Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Steamroller Swiss Roll turned layered butter cake

I am sure most of us know that  the theme for this month’s Aspiring Bakers #9 calls for Swiss Rolls.  Well, as I have never made a swiss roll before and I wanted to join the fun. So the first thing I did was, goggled how to do it.  I was so thrilled to have found this wonderful video tutorial from and thought by following the instructions, I can make the swiss roll but I was “TOO” clever. Instead of using a sponge cake recipe, I used my own butter cake recipe because my Quay Lo is not a big fan of sponge cake. My swiss roll came out like as if being run over by a steamroller! LOL! So to salvage the cake and to used up the balance of the butter cream frosting from making the patriotic cup cakes for the 4th July, I turned my steamroller swiss roll into a layered raspberry jam butter cake with butter cream frosting. If I did not tell you that this cake was transformed from a failed swiss roll, would you know? 

For the butter cake recipe click the picture below.

Here is the video instruction on how to make a swiss roll. I am sure this is useful for those like me who have not made a swiss roll before and would like to try.

I have been rolling from blog to blog admiring and drooling over beautiful swiss rolls made by all my blogger friends. Due to that much rolling, now I get vertigo.  I hope when I attempt to make the swiss roll again with the sponge cake recipe, the result will be better and I will be in time to submit my entry to Aspiring Bakers #9 and join the party to enjoy the swiss rolling good times with the other fantastic and creative bakers. If you would like to see some examples of perfect and pretty swiss rolls, go check out my foodie friends' blogs, they are my inspiration!

1)  Green tea swiss roll - Sonia of Nasi Lemak Lover
2) Sakura roll cake - Alan of Travellingfoodies
3) Black sesame swiss roll - Lena of Frozen Wings
4) Rainbow swiss roll - Cathy of Cathy's Joy 

Now I am rolling off to go try again to make my swiss roll, Hopefully I will roll back soon with my version to share with you. Wish me LUCK!! LOL! Have a great weekend!


  1. Awww....Keep trying Veronica! I know you can do it. I have tried making swiss roll before. Let's just say your swiss roll looks way better than mine....hehe

  2. failed or not, your cake looks so awesome...yummy :)

  3. creative..even a failed swiss roll looks yummy! :)

  4. All the best of luck on your next try :). Your brain works real fast. Can transformed a failure into success and such a beautiful success too

  5. I think what you have made looks better than than a Swiss roll!! Have a good weekend.Diane

  6. Steam rolled or not, I bet your cake was still delicious. I haven't even tried rolling a cake yet. So, consider me impressed. :)

  7. The roll became layers but it looks really nice and I am sure it tastes just as delicious. You have just invented the swiss roll layer cake:)

  8. Used to make these years ago, but i must say your are spectacular; perfection.

  9. if you never tell that these are made from your swiss rolls, i dont think i know but i will be wondering how did you do that layering becos i think they look special! yes, special! who knows it might just be an inspiration here and i'm thinking of something here! see if i can make 'that' happen, i'll let you know! I actually find the deco in this swiss roll..oops whatever you call that beautiful and attractive!! oh yeah, thanks for listing me here, mine very simple swiss roll only lah but thanks anyway!!

  10. How yummy! I've been wanting to make a jelly roll for awhile. This looks great!

  11. I've never made a swiss roll before, but yours is beautiful!

  12. Regardless of your troubles the swiss roll looks delectable! You did a great job of salvaging it! I always wanted to make one.

  13. Veron, try 孟老师 master recipe, i quarantee it will not fail you..Thanks for the link up.

  14. Aiyo, you are so creative Veronica! If you didn't say it was a failed attempt of swiss roll, I couldn't have tell! In fact, it was so beautifully decorated! Fret not my friend, I'm sure you can produce good swiss rolls anytime! :)

  15. I like the colours you used as well!! Nice twist to the classic!

  16. Jiayou... jiayou... I am sure you can do it ^_^

  17. I wouldn't be too disappointed in that at all .... that is so clever to turn something negative into a super positive! And so pretty!

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  19. @Majid

    Thanks. I had so many baking failures, some can be turn around, some can't. In this case it can:D

    I am trying but still have not succeeded.

    Nice patriotic color for 4th July.

    @Passionate about baking
    Thanks for being so encouraging. I may not be in time to join the fun of the aspire bakers but I know I will get it someday if I don't give up trying.

    You are most welcome. Thanks for the tips:D

    I am still trying... hehe

    @That Girl, @yummychunklet,@ Rita, @Kathy, @Diane, @Deliah's Deli, @David, @Reese
    Thanks, you guys are so kind to say that. I will try and try till I get it right:D

    you might think you swiss roll is simple but simple is good my dear. I got those layers when I tried to roll up the cake and they fall apart... hehe

    haha, I would to think I have invented something.

    @Barefeet in the kitchen
    Try it someday:D

  20. I wouldn't know and I wouldn't care because it looks delicious AND pretty!

  21. Veronica, if you didn't say anything, i would never had known that was a failed attempt at a swiss roll cake. what a great save indeed. i think your cake actually turned out beautiful. i love the colours you used. looks so yummy. oh now you have me craving raspberry cake. haha.

  22. @Shelby
    Thanks so much for your encouragement.

    Yes, I love the color too... it is the US flag color. Of course I love it because it is Quay Lo's country color! hehe.


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