Friday, March 22, 2013


Recently, Nick made a musical video called “The Departure” introducing himself as a solo artist. A question that is often asked of him is “What inspires you?” People seem fascinated with the creative process. He answers “moments”.

Please click on picture to see the video

I agree with him. “Moments” inspire me too. First let me say what I mean by a "moment".  After all, a moment can be any part of any day by its purest definition. For this discussion I use the word to suggest something special that occurs in a short space of time, something that is memorable, and usually in a good way or at least a compelling way. I love to  reminisce about those good moments and, like many of us, I even conspire to try to make special moments. Anyone who has tried to do this will know that it isn't always successful and it seems that the very best and most memorable moments are ones that simply happen spontaneously. That doesn't stop us from trying though, does it? One "moment" that I decided to try to make was a surprise party that I threw for Nick on his 21st birthday...

 ....and the speech that I made that evening.

Good evening everyone. My hope is that this a happy occasion for all of you, and I hope you will enjoy the good food, drinks, and the fellowship of your freinds on this occassion. Having said that I have to confess feeling a small note of sadness. That is because we are here to acknowledge and celebrate our son's 21st birthday. Of course that is a happy occassion and it is our practice to celebrate these milestones. Still, I have to acknowledge a slight tinge of regret in me to see my son come into manhood. Mothers know that when their sons move into their adulthood, the little boy is left behind, only to be recalled in our memories. No one can stop time, least of all me. But I will always cherish each and every memory of Nick's life and look foward as it continues to unfold.

Nick, we want you to know that your Dad and I couldn't be more proud of you. Of course it hasn't been all even sailing. Life does not deal out only pleasant, happy moments, but we have had our share of those and more. You have achieved many accomplishments and they are a credit to yourself, your drive, and your creativity. And of course, to the fine parenting skills of your capable parents. Ahem!  So whatever lies ahead for you, we know you'll take to it with determination and you'll do well.

You know, the best 21st birthday present, in my mind, is to see your family and friends together and celebrating with you and I hope you're enjoying every bit of this moment.
The part of being a parent I value the most is the feeling of being comfortable together with you. There's no need to impress, exaggerate or get complicated. That means a lot to me and I value that ease we have together.
Nick, you've never asked for much or caused us a lot of anguish. You're a friend to anyone and everyone, and you've grown up to becomee someone that is a pleasure to be with. I love that about you.

So I would like, on behalf of us all here, to wish you joy and happiness. So everyone, please raise your glasses to our very special son. 

Ladies and Gentlemen: to Nick and Happy 21st Birthday!”

I did not cook or bake back then but if it were now, my gift for him will not be a party at a pub but one at home. And one dish I would cook for him for sure is this one that he loves.

Lemongrass prawns
Largely inspired by Chef Janny of Proud Janny Restaurant

1 tbs oil
20 pics medium prawns, deveined with shell on
3 stalks of lemon grass, finely cut
3 to 5 red chilli padi, finely cut
1 tsp minced garlic
salt to taste
1 cup of evaporated milk or coconut milk
10 pcs curry leaves
parsley for garnish

Heat oil in pan on high heat. Saute garlic till fragrant and add lemongrass, curry leaves and chilli padi till lemongrass is soft. Add in evaporated milk or coconut milk  and reduce heat to medium. Add in the prawns and let it cooked till the shells turn bright red. Scoop out the prawns on the serving plate and continue to let the sauce simmer to reduce to slightly thicker. Pour sauce over the prawns and serve immediately.


  1. Happy Birthday to the handsome and talented boy, Nick.

    The speech made by you, Veron is filled with lots of love. I guess that's what we always want to see in our children. God bless, Veron & family.

  2. Happy Birthday to Nick.

    He is sure a lucky boy to have a supportive mom like you :)

  3. My birthday is in 2 months time. That was when i was 21, im going to be turning 25. :( Time passes fast i tell ya. Thanks mom. Love you heaps.

  4. Such a handsome boy...and a great son. Too bad he's taken. Fixed the date yet? Come, quick! Quick! Invite me, and I'll fly over for the event!

  5. What a beautiful speech, Veron.. I, for one, is very "poor" at public speaking but give me a mic, music and lyrics, all fear is gone! :p
    Yes, you have a handsome guy there... all the Best to him!!

  6. Happy birthday to your boy, Nick. Quay Po, everything is well said from the bottom of the heart. Yeap, within any celebration from the family members, dine at home is the best thing. Don't you think?

  7. hi my friend, that was a wonderful speech. somehow reading this post had inspired me to create some special moments..hv been thinking about something and i think i will do that in the next 2 days..thanks for the inspiration, dear.

    Lmeongrass prawns..i also 'ngam'..:D

  8. Happy Birthday, Nick!

  9. Delicious prawn dish. Veron, Nick must make you so proud everyday with his achievements. :)

  10. That is such a lovely heartwarming speech. The prawns look so vibrant and delicious too.

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  12. Happy belated birthday wishes, Nick. Oh to be 21 again, knowing what I know now. Best wishes for the coming years. Sue


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