Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Food felt Thanks!

I finally got to taste the true Shanghai noodles today. I am writing this post to thank Sonia of Nasi Lemak for generously giving me the noodles. She brought them back all the way from Shanghai. Sonia, you are always so thoughtful. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I really appreciate it and I value our friendship. Food blogging RAWKS!! I've made so many new friends, some I have not even met yet,  but they are all awesome people!

I used them to make a scrumptious lunch today - fish soup Shanghai noodles. My Quay Lo and I love it to bits. When he was eating the bowl of noodles, he kept on saying this to me, "Honey, this is fantastic!" He not only finished the noodles, he drank up the soup!  The texture of these noodles is different from the ones we buy locally.  They are very smooth but give a good firm feel to the teeth.  Since we enjoyed our meal so much, I reckoned I should share the recipe with you all. I do not know if we can get the same type of noodles anywhere in Kuala Lumpur but if they're not available you may replace them with the noodles that are available here. Maybe the texture and the mouth feel will not be the same but I do not think there will be much difference to the flavours. The piece of pork croquette I added goes very well with the noodles buta chicken chop will work nicely as well. The fish stock is not only good for the noodles, it is also good for rice and meehoon. For those who have missed the two posts where I have used fish stock, just click on the pictures to get the recipes. To make the fish stock is very easy. Just deep fry the fish bones. Fry a few pieces of ginger till fragrant. Add water and Chinese cabbage, salt, white peppercorns and bring to boil for about 10 minutes and let it simmer for 1 1/2 hours. Then sift away the bones, cabbage and peppercorns and retain the stock. You may deep freeze the stock for future use. Fish stock has a deph of flavor that simply should not be missed in many of Southeast Asia's recipes. Many home cooks I've chatted with tend to use chicken stock as a shortcut for those recipes, and certainly it works to the extent that a good, hearty dish is the result. But home made fish stock takes the targeted dish into a higher level.  

Fish bone soup rice

Fish bone soup vermicilli 

Fish soup Shanghai noodles

300 gm Shanghai noodle
300 ml water to cook the noodle
1 tbs vegetable oil
300 ml fish stock
1 cup julienned “Char Choy” (Chinese pickled mustard root)
4 medium shitake mushroom, soaked, squeezed dry and sliced
3 florets of wood ear fungus, soaked and thinly sliced
some deep fried lardons (optional)
1 tsp chopped garlic
1 tsp fish sauce
½ tsp sesame oil
4 cloves of shallots, thinly sliced

Ingredient for pork croquette:
200 gm minced pork
2 tbs crispy fry flour, (I use the brand Nona, see notes if you want to make your own)
2 tsp oil
2 tbs water
1 tsp oysters sauce
½ tsp sugar
1 tbs soya sauce
1 tbs corn starch

Ingredient for garnishing:
½ cup chopped Chinese parsley
1 tbs chopped spring onion

To make the pork croquette (may sub with chopped chicken):
In a bowl, mix minced pork, oysters sauce, sugar, soya sauce, sesame oil and corn starch together and let it marinate for 1 hour or more. Prepare the crispy flour by adding the water and oil. Form the minced pork into two croquettes and coat them with the crispy flour mixture. Heat oil till very hot and then deep fry the croquetts till golden brown. Place them on kitchen paper towel to have all the oil absorbed before placing them into the bowl of soup noodles.

To prepare the soup noodles:
Heat oil vegetable oil in wok and sauté garlic and shallots till fragrance. Add woodear and mushroom. Stir fry for 2 to 3 minutes and add fish sauce. Mix well and then set aside.

Bring water to boil and cook noodles for about 9 mins and drain off the water and divide into two bowls. Divide the mushroom and woodear mixture into two portion and put them on top of the noodles. Bring fish stock to boil and add “Char Choy”and let it boil for 2 to 3 minutes. Pour soup over noodles. Add a few pieces of deep fried lardons (optional). Garnish with parsley and spring onion. Serve hot.

Note: To make your own crispy fry flour; use equal portions of all purpose flour, corn flour and rice flour. You may want to add your own seasoning like, salt, pepper and your favorite spices and herbs. Get creative!


  1. Your recipes and photos are always so wonderful, they make me hungry..

    I thought you might want to check out my new cooking blog 4life :)

  2. Shanghai noodles are some of my favorite.

  3. Is Shanghai noodles anything like mee suah?

  4. gosh look at those shanghai noodles all the way from Shanghai! It reminds me of my childhood because my Great Grandmother cook that often!

    With chicken soup and meat, add on some spring onions, and also add on a big boiled egg on it! yummm :P

  5. ah i know i'm early today so i better do this now..Sonia! Sonia! when are you going to shanghai again? haha..i'm only kidding.
    quay po: why are you like that? always making people hungry!the noodles looks good, love the rice, love the patties, love the soup..sluuurp!!

  6. Noodle looks delicious. I love warm soup.

  7. This is just my kind of soup...! I don't think I've tried Shanghai noodles, but it does look delicious indeed and the pork croquette looks absolutely yummy!!

  8. I like the first picture, the soup looks very fresh, a sparkle of brightness.


  9. Sounds like wonderful soup!

  10. The Shanghai noodles looks similar to 'lai mien' (hand pulled noodles), which we can get fresh ones from the Asian stores here. Will give the fish stock a try. That bowl of noodle is making me hungry (and I only had toast with vegemite for breakkie)

  11. Looks delicious. May I know what is crispy flour?

  12. That looks really really good!! What's crispy flour by the way?

  13. Your fish noodles soup sure look delicious. How do you boil fish stock?

  14. Oh Man! This looks so good! Why is this noodle very special? Handmade? Any special ingredients? Why did you ask Sonia to bring back? Sorry I'm nosy. Just curious how great this noodle is... your photos are telling me these noodles are beyond good. I'm drooling here to see how delicious these are...

  15. So delicious looking.Makes me drool :)

  16. Yummy! Your Shanghai noodle looks exactly like served in the Shanghai restaurant :)

  17. Shanghai mien looks interesting...something like japanese soba.


  18. Nice! Looks really worth trying. I never knew you can add cabbage to make fish stock. My fish stock only consist of fish bones, and anchovies.

  19. After reading your earlier post of the fried shanghai noodles the other day, I went to a noodle shop and asked for shanghai noodles and the proprietor told me to go to Shanghai to get it. Cheez! Now you're tempting me again and I'm going to get told off again coz you've got me all hungry ... again.

  20. Never tried Shanghainess dishes before,,,, but one thing for sure,,now I like noddles more cos I am trying to cut down on rice....guess i am already tempted by this post of yours..

  21. It's cool and raining out here , that oodles of noodles will surely ward off the chill :D

  22. Normally, I will just add in one slice of ham to my soup noodle but today i saw something different. I can have pork croquette.I am loving the pork croquette.

  23. Everything sounds so delicious. I love your photos with this post, they're just beautiful

  24. That pork croquette looks utterly delectable! No wonder yr QL was so happy... I would be too!!

    The shanghai noodles resembles a lot like our thicker mee suah version.. wonder if I can find something similiar in texture here.

  25. This looks heavenly delicious~~ The noodle doesn't look "kembang" and I like it :D

    Will scout for this type of noodle this weekend, kekeke!

  26. Looks really delicious indeed! The piece of pork is so enticing!

  27. I am a noodles person. I always prefer noodles than rice. Shanghai noodle would be able to satisfy me, I know.

  28. We have a stall in Seremban selling yong tau fu and they cook the soup by using fried fish bones. The aromas of the deep fried fish bones are so nice..........

  29. my tummy is doing the cartwheels looking at this bowl of deliciousness!!!! ive never seen the dried version of shanghai noodles before...only seen the fresh ones! it looks like soba!

    btw, regarding your question for the avocado egg salad...i hard boil the eggs for around 4 minutes in boiling water, not poach. perhaps that is why yours didn't turn out as well? hopefully it works out for you next time you try it!!

  30. Don't mention for this small gift lar! i wish i can give you more as i could not bring too many as the noodles is quite heavy. I also cooked this noodles with soup, but i use chicken stock and just stir fried some dried prawn and a lot of spring onion. Ya, this noodle texture is very good, can't find the same here. Hopefully i will go SHA again next time and bring more for you ok. Your way of serving this noodles also look really delicious, Thanks for sharing the fish stock, i have never made this before, will try soon.

  31. I always enjoy soup noodles. That looks so great! Thanks so much for sharing.

  32. You are lucky. I got some presents from Sonia too - she is too generous

  33. nyummy as always me wanna eat the pictures :D where can i find this kind of food :D

  34. Yummy la! Haven't tried shanghai noodles before, but your cooking makes me hungry lo.

  35. Really look great!!! Your shanghai noodles looks so yummy...

  36. i just fried my first ever vermicilli today... er.. kind of failure as it was too wet... but hubs love it haha weird.

  37. This dish looks so comforting, Quay Po. Something like what I would look forward to when my mother would cook soup for us on a cold, rainy day. I am bookmarking this recipe, maybe one day when I have my own kids, I can serve something like this to them.


    A Single Girl's Musings

  38. Your noodle looks so good... I don't think I've ever had a Shanghai noodle, and now I really want to try it!

  39. Thanks for the comment on my post. I love your recipes- great combination of flavors. I will have to try making the fish stock sometime- I usually buy the fish already deboned. Will have to see if I can get some bones from the meat counter. ;) I'm looking forward to checking out more of your dishes!

  40. What a sweet gift! I wish someone would bring me noodles!

  41. I drool looking at your noodles pictures... the pork croquette on the bowl of perfectly cooked noodle is resistible !

  42. You are so blessed to have these noodles! I could only imagine slurping them and the soup!

  43. I picked up some shanghai noodles last I am so excited to try them. It is so wonderful to have such good blogger friends out there. It makes the world a little smaller.

  44. U're making me drool with this dish! Lucky u with this gift :)

    My dear, thks for leaving me all the wonderful comments in my blog. I've a little surprise for u @ Awards & Architectural Wonders Of Helsinki. Pls drop by to pick it up!

  45. I'll definitely Loves this noodle and said to u like ur husband did "it's fantastic!" :)
    Tq for sharing the recipe quay po, love it! ;)

  46. I have never had Shanghai noodles! I am so intrigued...these look delicious.

    And I am such a sucker for any type of this recipe!

  47. @David
    Thanks so much for telling me about your other blog 4life! Now I have another nice place to spend my time. Hugs.

    Mine too obviously! hehe

    @Baby Sumo
    Hey thanks for dropping by even when you are so busy with your Blogger Masterchef competition. I am so happy that you and Wendy both got into the finals. Cheering for your both here.

    @Kian Fai
    Grandma's cooking is always unforgettable. One of my favorite that my granny cooked that I always crave for is her Nyonya crab cake and her sweet chilli sauce to go with it. She cycles miles from the village to where we stayed to deliver the crab cakes each time she makes them for me. I miss my grandma.

    Isn't it making people hungry is the specialty of a Food Blogger? hehehe, I have the same thing to say to you my dear:D

    Yes, soup noodles must be served hot. I hate it when I go to a restaurant and they bring out a bowl of cold noodles.

  48. @Cooking Gallery
    Hey, you want to try some local Shanghai noodles? They are quite nice too. I can send you some if you give me your address.

    Thanks Filip. I wish you are my neighbor so I can send you and your lovely wife a bowl of Shanghai noodles.

    It is, it is.

    It does look lit lai mien isn't it? But the texture is different. Lai mien have a softer texture. This is more el dente.

    @delia, @To Food With Love
    Sorry about the mistake on the flour. It is should be crispy fry flour. hehe, I have corrected it. Also thanks for asking because I should not assume people know what it is. I have added a note to how to make the crispy fry flour at the end of the page. It is a flour to coat meat for frying and makes the external layer crispy.

    I think I have written that or did I? Anyway, similar to making any stock but first deep fry the fish bone before you drop them into the water. Fry a few slices of ginger till fragrant and add Chinese cabbage, salt and pepper and any of your favorite spices if you wish to the pot of water. Bring to boil for about 10 mins and then let it simmer for 1 1/2 hrs.

  49. @Nami
    I did not ask Sonia to bring back. I did not know that the Shanghai noodles from Shanghai is different form those I used to get here locally. Sonia is a sweetheart, she gave them to me the last time we met. I think she remembered I said I love Shanghai noodles when I shared the dish with her last Chinese New Year.

    Stop drooling, start making a bowl! hehe

    Oh really? I am so thrilled to hear that! thanks.

    The look is but the texture is different.

    It is worth trying and I know you will want to make it again and again. Oh yes, you can add anchovies to the fish soup if you like.

    hahaha, that shop proprietor is a piece of work! You want some? Can I send some to you so you can try?

    Are you going on a diet?

    Oh yes, it is divine to have a bowl of hot noodles when it is cold.

  50. @Yee Ling
    Add ham is good too, much faster and easier:D

    @Words of Deliciousness
    Thanks much.

    @Food Dreams
    I think your observation of the noodles is correct but the texture again is different from mee such.

    No, this noodle does not "kembang" easily.

    I have to say the port croquette really paired well with the noodles.

    @Sheoh Yan
    When you want to drop by? I want to make you a bowl if that can put a smile on your face:D hehe

    So you know it. The taste of fish soup is wonderful isn't it?

    Thank you.

  51. @prince n princess mum

    Thanks for the tips. I am going to do that the next time.

    I also hope you go Shanghai again! hehe

    No thanks required. Love to share.

    @Three Cookies
    Yes, Sonia is a sweetheart!

    @The Blonde Duck
    You got the right word for this noodle! I like it.

    In your home but you have cooke it. hehehe

    Thanks. That is what every cook is trying to achieve, makes people hungry! hehe

    It is so nice to see you again. thanks for dropping by.

  52. @ladyviral
    It is much of an individual preference, some people like more gravy with the vermicelli so it is not a failure my dear.

    You are going have lots of dishes to cook for your future hubby and kids. Who is that lucky man?

    Yes, if you can find them, do try.

    You are welcome. Thanks for your visit and love your comment. Hope you will find some dishes that you would like to try here.

    @that Girl
    Let me know if you want some but I can only send you the local version:D

    hehe… I have to say so but do let me know if you want the local version. Maybe send some to you so you can try.

    The internet really makes the world so small and yes, having good friends are blessings to be counted twice.

    Thanks for the awards and I will hope over to claim it soon but please know I will not be posting the awards in my blog yet but know that I appreciate your kind thoughts very much.

  53. @Elies_Lie
    No need to thank me for the recipe, it is a pleasure to share. Thanks for always being so supportive.

    If only, you stay next door, the croquette will be on your table now.

  54. I like the pork chop, I like the char choy & I like the noodle, oppss... sound like I like everything in ur bowl hor... :P

  55. @choi yen
    It is good you like everything! hehe

  56. Awww... you're sweet. Thank you. But let me try find some at the shops first. I'm sure I can find it, I've probably not gone to the right places. Not giving up just yet :D

  57. Yeah, I think the noodle looks really Q as well. and love your combination flavour. thanks for sharing.

  58. Oh my, Veronica. The weather is getting colder here and there's nothing I crave for more in cold weather than a bowl of soup like this. Even though I'm not a big pork fan, you've made this look so delicious that if this bowl were in front of me right now, I'm sure I'd have no problems eating the whole bowl. Love that you used fish stock instead of chicken stock. No wonder your Quat Lo kept saying this "honey, this is fantastic" throughout the whole meal. It sure does look fantastic! And I totally agree with you 100% that food blogging rocks! Too bad I've been such a busy and lazy bum to blog these days. By the time I have time to sit down and relax, all I want to do is sit and read blogs or watch TV. Sigh. I will get back to it soon.

  59. @ping
    Have you found the Shanghai noodles yet?

    The noodle is Q by itself without my cooking lah.

    I know when you are so busy in the day, all you want to do in the evening is to relax and wind down. Well, just blog when you feel like it after all, that is for pleasure not pressure:D


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