Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mothers will do anything for their children

Mothers will do anything for their children. They will always put them before themselves. They will sacrifice for them and ask nothing in return. Their children’s dream is their dream too. Now, my son, Nick’s band ROSEVELT is one of the top 5 bands competing to be the opening band for the famous rock band from USA, INCUBUS.  In order to get there, they need votes from people who has a facebook account and SMS votes from TUNETALK’s subscribers. TUNETALK is the organizer of the INCUBUS concert.  My only way to help them attain this dream is to appeal to family members and friends to vote for them.  Can I bribe those of you who have a facebook account to cast them a vote with these cookies? Please click on the picture below to go vote for them. I am sure Nick and his band mates will be very grateful to you because you can help them realise their dream with just one click. Thanks a Million!

Rosevelt came out as Rank No.1 for 1st round of voting on the top 10 bands. Now they are Rank No.2 on this round Top 5 bands voting. This time is very crucial that they get to be rank no.1 to receive 6 points and the other 4 points will come from INCUBUS. Voting close at 12 mid-night on 16th July 2011.

Linzer dough cookies

The first time I ever tasted tarts with a linzer dough crust is at the tart class in The Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia. Thanks to Chef Lejuenne for the introduction.  I have made cookies with this dough and it taste as awesome as the tarts.  They truly taste as good as they look!  This will be the second recipe from The Academy Pastry Arts of Malaysia I am sharing with you.  They are more to come so check back when you have the time.

500 g all purpose flour
334 g butter
250 g icing sugar
84 g almond powder
17 g cinnamon powder
2 g baking powder
2 g vanilla essense
25 g milk
37 g whole egg

Method for dough:
Combine all the dry ingredients and sift. Put sifted mixture into the mixer and add butter.  Mix at medium speed till sandy in texture. Add eggs and knead for 1 minute. Divide the dough in half and shape into two rectangles about 1/2 inch (1.5 cm) thick. Wrap the two rectangles of dough in plastic wrap and refrigerate until firm (at least one hour and up to several days).

Mehtod of making the cookies:
Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (177 degrees C) and place rack in center of oven. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper.

Remove one rectangle of dough from the refrigerator. On a lightly floured surface roll out the dough until it is about 1/4 inch (1 cm) thick. Using a 2 to 3 inch (5 to 7.5 cm) cookie cutter of any shape to cut out the dough. Place the cookies about 1 inch (2.54 cm) apart on the prepared baking sheet. Use a smaller cookie cutter (3/4 - 1 inch) (2.5 cm) to cut out the centers of half of the cookies on the baking sheet. Later you will be sandwiching two cookies together and there will be a small 'window ' in the top cookie to expose the jam underneath.

Reroll any scraps and cut out the cookies. Remove the other half of the dough from the refrigerator and roll and cut out the rest of the cookies. Bake the cookies for 12 - 14 minutes or until they are very lightly browned. Remove from oven and place on a wire rack to cool.
While the cookies are cooling place the raspberry jam in a small saucepan and heat gently until it has thickened slightly. Strain if there are any lumps in the jam. Let cool.

To Assemble Cookies: 
Place the cookies with the cut-outs on a wire rack and lightly dust the tops with the icing sugar.
On the bottom surface of the full cookie (top of cookie will face out) spread with about a 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon of jam.  Place the cut-out cookie on top and gently sandwich them together, making sure not to smug the confectioners' sugar.  Using a small spoon, fill the cut-out with a little more jam.
Note: You can store the unassembled cookies in the refrigerator for several days in an airtight container. It is best, though, to assemble the cookies the same day as serving in order to keep the cookies crisp.


  1. okok, sure will support..Oh, you are so creative, turned Linzer dough into cookies, look so good.

  2. Ahh..beautiful cookies!! =) you are a great mum!!!

  3. Done! Veronica, you owe me a cookie when I come visit Malaysia next year :)

  4. Pretty cookies, thanks for sharing this recipe, I want to try, looks very crispy:)

  5. mothers are true angels on earth :)

  6. Done! All the best to them..:)
    And, the cookies ,so beautiful!

  7. I LOVE linzer cookies...just something so special about them when you serve them.
    Congrats to your son for being a top contender.

  8. I must say... you're a HIP mom!

  9. I think it's wonderful how supportive you are.

  10. Hi Quay Po, I have always loved tarts, pineapple ones. Yours looks really good too....Love your presentation, and good photography.
    You are handy with camera too.

    Incidentally, I read your very interesting profile, your mom a Nyonya lady?
    I come from 5 generations of Nyonya families, though have my suspicions earlier ancestors include pirates, opium smokers, ha ha....

    I love your previous posting, that sotong dish. One of my favourites too. Would you mind if I copy the middle pic?
    I will display it bila I naik angin one day and blog about foods.

    Will credit you of course.
    No need sign lawyer's letter or contract....ha ha.
    Owe you a teh tarek lambong tinggi.
    Have a nice day, and keep a song in your heart.
    Best regards. If free drop by.

  11. A mother's love is truly the miracle in life!

    Voted for your son and I have to tell you, he is soooo talented! Love his songs and band..wish him luck!

    Your recipes and photography is beautiful too.... :D

  12. you are a great mum and your son has certainly done you proud by doing so well in the band competition. Only if my mum had been so encouraging and supportive like you when it comes to my endeavors and adventures. But she being asian conservative frowns than smiles more.

    your photography is very good! new flash or external lighting devices? I love the plants, tillandsias yeah? They look so herby aka rosemary like but can be reused over and over again!

  13. I hope that your son does really well. I have no Facebook account so sorry I cannot help!!
    Those cookies look very yummy. Diane

  14. @Diane, Thanks for the thought. I am glad you like my cookies.

    @Alan, I am very proud of all Nick's accomplishment, big or small. I really hope his band will be selected because I know this is his dream to open his favorite band's concert. Mums from an older generation usually are more stoic. A compliment comes from you on my photos means a lot to me because your photos is an inspiration to me to improve. I don't use any flash, just take my picture next to the French window with natural lights. The plant in the photo is aritificial and if I take good care of it, it will probably last longer than I...hehe

    @Food Dreams, Thanks a million for casting a vote for ROSEVELT. It means the world to Nick and his band mates. Thanks also for your kind words on my photo and recipe. This is so encouraging.

    @Uncle Lee, I am so sorry that my profile is misleading, I guess I should not use the word Strait. My mum is not a nyonya, she is Cantonese but she does cook some nyonya dishes. As regards to the pic, go ahead and download it and keep it until you naik angin, then cook the dish. No need sign contract, I have no money to pay the lawyer lah. Oh definitely will not reject a good offer of teh tarik, some more lombong tinggi must be very delicious. Will alway remember your advice to keep a song in my heart and will surely drop by to visit you. I always enjoy your stories and they never fail to put a smile on my face.

    @That Girl, I am sure all mothers are supportive of their children.

    @Nobel4lit, Aww, I would love to think so.

    @Rachel, Thanks and that was what my Quay Lo said about the linzer cookies too.

    @yummlittlecooks, Thanks a million for your vote. ROSEVELT is grateful for the support. Happy to know you like the cookies as well.

    @David, I have to agree with you 200% hehe

    @Min, do try, they are very yummy.

    @Reese, I don't just owe you a cookie, I owe you a meal! If you ever come to KL, I will cook you a meal. Many thanks for your vote, Rosevelt and I are very grateful for your support.

    @Coraine, Thanks, like all mothers, I am doing all I can to help and keep my fingers cross that Rosevelt is selected.

    @Sonia, Thanks a bunch for your support.

  15. I watched all the videos and his song was my favorite one. Big vote from me!

  16. saw the message in sonia's blog, must quickly come in and vote to support Rosevelt! ya, just voted in facebook! all the best to your son!

  17. @Veggie Girl, Thanks a bunch for voting for Rosevelt, Nick and his band mates will be very grateful to you.

    @lena, you are the best!! MUAX!! Thanks a million.

  18. I can't agree with you more and what lengths do mothers go to for the well-being of their children. Your cookies look great!

  19. @Chopin, Thanks for dropping by and leave your kind words.

  20. So true, I will do anything for my daughter. I just gave up my work for her.

    You must be such a proud mom, congrats to your son.

    PS> I just followed your blog.

  21. wow our son really can sing, just viewed his video and voted! Got discount to see the concert or not? lol! Just kidding!

  22. Veron, all the best to your boy! May god blessed him all the way to the top.
    Best wishes,

  23. @Mom Daughter Style, I am sure you would do anything for your daughter. Mother's love is unconditional. Oh yes, I am very proud of Nick:D

    @Jeannie, Thanks a million for voting for Rosevelt.

    @Kristy, Thanks for your well wis.h.

    @ALL, I want to let you know that my son's band ROSEVELT made it to rank No.1. They got 993 votes of which one came from you:D I want to thank you again for the support. Please know that it is greatly appreciated. They now stand a chance to let INCUBUS give them the balance of the 4 points and they will announce on 22nd the band that will open their concert for them. I will keep you all posted.

  24. mother's definitely will do anything for their kids. when they smile, we mirror their smiles. those cookies look scrumptious and very professionally done. i want some now! yums yums.


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