Friday, May 6, 2011

My mum's stew chicken feet for the Birthday boy

Today, my son, Nick turns twenty three years old. Each year on his birthday I will go through all the photos in "Nick's folder" and reminisce about his growing up stage. While doing so recently, I found this photo. I did not realize then that he had already discovered music when he was hardly one year old.

Then, I found this slide show that I made for him when he was nineteen. It is just a collection of his accomplishments during the first year of his college studying Performing Arts. The song “Maybe” playing in the background was his first attempt to compose a song. He had arranged the music himself and played the guitar and sang it. This song was recorded in his bedroom with his computer software. The guitar you see at the end of the slide show is his first guitar which is one of Nick's most loved Christmas gifts from his Dad. He too is a music lover and through him, Nick was exposed to all kinds of music at a very young age. When both father and son talk about music, I become an outsider. LOL!

Although Nick is twenty three now but to me, he will always remain my child, just like I will always be my mum’s child. Now at fifty six, my mum still nurses me when I am sick and worries for me when I am sad. No matter how old we are, we are still their treasured child in our parent's eyes, do you agree? My mum still asks me where I am going and what time I will be back when I go out alone. Some of us might not like the repeated questions from our parents and think they are nagging. That is probably because we misunderstood their intention. They ask not because they wanted to be intrusive but because they care. It is when we become parents ourselves we start to understand and appreciate them more, don't we?

Nick is Popo’s (my mum) apple of the eye and each time when she knows Nick is coming home to visit, she will always prepare his favorite dishes and stewed chicken feet is one of them. To Nick, Popo's cooking is the best in the world.

10 pcs chicken feet, cut into two
1 tbs Maggie chicken stock
2 cups plus 2 tbs oil
3 pcs. Cardamon seed
3 pcs. Clove
1 pc. Star anise
3 stick cinnamon bark
1 ½ cup water
6 cloves garlic, sliced
1 tbs dark soy sauce
1 tbs soy sauce
2 tbs oysters sauce
¼ teaspoon pepper
1 tbs sesame oil

Method to deep fry chicken feet:
Wash, drain and wipe dry chicken feet. Heat 2 cups of oil on high heat and fry chicken feet till golden brown. Drain off the oil and dip chicken feet into cold water for 20 mins. Drain off water and set aside.

Heat 2 tbs oil in wok and fry garlic till fragrant. Add star anise, cardomon seeds, cloves and cinnamon bark and stir fry till fragrant. Add chicken feet and stir fry till all coated with oil. Add dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, oysters sauce, water and bring liquid to boil. Then add chicken stock and pepper. Transfer everything to a deep pot and add more water till water covers all chicken feet. Stew on medium heat for about 1 to ½ hours till gravy is thicken. Turn off heat and add sesame oil and mix well before serving.


  1. Darling, I still think this is one of Nick's best songs though he has composed numerous since then. For me, this song opened my eyes to his talent.

  2. Happy birthday to your son. May god brings him all the happiness in the world. Nice chicken feet stew.

  3. Happy Birthday to Nick. Nice song. Mmm...yummy chicken feet stew. Add soe mushroom will be super yummy

  4. awww hes so adorable!! happy birthday to Nick :)

  5. I have never seen chicken feet for sale - Interesting recipe. Diane

  6. Happy birthday to ur son...Yummy chicken feet stew,tempting..

  7. Happy Birthday to your son Nick! I hope he will have many laughs, share lots of love (although i know he is well loved everyday by you and your family), and have lots of goodies to eat on this special day for him and for you. i added in the "for you" part because as a mom, i now enjoy my children's birthdays much more than my own. wouldn't you agree? and i absolutely agree with every word you have said in this post. it wasn't until i became a mom that i truly understood the worries of my parents.
    that is so sweet that your Mom makes Nick's favorite dishes everytime and that Popo's dishes are his favorite too. they must really have a great bond. thank you for sharing another of your Mom's wonderful recipes with us, Veronica. to be totally honest though, i've yet to try chicken feet. *blush*

  8. Happy Birthday to your son Nick! Chicken feet in a stew - interesting!!

  9. oh Happy birthday Nick! What a classic dish that you have made for him as well- lucky birthday boy!

  10. Interesting, I have been seeing a few recipes and would love to try this. Chicken leg is available in very few shops where I live. I wonder what they do to chicken legs since there's 2 in each one! Maybe export to Asia?:)

  11. Happy birthday to NIck.I agree with Small Kucing, if add with some mushroom,super delicious!!

  12. Hi, I'm back in action from vacation! Sorry haven't been visiting your blog.

    OMG, the 1st pix is simply adorable! Happy Bday, Nick!

    Tho' I don't eat chix feet, I can tell yours has got restaurant standard. Hahaha! Nice shots too :)

  13. Happy Birthday to Nick and Happy Mother's Day to you. I love chicken feet but hardly cook this dish as my hubby will freaks out if he sees me eat it ha ha..I wonder if your hubby eat this :) :)

  14. Yum! What a great dish for your birthday boy!

  15. happy birthday to Nick!! he's so adorable!! can i be your son for a day?...just for the chicken feet stew hehe

  16. Happy birthday to Nick!! :D We will always see our child as our baby forever..

  17. Happy Belated Birthday to Nick, he is lucky to have you. I love chic feet but I am the only one eating this in the family, so I have no chance to cook this. Happy Mother's day to you and your mom . Ya, about banana cake, next time if I see pisang raja, I must buy some to bake a banana cake and also add sour cream as per your suggestion, thanks for your kind suggestion.

  18. Welcome to my blog and many thanks for so kind words!!!
    Happy Birthday to your son !!!
    I wish you all the best for him!!
    Your chicken is delicious!

  19. i understand and couldnt agree more of that statement you made that a child will always remain a child in a mother's heart. My joys are mother's joys and my tears will also be her tears. She still nags and normally i just kept quiet, i'll let her nag all that she wants and i "try" not to argue with her, sometimes i just pretend as if i lost my ears. ha! isnt that a bit cruel to say that? i just happened to saw in that clip that NIck said he's a stubborn boy, must have not been easy for you but i can sense it here that it's a very warm and loving relationship between you, your son and all in the family. Happy mother's day and have a wonderful celebration with your family!

  20. Awww, what a cutie - Happy Birthday little one!

  21. Nick looks adorable and talented, and he's so lucky to have you as his mummy! I usually eat chicken feet when I have dim sum, but I never cook it at home...I'm too scared to process it, I think. Love your recipe here, though, I might have to be a bit brave and cook it ;-).

  22. my son also like to eat chicken feet, but i dunno how to cook....this stew chicken feet looks delicious, i will copy the recipe and try to cook for my son.

  23. After looking at this post I want to go to a yam cha! It made me hungry!

  24. Happy Mother's Day Quay Po! The stew chicken feet looks really good. I usually order it at Yum Cha restaurant. Sometimes, they are good, sometimes it disappoints! Yours look like the melt in the mouth feel!

  25. Darling, I am with you:D

    Sugarpuffi, Swathi, Small Kucing, Priya, Nami, daphne, ICook4Fun, Jean, Ribbon Clown, Sonia, Magda, Martha: I thank you all for the birthday wishes on behalf of Nick and thanks for the kind comments.

    Diane: I am sure you won't see that at your end, westerners don't eat them, not even my Quay Lo.

    Felvin: I am sure your son will be a happy boy.

    Passionate about cooking: I seldom order chicken feet when I go dim sum because of the inconsistency in the taste.

    Pete: So nice of you to drop by to wish me Happy Mother's Day. Thank you, I really appreciate it.

    LeQuan: Nick and popo have a very strong bond, she took care of him ever since he was born. When I was single mum, Nick spend more time with popo than with me.

    Three Cookies: I believe you are right, many asian love chicken feet.

    Shirley: Welcome back. I am sure you have enjoyed your vacation. Waiting to read all about it. Thanks on Nick's behalf for the birthday wish.

    yummychunklet: Mummy gave him wings and now popo gave him legs so he has no excuse that he cannot reach his goals.

    Maya: Don't be afraid, once you try it, you will want to cook it again and again.

    ansarap: Make sure you order chicken feet.. LOL!

  26. Happy Birthday to your son and Happy Mother's Day! I can tell you are a great mum!

  27. Desperatehousewife: I thank you on Nick's behalf.

  28. que precioso niño es un encanto,celebro tu receta que está muy buena y a tu niño en su cumpleaños una bendición,adoro los niños soy educadora de pequeños,cariños.

  29. Happy belated birthday to Nick! My kids are little so we are still beginning our journey but already my folders are overflowing with all their "treasures". I can only imagine how many memories you must have with your young man! Lovely to see he has such a great relationship with his Popo too.

  30. that looks just delicious! if i use homemade stock instead, how much should I replace for the chicken stock powder? thks! I cant wait to try this!

  31. @Rosita @shaz, So sorry for this late reply for I did not even know you guys commented. Thanks so much.

    @Shu Han, Thanks for your visit and your interest in tryng my mum's recipe out. If you use homemade chicken stock just use 1 1/2 cup of the stock.


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