Friday, September 16, 2011

The only way to have a friend is to be one - Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you were to ask me one year ago if we can make friends through blogging, I would probably said, quite unlikely. Today, I have a totally different opinion because after just one year of blogging, I have made many friends, some I have met and some I have not. All my blogger friends and readers are very supportive. They not only leave encouraging comments often, they also share their knowledge and offer advice without expecting anything in return. Isn't that amazing? For example, when I made mistakes in my recipe, I was not criticized but instead they take time to alert me about my error in a very polite manner. Two blogger friends who take time to do that are Wendy of A Table for two or more and Elisabeth of food and thrift. I really appreciate it. Thanks again Wendy and Elisabeth. Then, I have LeQuan of love to eat, who always take time from her busy schedule to read almost all my posts and leave comments which always put a smile on my face.  Diane from My life in Charante too visits my blog often and I was so happy to receive a postcard from her sometime ago. Not forgetting David of Alokoli, he is a sweetheart, always leave kind words on my post. He is an amazing writer.  I love all him poems, always strike one of my nerves. Another great blogger friend is Sonia of Nasi Lemak Lover. Whenever she goes on holiday, she will bring back goodies from abroad to share with us. She has given me a bottle premium fish sauce from her Vietnam trip and Shanghai noodles from her Shanghai trip.  How thoughtful is that? Oh another blogger friend, Pei-Lin of Dodol Mochi who is a busy bee but it was so nice of her to spend a weekend with me, to teach me how to make macarons.  Swee San of Sweetspot is a talented and generous baker. She had shared with us so many of her wonderful bakes. Last month, we had a gathering at the Chillis in Empire, I managed to catch up with Reese of Reese Kicthen and also Ann of Pigpigscorner. We had a great time together and we got to see Wendy's new born! He is such a cutie! 

Just yesterday, I received a package from a blogger friend Joelyn.  She posted a photo of her and her girlfriend on facebook. I noticed the beautiful scarf around her neck and I complimented her. Guess what? The next moment, she messaged me and said she is going to send me the similar scarf because she had bought two!  Isn’t she sweet?  Then when the packaged arrived yesterday, I was surprised with two more gifts. A box of fragrant soaps and a nice looking shopping bag! 

Hey Joelyn, I love them all and I can’t wait to wear the lovely scarf. The shopping bag is so handy to go shopping with and the soaps smells good. Many thanks, I am touched by your thoughtfulness.

I love all my friends and I would love to maintain our friendships for life. I hate to loose a friend for what ever reason. Here are some guidelines I used to help me to be a better friend to my friends:-

I must always remind myself not to ever judge my friends’ choices. I should trust that their wisdom will guide them through their life not mine.

I will always respect my friends’ decision even if I think it may be wrong and let them know I will be there when they need me.

I will never do anything out of guilt for my friends. Whatever I do for them is always from my heart and if there is something I can't do for them, I will be truthful and tell them even if I have to disappoint them.

I will never trash talk about one friend to the other. I will speak my mind directly with them if I think they treated me unfairly. Good friends are those who will speak the truth even when the truth hurts sometimes.

I will always try to be there to share big moments, sad moments as well as stupid moments with my friends. 

Here is to our friendships! Have a healthy, refreshing, colorful and delicious salad, just like how friendships should be!

Couscous Salad

2 cups vegetable stock
2 tbs butter
2 cups instant couscous
50g rocket
¼ tsp ground black pepper
½ tsp paprika
1/2 tsp lemon juice
2 tbs fresh parsley
3 tbs softened butter
¼ red capsicum, diced
¼ orange capsicum diced
¼ green capsicum diced
½ cucumber, removed seeds, diced
50g feta cheese , cubed
1 small purple onion, thinly sliced in rings

In a medium saucepan, bring the chicken stock and butter to a boil over medium heat. Gradually, stir in the couscous. Remove from heat, cover and set aside to steam for 5 minutes. Fluff with a fork. Place rocket in a serving plate. Add (B) to cooked couscous and mix well. Sprinkle ground black pepper and paprika. 


  1. @Joelyn
    We got to meet in person soon. You are not too far away from me:D

  2. It's wonderful to have such lovely friends and blogging really opens up the world at your door step as we meet people from places we may not be able to visit in person. The Salad looks really colourful and tasty.Since I have discovered your blog I try and visit as often as I can.Do drop by some time,I have very different recipes to yours and would love some feed back.

  3. It is possible to make friend through blogging! I have met many kind and attentionate people thanks to my blog...

    That coucous sald looks so appetizing and beautiful! A dish I could eat on a daily basis.



  4. I would have already met somer really nice people in Belgrade(Serbia) as they had already blogger meeting couple of times:) That is if I was not thsi far away:(Howver next year I hope to haev saved enough to visit my country of birth,family,friends and make some new blog friends;))
    Somehow I think people that can so with apssion write about food and their families in real life..and are willing to share through blogs must be good people..right?:))

  5. A very inspiring and touching post. In fact not only this one, the many that I have read since I discovered your blog had this effect on me :) Inspiring not only from tips on how to put delicious food on the table but also those on the perspectives of life. Thank you.

  6. I would have to have agreed, a year ago, who could make friend through blogger! I also now have 'met' so many wonderful people including yourself, some in real life some through email. Each and every one have been so kind, warm and welcoming.
    Love this couscous salad. Take care Diane x

  7. hahaha...find a day free....cheers!

  8. I fall in love with food blogging too. I could sit for some hours looking at beautiful and delicious photos and that's already inspire me to move deeply into cooking.

  9. Congratulations on blogging for a year, Quay Po! Your thoughts about family and friends are touching, and your recipes and photos illustrate your philosophy about cooking (from your 'About Me' column): "There is joy in our food." I feel the same way! Congrats again and thank you for your kind comments, too.

  10. I too have met many wonderful friends through blogging. Love you friendship guidelines...your friend Nancy :)

  11. Ya, nice to make good friends thru blogging :)

  12. You wrote a beautiful post today! Your salad looks delicious. What is rocket? I've never heard of it.

  13. Wonderful post! And delicious couscous!

  14. Nothing is impossible with friendship, it transcends time and distance, I say hehe. And it's great that you were able to make such great friends via blogging, and such thoughtful friends to add, you are indeed very blessed :)


    A Single Girl's Musings

  15. Aw, what a lovely post! I know what you mean about not expecting friendships through blogging. It's amazing all the wonderful people in the community and how tightly knit we all are. I love this post. The photos are wonderful and the recipe is fabulous!

  16. my dear friend, you have brought, light,love, good food and happiness into the blog world :)


  17. Congrats, sweetie! U're a lovely host & makes reading your posts a pleasure. Looking fwd to more sharing!

  18. The blog-i-verse is almost magical, isn't it?

  19. Even I start blog-ing becos of them....they are alwiz so supportive n encouraging. I agree, we make such a virtual friend's bonding thru blog-ing.

    Cheers n congrats for the 1 st year of blog- ing....


  20. Quay Po I love my bloggers friends, are special and magical I think and is nice have friends around the world, Congrats for your blogging and this is a wonderful post and love your Cous cous, xxgloria

  21. Veronica-I am so touched, beyond words that you consider me as your friend, and I appreciate and value your friendship. Thank you for saying all those nice things about me, and mentioning me!

    It is so true what you have said that one year ago, same I started, who would have known, or guessed that you could actually make friends with other bloggers. I think it's because we share the same interests in food, family, and of course friends! All of thes are so important in our lives and everything has happened the way it was meant to be...and it's all good:DDD

    Love your gorgeous and healthy couscous with my favorite ingredients, and spices. Such a pretty plating!

  22. your cooking looks so good! I would of thought you cooked Asian Cuisine for an endless amount of years! very impressive :)

  23. Beautiful Post! :) And, I adore couscous salad--it always fills me up and never makes me feel bad!

  24. couscous looks so delicious.. I always wanted to cook my own couscous salad.. :)

  25. What a lovely post! And I'm amazed at all of the blogging friends that I've made myself - this community is just amazing, isn't it?

  26. Lovely post, It is nice to have friends through the blogging. This couscous salad looks delicious.

  27. Wonderful post and delicious recipe! I value my blogging friends so much too - it's amazing the friendships we make!

  28. I always like to hear about friendships made through the blogging world, it's so heartwarming. :) Your couscous salad is the most delicious looking one I've ever seen!!

  29. hi quay po, i have bookmarked this with thanks..not the first from your blog tho :) thanks again, that's for friendship- which is your thoughtfulness to share your recipe with others as well as sharing great life experiences with us- such as this post and the previous ones. cheers to you

  30. there is nothing better than having friend's that put that unexpected smile in our faces :).

    and what's more, they ask for nthingin return ^^.

    but of course before we are able to get that, like your title says "the only to have a friend is to be one".

  31. Lovely post and delicious salad.

    Friendship Salad for you

    1 cup courtesy
    2 cups understanding
    1 cup patience
    2 cups sharing
    1 cup encouragement
    A dash of praise

    Mix all together, sprinkle with some humor & garnish with love & kindness.

  32. sweet post, yummy dish.. unfortunately i m far away most of bloggers , wish have chance to meet. if u come to turkey let me know:)

  33. I really love those guidelines of yours and you're not only a great wife, mom and future MIL, you're really a great friend! ;D
    From this post, I can see that you're really a very very nice lady who is so well-liked by all your blogger friends! ;)
    I'm so glad to have found your lovely blog and I love your blog description so much! It's so so true! ;D
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! ;)

  34. Veronica,
    I haven't been here in awhile, but I picked the right time to visit, thanks to you for visiting my blog.

    When I started blogging, I had no idea that there was this whole wonderful blogging community of warm and caring friends, like you. If I had not met you I wouldn't have a pair of gorgeous green earrings, that I won on your blog:)

    congratulations on your first year of Blogging!

  35. What a colorful and healthy salad is this!! It really looks fresh and yummy!!

  36. hi veron, i share your sentiments. It has been a fantastic blogging experience too for me so far, it has brought me joy and many smiles. Though i have not met most of the bloggers, except 2 or 3, i can really feel the warmness of the friendship here in the blogsphere and i am sure that many of them here feel the same too. It's really nice knowing you here..nice and sweet communication we all got here.. they are all so precious to us and we love you! Thanks for this idea on couscous, i may skip the feta cheese here but i love the rest of the ingredients ! have a good week! Cheers!!

  37. That sounds looks great and what a beautiful, heartfelt post on friendship! It made me smile...

  38. I totally agree, I would never thought that blogging will make me so much good friends.
    Picture of the baby is soooo beautiful, and of course your Couscous Salad is just so amazing..Love it!!!

  39. You lucky girl! I'll tell you what, the blogging community has turned out to be an amazing support group I never realized I didn't have :) Lovely post! Buzzed

    Thanks for you visit and hope to see you often.

    Me too, I can eat this salad everyday.

    You are right, usually people who are passionate about their family, friends and food are usually caring people.

    @Lite Home Bake
    Thanks for your kind words. I am honored to be able to inspire you:D

    Thanks and you too.

    Yes, we have to decide a day that is good for us both.


    I think we bloggers all do the same:D

    You are welcome. Thanks for open up your space for us to enjoy. I appreciate your dropping by.

  41. @Nancy and Vijay
    I am sure we all feel the same. When I see a blogger friend not posting for a while, I get concern. It is always good to know they are well.

    @Small Kucing
    Technology can be a pain at times but without them, we probably won't meet nice people in the blogging world.

    Thanks. Oh rocket is arugula:D

    Thanks. I am so glad I was introduced to couscous about 6 years ago by my neighbor who is a French. He is now a very good friend:D

    That is so true. I am very blessed indeed.

    Oh yes, this food blogging community is very tightly knitted. Look at the tremendous support Jeannie gets when she lost her Mikey. It is just amazing!

    You too! HUGS

    Thanks and I am so happy that you are going to Helsinki! Take lots of photos and share with us when you are back okay? XOXO

    @that Girl
    YES, like a fairy tale come true!

    Thanks. Ya, it is so strange that such a bond can develop through blogging. When I don see some of them for a while, I think of them and miss them.

    Ya, if it is not because of blogging, it is impossible to meet so many nice people around the world.

  42. @Elisabeth
    HUGS always

    Thanks so much for your compliment. There are still lots to learn from my mum, my Quay Lo and all my blogger friends in cooking and baking.

    @Sinful Sundays
    Yes, couscous is healthy too.

    After you cooked it, do share with us your recipe.

    Yes it is!

    Yes, I love that quote.

    Agree totally.

    I guess when we make a friend, we value the friendship unless due to breach of trust right?

  43. @lifeisfull
    Yes, me too:D It is very inspiring.

    You are most welcome. In fact I thank you for putting up such an informative blog for all of us. I always learn something new each time I visit you.

    Yes and that is easy to do.

    Oh, I guess that is the best salad ever. Many thanks for the recipe:D

    Oh for sure!!

    Me too, I should have visited you sooner. I am so happy you like the earring I made.


  44. @lena
    Love you too. You too have a great week ahead. HUGS

    Hearing that make this weekend more beautiful:D

    Ya, he is handsome boy isn't he?

    @Parsley Sage
    Oh yes, very lucky and thanks for the buzz! XOXO

  45. This looks absolutely delicious and so light and healthy! Beautiful photos as well, I think I'll definitely be making this for a light summer time meal!

  46. @Nicole
    Thanks for your visit. I am so happy to know that you going to try this salad. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

  47. Aww...Veronica, I'm so touched that you mentioned me in this post. I couldn't agree with you more on everything you have said here in this post about friendship. Of course I always try to read every post you write. You have such a charm in you that just keeps me coming back. Sometimes it takes me a while, but you know I always try to catch up as much as I can. I really don't mean to spam you. Lol. What thoughtful gifts you got from Joelyn. How sweet of her. You deserve all of this sweetness from your friends and more. I have yet to send you your gift that has been sitting here with me. I have not forgotten. There are a few other gifts I need to send out and would like to do it all at once. You know how life with kids is, one word: multitask. Haha. Thank you for having such patience with me and for being such a sweet, dear friend. Big hugs!

  48. This is such a touching and lovely post. Anyone who knows you is lucky. You are an amazing woman.

  49. @LeQuan
    Yes I know when you have kiddies at home, you have to multi-task and don't you wish you have more than 24 hours a day? You are a great friend my dear to visit me whenever you find the time. Thanks so much for the friendship.

    @Kim Bee
    The lucky one is me actually.

  50. Veron, your couscous salad looks amazing. Love every single bit of it. No wonder Quay Lo is in his 2nd grow stage. haha.... Just blaughing! :o)
    Regards, Kristy
    p/s better keep this comment away from him. haha...


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