Monday, November 7, 2011

My mum recommends this for Thanksgiving

Back in the 60s, I don’t think there is such thing called Fusion food, is there? From what I read, Chinese food was introduced to America in the mid-19th century. Other Asian food like Vietnamese, Japanese and Thai cuisine were not known to most American diners, not until the 70s. It seemed this is when fusion cuisine emerged. Fusion cuisine are interesting because they are usually exotic and special in their taste just like this Roast chicken recipe that I am about to share with you. The Chinese goose liver sausage enhanced the flavor of the roast chicken as well as the flavor of the vegetables that were roasted together.  The taste of this roast chicken is unique and truly exotic. I get great reviews from all my guests. 

Mum and I used to chat in our kitchen a lot. Just yesterday, we were talking about what to make for this Thanksgiving and I told her I wanted to make fusion roast chicken again since I still have some Chinese goose liver sausage in the freezer but then this is such a rich and sinful dish. I asked my mum why most sinful dishes taste so awesome? Guess what my mum's answer to my question? She said, "If the food taste awesome, eat it. No need to stay away from sinful dishes. As long as we eat everything moderately and do regular exercises, we should be fine and I am a good example!"  Aiyoh, my mum so proud of herself...I "beh tahan" (cannot stand) LOL!  She recommends you to consider trying this recipe for this Thanksgiving too but she said, "Eat at your own risk!" I laughed my head off from her remarks. She is a piece of work! 

Roast Chicken with goose liver sausage, 
sweet potato and carrots

1 x 1.5-2kg/3lb 5oz-4lb 6oz free-range chicken
2 medium carrot
1 medium purple sweet potato
1 tbs lemon pepper
small bunch of fresh thyme
1 tbs ground oregano
1 tbs duck fat
zest of a whole orange
3 pcs Chinese goose liver sausage

Preheat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6.
Place chicken, potatoes, carrots and goose liver sausage a roasting pan. Rub olive oil, lemon pepper and ground oregon all over the chicken. Insert a sprig of thyme into the cavity of the chicken. Paint duck fat on potatoes, carrots and chicken. Tie chicken, refer to link how to do this. 

Cover the chicken loosely with foil and roast in the oven for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, remove the foil and remove the goose live sausage and set aside. Return the chicken and roast for another 20-30 minutes and reduce the temperature to 160C-180C/320F-350F. It's fully cooked when the juices run clear when the bird is pierced in the thigh with a skewer. 
Turn off the oven and let the bird rest in the residual heat for at least ten minutes. Remove from the oven, then carve.
Make you favorite gravy with your pan juice. I made brown sauce with it.

Serve the carved chicken and roasted goose liver sausage, potatoes and carrots on a large platter and serve with gravy on the side and crusty bread.

Note: if you cannot find Chinese goose liver sausage, use other kind. I think it will still taste good.


  1. Wow! Im seriously in love with the golden bake color~~~

  2. I love foie gras but I've never tried chinese goose liver. Lol! Wonder how it tastes like. It's interesting to combine the two together. Sounds like a delicious dish & I adore fusion food :)

  3. Oh my, this makes me drooling!^^
    May I know whr to get lemon pepper?
    Any substitute to that?

  4. I always feel that FUSION is short for CONFUSION... Wouldn't want to mix... Turkey would have to be roasted...not phak lor (braised with five-spice powder)or cooked in curry.

    Now I can try this - I've the lemon pepper. Hehehehehe!!!!

  5. Love the color of this chicken's skin. Yum!

  6. Goose liver sausage.Divine as is goose fat:)Love your mum's recomendations:)

  7. Looking at the close up drumstick makes me drooling already.... and I know for sure this must be a flavourful roast chicken.

  8. So fast thinking of Thanksgiving? Its end Nov right..24th Nov to be exact.

    In fact, I am more excited about the sales after the US, its Black Friday and so happen this yr, i will be there....*wink*

  9. Haha! I love your mum already! That's a gorgeous chook ... golden and moist!

  10. hi Quay Po, this looks seriously good!
    just thinking what i should use to replace goose liver sausage :)
    thks for the tutorial video - very useful :)

  11. It looks delicious, Quay Po ;) A must-try indeed!


    A Single Girl's Musings

  12. I really enjoyed your post; full of interesting tidbits. I am not surea about the goose liver with my husband; he is not as adventurous as I am in the Food dept.

  13. Oh my goodness! The skin of that chicken -- glazed and shiny is making me drool. Looks very delicious. Thank you and have a great weekend, Quay Po.

    ~ ray ~

  14. Aloha! Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is so beautiful it puts mine to shame, as I am not a good cook. I have added you to my blogroll and will visit you daily.

  15. I love roast chickens and they are incredibly versatile.

  16. Absolutely delicious , sinful and drool worthy roast chicken :D Good advice from your MOM :)

  17. This making me so hungry. It looks wonderfully yummy!

  18. First, I love what your mum said about sinful food. :) Second, that is the most gorgeous roast chicken I've ever seen. Beautiful color, and the flavors sound amazing!

  19. That looks delicious and perfect way to cook chicken.

  20. Oh yummy! Lovely pix looking good! Ho ho ho hoi wai aaaaaahhhh.

  21. oh my! Love the way you baked the chicken in whole! Look at the sauce, I bet this is yummy!

  22. Roast chicken is one of my absolute favourite food- this looks and sounds so incredibly delicious!

  23. Wow, your roasted chicken looks perfect. I bet it's delicious as well. I'm always intimidated by the huge turkey. I think a chicken is a good size especially for a small family like mine. :) Thanks for sharing.

  24. What a beautiful recipe and dish...just perfect for Thanksgiving!

  25. Veronica,

    We have already celebrated Thanksgiving over here in Canada, but my family never needs an excuse to eat good, satisfying, sinful food. I agree with your Mom about eating things in moderation. This is a very interesting recipe. I've never seen this combination of roasted chicken and goose liver sausage before. I don't eat much meat but I know my hubby and son would love this as they're fans of the goose liver sausage. Thank you to your mom for sharing another one of her lovely recipes.

  26. This roast chicken sure tastes better than Kenny Roger's. Finger licking good dish.

  27. Roasted chicken for thanksgiving. Sinfully yummy, but I like it a lot!

    Now I know where/how you inherit your cooking skill, quay po.

  28. Mouthwatering!Thanks for sharing the video on how to tie a chicken!

  29. i love how golden your roast chicken is. very tempting..killing me softly with your chicken ;)

  30. Looks divine! If I am cooking, I would do a chicken instead of turkey, I guess no more whole turkey for me, but I won't mind just turkey breast.

  31. Oh Veronica...every picture is mouthwatering..Really beautiful post!!!

  32. love the roasted chicken golden colour. Look so yummy.

  33. @AhTee, yummychunklet
    I agree that the color is enticing.

    I love foie gras too but the Chinese goose liver taste really good.

    I have seen the lemon pepper in Village grocers at one time but they are extremely expensive. I suggest you make your own. I will be posting the recipe soon.

    hahahha. yes you do. I know, wait for Melissa to come home first right?

    You can trust my mum's recommendation.

    I don't blame you:D

    Yes it is. Not to fast actually.

    @Small Kucing
    So are you going to ask mamarazie to roast this chicken for you?

  34. @ANU
    I have to tell you the sausage is out of this world tasty. If you can't get them, just us the Chinese pork liver sausage. That is more common.

    You can replace with Chinese pork liver sausage. It is easily avaiable.

    Yes MUST TRY indeed.

    Nevermind my dear, use the pork liver sausage if it is more easily available.

    Thanks Ray, It is always a delight to see your comment and I had a great weekend and weekend is here again. I wish you have a good one.

    No, please don't say that. I was not a cook too one year ago. Thanks so much for your add, I really appreciate your kindness. Hope to see you around often.

    @That Girl
    Yes they are aren't there?

  35. @anne
    Thanks. My mum do give good advice:D

    @Words of Deliciousness
    Thank you. Wish you were here to share a piece

    Thanks so much for your kind words.

    I think this by far the best roast chicken I ever had.

    hahaha hoi way meh? Come to KL, I roast this chicken for you.

    @Ah Tze
    You have to try this recipe, it is truly awesome.

    Thanks for dropping by and leave your comment, Much appreciated.

    Yes I agree chicken is definitely the right choice for a small family.

  36. @Magic of Spice
    Yes, I have to agree.

    Oh ya? Thanksgiving is not on the same day as US? You don't eat nevermind, roast this for your hubby and son. This is an order!! hehehe

    @Sheoh Yan
    Oh Kenny Roger's got no fight lah! hahaha

    Sadly I did ot inherit the cooking skill from my mum when I was younger. I only started to learn from her and my Quay Lo last July but I must say, I am doing pretty good for an amateur hehe "beh tahan" right?

    Oh you are welcome. I love that video. It is easier to see how one do it than just reading instruction.

    Oh I love that song, maybe when I serve my Quay Lo this roast chicken on Thanksgiving day and sing that song to him and say "Killing you softly with my chicken?" hehe

    @Little Corner of Mine
    Ya, me too, turkey breast is good enough. I am really not so keen on other parts of the turkey.

  37. @Sandra
    Thanks my dear.

    I am sure you do.

  38. Your mom sounds awesome and hilarious. I would definitely eat this ... and at my own risk for sure because I would gain at least 5 pounds from it. Worth it!!! : )


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