth moved under their hidden feet!  LOOK!

For those who had failed many times at making macs, I say, don’t despair, you are not alone. If you want to feel better when your macs had no feet, come to Quay Po Cooks and look at these “after earthquick” macs of mine! Yours cannot be worst than this right? One consolation though, they tasted good when paired with vanilla ice cream.  They melt in your mouth not in your hands. Want to help me finish them?  However, I am not giving up, I am going to make another batch soon. Hope you all are having a beautiful Sunday!


  1. They look ok to me.We do not need to eb perfect all the time as long as we mean well;)

  2. Well, things like that happen, even to the smartest and most capable ones on earth.

    The first time I attempted mushroom soup, I left it in the ricecooker for too long and it burned. But it really has been serving as a reminder to me, so that I'll be more careful.

  3. Go Veronica, go! That's the spirit, girl. Never give up. I'd gladly take these macarons off your hands. At least you have the courage to try making macarons. I don't even have the courage. Trust me, these macarons look so much better than any macaron I'd ever attempt making. Keep at it, my dear. I know you'll succeed very soon. It was great catching up with you again. Hugssssss!

  4. More practice, more baking, more practice and more baking and I am sure the result will turn out right everytime you start making macaron. Maybe one day you will be called "Quaypo, the Queen of Macaron". Hee..hee...

  5. Tastes is so much more important than looks and they look yummy to me. Take care. Diane

  6. Practice makes perfect and I do believe you'll master it very soon! ;)
    Sometimes I don't really care about the look, as long as it's gd and delicious (this is what matter most)! It's true that appearance would makes it even more tasty but I'm sure your friend is more than happy & grateful that you're willing to spend your time helping her to make these for her kids! ;D

  7. Veron, I only success on the 3rd time but I still not sure the 4th time is still a victory or not, hehehe. I know you wouldn't give up so easily and waiting your perfect macs.

  8. They look good to me, too. :)) Yum!

  9. macarons are such tempremental cookies but let's not give up. Let's conquer them.

  10. kena after shock from the Empire explosion kot? :p

    As long as it taste good, look is not important

  11. That's the spirit, girl! Never give up! I've made several and still a little nervous each time I make another batch. It's so temperamental, this macarightsandwrongs.

  12. ha ha you are funny!! Don't give up Veron. Try again. I made some too the other with some fancy macaroons silpat but turns out bad too. All cracks on top. Then I went back to the good old parchment paper and it works perfectly.

  13. Ha! The tale of the macaroons...and the saga continues...but hey as long as they taste good!

    I do like hearing about the "wrongs" as well as the "rights" it helps us all keep trying just like you! :)

  14. you always make me smile,, such a talented cook you are but yet so very humble.These will taste amazing I know it and they still look good to me!Happy Sunday to you too!

  15. I still get the wrongs and crossed my fingers every time I bake macarons... the wrongs still taste delicious and not wasted.

  16. I really think that they look yummy. Mine was burnt and I just renamed them to rustic. They taste good though.

  17. Macaroon with no feet doesn't matter, it still looks tasty to me with the crispy texture! Gambattenet!

  18. i am sure it happens more often than none!!! I still like them!

  19. Hi Quay Po, crack or no crack it still looks good and tasty. Lovely color, very sweet looking. Keep up the good work.

  20. Well, at least they're macaroons! I can't even do anything close to that. Lol! Don't despair, I'm sure this is a one-off thingy :)

  21. At least they tasted good and you could still eat them. A couple of times, my macawrongs were so bad they were actually inedible as well and had to be thrown out. And no matter how many successful macarons I make, I still hover outside the oven door and do a little happy dance when I see the feet :) They are such and addictive thing to make aren't they? Good luck on your next bath!

  22. i think this is a very encouraging post to people who have had several attempts and people who have not made macarons like me..if i ever make my first macarons and they turn out cacat, i will not despair cos i know this is something like a ' must go' stage. ha! btw, it's funny, i came to your blog from my google reader and was reading that 'movie' thing that you were talking abt and thought of coming here to comment.. is it something wrong?

  23. 'a must go through' stage..i mean

  24. Hahaha...I like your never give up attitude! Wish you all the best in your next attempt. :) *Fighting!*

  25. They still look pretty good to me! The cracks are an added character. :-)

  26. What say you send me some mac-crackins and I send u some poppin pops? lol.. they look delicious to me for sure!!

  27. They look super delicious to me!! And from your description {when paired with vanilla ice cream}, it sounds even better!

    I don't even dare making this. I'll just feel guilty about spending the money and eating it, but i know it'd be worth it.

    Please keep mac-caroning and it might give me some hope that someday, someday, I can make 'em myself.

    Btw, what flavor are these ones? rose?

  28. Quay Po Cooks, thatks for visiting Just One Donna. Good for you in trying macaroons. I need to try making them. My hubby loves them, but sad to say, I haven't been brave enough to try making them.

  29. Good to think positive! Ugly nevermind. Taste is more important.

  30. I think these look really good. I think the main thing is that they taste good.

  31. Macaroons can be a fustrating nightmare to make but when you get them right it's a great feeling! I have tried to make them 4 times and I only got it right once but the one time I did get it right was amazing! The rest were rubbish though! Yours are fabulous, well done!!x

  32. I like to make macarons but don't like to eat, it's too sweet for me :P

  33. Aww well...I'm sure they still taste amazing!

  34. One failed attempt does not equal failure!

  35. You give very good motivation and positive energy to your readers. Love your perseverance.

  36. Poor Veron, yeap you're right! Never give up. Btw, you need to get an extra 4 dozens of eggs. And who is going to clean up the yolks????? Quay Lo! hahaha.... Just blaughing.
    Hope you're having a great week ahead dear. wish you luck.

  37. I think that these macarons simply have more personality! I bet they really were delicious over ice cream too. Mmmmmm.

  38. That's the spirit! Keep on going and one day soon it will be perfected

  39. How many times did Edison try before he invented the first light bulb? LOL!!!

  40. Oh dear, I hate it when my baking failed too. My latest was a pineapple upside-down cake. Major fail, I threw it away in disgust! Hope your next batch of macarons turns out perfect! :)

  41. Love the analogy :0 Cracked or not, the macaroons look delicious and what a fab color too :)
    My husband used to placate me during our early years of marriage when I made the typical south India DOSA which is supposed to crisp round like a crepe, come out mangled - It's all going to crumble in the stomach anyway :)

    I will leave you with that thought - If there are no takers, please parcel them to me :)

    Cheers, priya

  42. @Dzoli
    Yes, you are right.

    Oh my dear, tell me about it. I burn lots of food before because I forget, hopefully I will not burn my house one of these days. LOL!

    There is one thing that I am still trying to build enough courage to do. Chiffon cake.

    Sure, practice makes perfect.

    Actually they taste good despite the look.

    I did not give this batch to my friend's kiddies. I want to give them a perfect batch:D

    I can only wish you luck my dear:D

    How I wish you are my neighbor, I will make you a dozen.

    No, I will not give up. Thanks for the encouragement.

  43. @Small Kucing
    hahaha, how did you know? I should have blame it on them ya?

    Yes lah. These macarightsandwrongs can drive you crazy isn't it?

    Thanks for telling me about the silpat with macs does not work well. In fact I wanted to use that in my next batch.

    Let's hope the next batch I will talk about the rights.

    You are so sweet to say that. I admire your talent in painting too. When I visit you, I enjoyed my time looking at your paintings. Your passion shines through each and every piece.

    Me too, I never let the wrongs go to waste. I eat them all! Slowly but surely.

    haha.. you are so creative to name your burn macs rustic. Sounds good.

  44. @Ah Tze
    Thanks Tze. You are right, no feet better than no taste:D

    Me too.

    Thanks, I will keep trying.

    If you want to, you can my dear.

    Oh addictive is the word for making macs. I am a confimred Addict!

    There is nothing wrong with your google reader. The movie thing was up for a second because Lucy strikes again! I press the publish button instead of preview. The post was not finished, pictures not loaded yet lah. LOL!

    @Little Corner of Mine
    Yes man. I shall FIGHT till the end.

    You re so nice to say that.

    Hey, let me have your address. Deal! hehe

  45. @StarletStarlet
    They are vanilla shell and the filling is butter roasted chestnut with rum.

    Be brave, you might succeed the first time. Just take heed of the tips given in my macarite post.

    @mNhL, @Words of Deliciousness
    Very true.

    @Pistachio and Rose
    Yes, I just love the feeling when I got them right.

    Try filling them with butter roasted chestnut and rum. It will change your view.

    Yes they do taste good.

    @That Girl
    You are right.

    @Sheoh Yan
    Thanks my dear.

  46. @Kristy
    Oh I make creme brulee and lemon curd with the yolks. You are right they are all cleaned up by my Quay Lo.

    Oh yes, they paired very well with ice cream

    I will. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Thanks for dropping by and the nice comment.

    haha but I am not Edison wore:D

    I am sorry about your upside down pineapple cake. This happens. Hope your next bake will be perfect too.

    hahaha, if this can stand the journey, I would do in a New York minute.

  47. I am so happy that you have personality like that, and never give up! They looks great, I would munch those in a sec. for sure. And I do love a color..I say "nicely done"!!!

  48. I bet these still tasted wonderful! My only macaron attempt had teeny I decided to quit while I was ahead :)

  49. @Lizzy
    I don't blame you for quitting. It is frustrating when the feet don't show very well.


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