Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Where is the birthday cake and the moon cakes?

Sorry no birthday cake. In my last post I ended with a photo of a candle on a macaron.  That was what I gave to my step brother, Vic on his birthday. Where is the birthday cake? Good question! Vic’s favorite cake is baked cheese cake so that was the first thing I did when I came home after attending the Demo on making Macs. (I will share with you in my next post.)  I could not find the recipe that I have used before so I found a new one at  It looks easy and I followed it to the tee.  The result was disappointing! I do not think it is the recipe. I think it is my oven misbehaving. Guess what, my cheese cake had a burnt top before it is cooked.

So now what? Sometimes, when you are a desperado, you could come up with some clever ideas. Haha, I’ve some macarons in my fridge so I decided to let Vic blow the candle on a mac instead. I got to be creative when I have no birthday cake at the last minute. It worked out fine. hehe.

The three of us, me, my mum and my Quay Lo, each made a dish for Vic’s birthday dinner. My mum made no fish paste yong tau foo, my Quay Lo made Kurma prawns and I stir fried some butter garlic shimeji mushrooms and asparagus.

I think Vic enjoyed himself and was pleased with what we have installed for him.  Before he called it a night, I gave his a personal moon cake in a grand packaging. His favorite is the tradition lotus paste with egg yolk. 

Actually that was the the birds nest box. Yes, double boiled bird nest with red dates and rock sugar was the dessert for the evening. It has been quite a while since I had bird nest and it was delicious. Oooo but cannot eat so often, too expensive lah! 

After a wonderful time spent together, it is time to go home for Vic and Jeanie. As I send them to the door, I handed him another box of moon cakes to bring home to my nephews and niece. 
Then after half an hour, I received a phone call from my Jeanie. She said, “Yee Ku (2nd sister-in-law), when I reached home, your nephew Calvin saw his dad’s personal moon cake and he asked which shop offered such an elaborate moon cake packaging? I told him it is from Quay Po Cooks. Then, when he checked out the BIG box of moon cakes you gave them, he said, why these moon cake box so light?” Before she went further, I already burst our laughing. OMG!  When he opened each and every little box, there is no moon cake inside!!  Then I realized, I have given them the wrong box, the one that I am supposed to throw away! I laughed SO HARD until all my intestines were twisted. What a way to end a happy night!! When I told my Quay Lo what happened, he shook his head but I knew what that means. “She is LUCY again!” Can you imagine if I have given that box with no moon cakes inside to one of his clients? OOOO EMBARRASSED!! I think next time, when he asked me to arrange anything for his clients, I better tell him this, “Don’t count on Lucy, Honey.” LOL!

Of the three dishes above, I think I will share my mum’s recipe with you first. Once my Quay Lo gives me the recipe for his korma prawns, I will post it. His version of korma prawns tasted a little Indian and a little "Mat Salleh". The flavor was unforgettable.

No fish paste Yong Tau Foo 

12 small shitake mushroom, soaked and squeezed dry
2 red capsicum, cut into small pieces
3 pcs tau foo, cut into half and sliced 3/4 through the center

2 tbs sunflower oil
2 tsp chopped garlic
oil for frying the stuffed mushrooms, capsicum and tau foo
1/4 c chopped spring onion for garnishing

Heat oil in wok and fry all the stuffed mushrooms, capsicum and tau foo till filling is cooked and set aside. Heat 2 tbs sunflower oil and put in the chopped garlic and stir fry till fragrant. Pour in the mixture of sauce and let it simmer till thicken. Return all  the stuffed mushrooms, capsicum and tau foo in the work and coat them properly with the sauce and garnish with spring onion and serve. 

Ingredients for the fillings:
300gm minced pork
2 florets wood ear soaked and chopped
3 medium shitake mushrooms, soaked, squeezed dry and chopped
3 stalks celery, chopped
1 egg
3 tsp corn starch
1 tsp ground white pepper
2 tsp maggie chicken stock 

Mixed all the above throughly and let it marinate for 30 mins.

Ingredients for the sauce:
2 tbs oyster sauce
2 tbs hoi sin sauce
4 tbs water
2 tbs sugar
1 tbs sesame oil

Mix all the above and set aside for later use.


  1. The meal looks really scrumptious!
    I want to be your brother! hahaha! Maybe sister better, LOL.
    If you want to get birds nest next time, tell me. Authentic fresh ones, but you have to clean them yourself :(

  2. What a nice day you had...:) Such a loving and good experience that evening you had, and a good laugh before you sleep! (pardon me)
    Love your mum's yong taufu....I'll like to try it myself one day..:)

  3. Hahaha,your memory full already! Like your mom's simple YTF.

  4. Your mom's YTF looks yummy. And I'm looking forward kurma prawn recipe :)

    Happy belated birthday to your brother, Vic!

  5. those three dishes looks very appetising! Macaron as a substitute to a birthday cake. A unique one!

  6. What a lovely birthday your brother had, having dishes cooked with so much love from family. Beats any meal from the best restaurants!
    The yong tau fu looks so good... Wish I had a genie to make it real for my lunch now :)

  7. Can't wait for the kurma prawns recipe. My mom maybe will like to test it.


  8. Wow, what a feast! I like traditional mooncake too but I want mine to have 4 yolks & no less. Hahaha!

    Did I hear bird's nest? I'm a big fan of this precious gem. It worked really well on me :)

  9. That was such an endearing story. I was laughing when I reading the part where your nephew was puzzled at how light the mooncake box was. haha... oh well... that happens :)

    And thank you so much for sharing the Yong Tau Foo recipe! It looks so appetizing, I wanna give this a try soon!



    A Single Girl's Musings

  10. Yes I want to be your brother and sister.I want to live in your kitchen and learn everything you know.As a payment I will offer to cleand the dishes:)

  11. I believe its the thoughts that matters and I m sure yr bro knows how much you sayang him!

    Thks for the recipe.. now can make vegetarian YTF!

    Btw.. QL is cute calling you Lucy! Our family calls me "McKhoo".. hehe

  12. A special birthday cake indeed. Happy belated b'day to your brother.
    So nice of the 3 of you to each cook a dish to celebrate with your brother.

  13. i always thought making yong tau foo is a must to have fish meat... now that i read this, i can go make without the fish hehehe~

  14. why is the mooncake box so light?? haha..oh lucy, luckily it was for your brother. Ya lah, so embarrasing if it was for business clients! Like this, cannot become put business at risk..hahaha!i think you better continue cooking, continue blogging here, let us all enjoy your wonderful food and learn cooking from you! Your mum is really a terrific cook, that's a great looking yong tau foo dish, yes..she's really your pot of gold!!

  15. Heheheh!I can imagine your Quay Lo's expression when shaking head. Nevermind, everyone had a good laugh over Lucy.

  16. LOL. You are sooo cute. Giving an empty box like that. Thank goodness it was not for Quay Lo's clients. Wah didn't know your Quay Lo also a great cook and can cook Asian dishes huh? Guess his taste buds also change already after he met you..hehe

  17. I can see why you have so many followers. This post is funny, entertaining and creative. I can relate to your failures and I love your fantastic recipes. Thank you for allowing me to join your site.

  18. Beautiful blog and love the story. The birds nest dessert is stunning as well going to try the no fish paste Yong Tan Foo.. Thanks

  19. I prefer birthday pie to birthday cake anyway.

  20. The story is so funny! Yes, good thing it wasn't to clients!! Your mum's yeong tau foo looks delicious! I miss eating y.t.f. with the sweet sauce and chilli sauce!!

  21. My stomach is grumbling by the looks of this delicious dish!

  22. What a birthday party and what a story ha ha. Love mooncakes. The dinner looks great.

  23. Wah!!! Your cake was a disaster. Hmmm...looks like experts also have their down days? Hehehehehe!!!!

    Oooooo...exclusive moonckaes. Must have cost a bomb...but never mind, you're rich. LOL!!! Ah!!!

    Homecooked dinner for one's birthday - nothing can beat that! Eating out with all the oil and salt and msg...and one crucial ingredient missing - the love.

  24. Will bookmarked this Yong Tau Foo recipe. I can make a big batch and freeze them for our convenience. This is a great recipe.

    PS. I really enjoying reading your family stories. They are very heart-warming.

  25. Lovely recipe. I love to hear about your family, reminds me of my family.

  26. Delicious meal especially the YTF.
    Loves your posting, you're so cute.

  27. @Wendy
    No you cannot be my sister, god daughter more like it! hehe. Oh you can get good quality birds nest?

    No need to pardon you lah for laughing. I laugh at myself too.

    Ya, you are right. System hang! hehehe

    Thanks on behalf of my step brother. Once Quay Lo give me the recipe, I will post it.

    Yes, I think for my next year's birthday, I want a giant macaron!

    haha, I wish I have a genie at home too so that I can just snap my fingers and all my dishes are cleaned.

    Yes, Korma recipe coming soon.

    4 yolks? huhuhuh… high cholesterol!

    @Wi, @Small Kucing
    Thanks for the consolation! I needed it.

  28. your incident with the mooncake box ;) The macaron does make for a very pretty little replacement for a birthday cake :D And your yong tau foo looks delicious too!! And it's so colourful!

  29. @Dzoli
    You are too young to be my sister, how about being a good friend? No need to clean dishes lah, just ask me anything you want to learn. I am happy to share my knowledge with you.

    @Food Dreams
    The filling for the YTF is with minced meat not vegetarian. If you want veg filling, try substituting the minced pork with minced tau foo. Why you family call you McKhoo? Is it because you are very cool? hehe

    Thanks on behalf of my step brother.

    Yes me too, my mum is very innovative.

    When I first came out from school, I was a very efficient secretary. Then I became the Sales Manager and got my own Sec and forgot how to be one. Then I left the corporate world and help my Quay Lo in our own biz and became a "One Leg Kick". Used to be an invincible OLK but as I grow older, two legs also don't kick properly let alone one! hehehe… You must think twice to want to learn cooking from me, I might give you the right recipe but the wrong ingredients. Missing ingredients and wrong measurement given already happened quite a few time and luckily I have good bloggers friends who take the time to bring to my attention. hehe. have second thoughts now?

    @Sheoh Yan
    Ya, I had a good laugh over Lucy too!

  30. @Carolyn
    Yes Thank goodness indeed. Oh my Quay Lo is a better cook than me and he loves Asian dishes very much.

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Thanks. Always happy to share.

    @Yee Er
    hehehe..another few years down the road, maybe more cute, 2nd childhood coming.

    Thanks and hope the recipe will not disappoint you.

    @That Girl
    I would love to have a giant macaron for my next birthday but I do not mind a pie too but no more cakes

    No need to miss it when you can make it yourself.

    hahha, I don't blame you. My stomach growls each time I am at your blog.

  31. @Cheap Ethnic Eatz

    Moneywise, I am not rich but I feel rich to be well loved and love well. The box of moon cake is not expensive if it is for those I love. We don't spend like this everyday but only on very special occasion. Moreover, spending money on love ones is all worth it, don't you think? Oh you are 100% right about outside food.

    Yes, can definitely freeze them and be handy for a quick meal.

    @Words of Deliciousness
    I am glad that the story of my family reminds you of yours.

    Thanks. It is nice to know you enjoy my posts.

  32. @Von
    Thanks:D Yes, replacing the cake with a macaron is born of desperation and I have to agree with you that my mum's YTF is very delicious.

  33. ahhahahaahha how come MCC? Mong cha cha over the moon cakes? No hard feels k. these things do happen n glad u guys took it easy. imagine those "fussy" relatives...we will be dead meat.

  34. I'm going to use macaroon cake idea - that's so much better than sugary cupcakes for the kids! All three dishes are amazingly delicious. How nice each of you can contribute such delicious meals. The mooncake is really pretty to look at. :-)

  35. :)))) I was laughing along with you...what a fun post, and photos are so yummy looking! Your mooncakes are beautiful and love the box too..Looks like you all have a lots of fun!

  36. Thank you for your kind note the other day, last month? I really appreciate it. I was in Hong Kong and so didn't manage to update as often as I would wish. I'm finally back with a new entry, come check it out sometimes! Have a great weekend!

  37. Your mom's YTF looks so homey and yummy!! You're so funny! Actually, I got more "wu long" stories than you. lol!

  38. @littlelamb
    It is okay to laugh, who wouldn't hehe.. Ya, luckily my sister-in-law not "bantang" (not superstitious) if I will definitely will be in the dog house!

    That is what I am going to do, give a mac to every of my family birthday from now on. That will also give a lots of practice to perfect my macs.

    Yes, we had lots of fun especially when I was told of the empty box! hahaha, still can't stop laughing at Lucy.

    Thanks for dropping by. It is great to know you are well. Will definitely visit you soon. You too have a nice weekend.

    @Food for Tots
    Thanks, I will tell my mum what you said about her YTF. She will be smiling from one ear to the other. Oh really, I cannot imagine anybody can be more "wu long" than me. hehe.. I would love to hear about your stories!

  39. Your mom is such a blessing, she can still cook like a pro...such a pretty and tasty dish she made. Wonderful celebration for your family, sharing and caring about each other. That's what family is all about. Everything looks so festive and delicious:DDD

  40. @Elisabeth
    Yes, my mum still cook very well at 76 and I believe she still will when she is 90! You are right family is all about sharing, caring, loving and forgiving:D Friends too!

  41. That was so funny! Good thing it happened with family. So Quay Lo doesn't say "Lucy!" like Ricky Ricardo does, he just gives you the "Lucy!" look? :D

    This recipe is a keeper for sure. I want to try it soon! Family times together and recipes are the best!

  42. This is really an unforgettable Birthday and Mid-Autumn! ;P
    All the dishes here are so mouth-watering! *stomach rumbling and groaning*
    I love yong tau foo with meat stuffing and the sauce! Would love to try this recipe! ;D

  43. Omg Veronica! That was hilarious about the mooncake boxes. Actually sounds like something I would do so I know we would get along great. Your Mom's Yong Tau Foo looks and sounds spectacular. My mouth is watering just looking at the photo. Thank you for sharing her lovely recipe.

  44. Wow.. your mom's YTF really looks delicious. Now I don have 2 hunt bevrywhere to get THE fish to make YTF. Thanks for sharing your mom's recipes.

  45. @Lyndsey, @Lyn
    Looks like my reply to your comments from my ipad did not get registered. I will do it again.

    hahaha, that was what he did, no need to utter a word, the word Lucy written across both eyes.

    Look forward to see your post trying this recipe.

    I knew that long time already that we are at the same wave length.

    Glad to know this recipe suits you better.


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