Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mad grape cake lived up to its name

This recipe was sitting in my “not posted” folder for a long time and I had completely forgotten about it. When I was doing housekeeping on my laptop this morning, I found it. Tell 
me this is not a sign of old age. LOL!

The grapes used in this recipe were part of a gracious fruit basket gift from Reese of Reese Kitchen when she came to lunch at my home a few months ago. (Do drop by her blog to see all her mouth-watering bakes). A few days after the lunch meet, the grapes had begun to look unnoticed as just Mum & I were home. I began to look at grape recipes in the hope to find one that I could use up all the grapes in one go. BINGO!! I found this cake recipe submitted by Sharlene. This is the most simple cake to bake that uses lots of grapes. Yes, LOTS! 500gm! The only tedious thing to do is to remove the skin from each grape. I googled on what is the best way to peel the skin. I found a method to do so. Click here if you are interested to know. After a boring half hour peeling off the skin from each grape (YAWN), it was painfully accomplished. The rest that needed to be done was a no brainer. What I like about this recipe is, there is no oil, shortening or butter used and and it also featured much less sugar than many other cake recipes. One might expect the cake to be dry and dense without any fat used but surprisingly it came out moist and tasty. This is one healthy cake to bake if you want one that is low in sugar and calories. Equally surprising was that my mum loved it. I will definitely make this for her again because I know why she enjoyed this cake so much. She does not take any butter or any food with butter as an ingredient. So 
this one is her kind of cake

Adapted from Sharlene’s recipe

2 eggs
3/4 cup castor sugar
1 tsp Vanilla Essence
1 lemon - rind and juice
1 1/2 cups self-raising flour
500 grams grapes (seedless and remove skin)

Preheat oven to 200 deg C. Beat eggs, sugar and vanilla essence, lemon rind and juice until thick. Add sifted flour. Stir until evenly mixed. Gently stir in grapes. Put in a greased and floured 23cm round tin. Reduce oven to 180 deg C and cook approximately 30-40 minutes. Leave for 3 minutes before turning out. Dust with sifted icing sugar.
Note: For those who do not mind the calories, serve with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.


  1. This look so beautiful and refreshing! Fantastic photo, so glad that you found it! and ahhh sign of aging...there is no age for forgetting stuff, we all do it:))
    You are just too cool to be old!^_^

  2. Yes, it's a very tedious task peeling grapes. But very fast to eat.

  3. I love grapes and rarely see them in cakes. Yours looks delicious.

  4. Wow, nice looking cake Darling.. I must have missed this one due to travel. I like the less processed sugar part of this recipe though it isn't a wonder. Grapes are so sweet & delicious. And yummychunklet is right, you seldom see grapes in baking. Usually they are found in fresh form or in bottles. I like both of those so I surmise that I would like this cake too.

  5. This cake is completely new to me. Nice work on peeling all those grapes and achieving a moist cake in the process!

  6. I hate peeling grapes.It's a tedious work, but this cake looks yummy.

  7. Excellent recipe, more grapes and less sugar, this is healthier also.

  8. A grape cake - I love it!!! Perfect breakfast? =) Anytime.

  9. sounds truly delightful

  10. Aww, I love how Simplifried comments on your blog with such sweetness. Mine only comments when he wants to cause trouble. Lol.
    No, I don't think forgetting to post something is a sign of old age. I forget stuff like that all the time. Sometimes I will even go to the fridge and forget what I'm there to get. Haha. Well, at least I hope it's not a sign of old age because if so, I'm aging really fast. Lol. I think it's partly because you've got lots on your mind.

    I love how this cake uses so few ingredients and no butter. More excuse for me to eat the whole cake. Teehee. I'm glad your Mum enjoyed this. It looks moist and delicious. Thank you for sharing again, Veronica. Oh, and thank you for that link on how to peel a grape. I'll have to try the scalding water method next time.

  11. Oh wow! NO butter as well? bring on the ice-cream!!!

  12. This sounds just so yummy, great recipe. Diane

  13. This looks like a great recipe. What if we didn't peel the grapes?

  14. I've bookmarked this recipe too when I searched for a grape cake.
    Have yet to try it out.

  15. Not often, I come across a delicious cake with grapes. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing.


  16. Here is a small challenge for the whole board here to help with. What wine would you serve with a grape cake?

  17. Sandra: It is very comforting to know that you think I am "cool".. Thanks my dear.

    Small Kucing: You bet, I almost fell asleep on the kitchen table.

    yummychunklet: If I did not find this recipe, I would not have thought of making a grape cake.

    Darling: You were away on a biz trip when I bake this cake. Sure I can bake this again specially for you but you must peel the grapes, Deal? hehe

    Kristina: This cake is new to me too. Thanks for visiting me and hope to see you again.

    Three cookies: Glad you agree that this is a healthy cake.

    yummylittlecooks: Me too! :D

    Belinda: Oh yes, can eat this for breakfast, how come I did not think of that?

    David: Thanks

    LeQuan: You cracked me up when you said you go to the fridge and forgot why you are there. That happened to me so many times that I have lost count. It is cute to see Gary comment on your blog, he is very humorous.

    Daphne: I am with you.

    Diane: I agree with you.

    Rosaria: I think the skin of the grapes will change the taste and texture of the cake. I guess with the grape skin in the cake, it will give a rubbery taste.

    Velva: I was lucky to find this recipe and I am glad to share.

    Wendy: Is your house all done up? Are you back blogging? Look forward to read your posts and look at your delicious bakes.

    Darling: I say Sauvignon Blanc, Moscato d'Asti or Prosecco. I clever or not?? LOL!

  18. now quaypo, who says that you cant bake? that "satan" must have got so disappointed after seeing your determination and so patiently peeling the skins off the grapes that he cannot tahan already and ran off!This is an unusual cake and this is another good thing about baking ..we can bake and eat what we are not able to get from outside. Aging?? definately not! even if it is, what the heck! life doesnt stop here and i'm sure you are enjoying every moment of it!oh, and that question on wine..err..can i just tembak 'a fruity chardonnay'? ha!sorry, i dont know!!

  19. Wonderful cake. I've made grape bread, and it was very light and juicy. I bet grapes do the same to cakes. You cake looks gorgeous!


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