Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Quay Po's meat is Quay Lo's poison

I have not had this dish for umpteen years! How did that happen? This is one of my favorite dishes. Aah, I know, out of sight, out of mind.  My Quay Lo does not quite like “Sotong”, he said it is like eating rubber. LOL!  There are so many Chinese dishes that mum and I like that my Quay Lo will not touch.  To name a few, sea cucumber, chicken feet and pig’s ears.  I agree with him that these things have not much taste on its own but when it is properly cooked with nice ingredients and spices, they taste awesome. I am sure many Asian friends will agree. I told him what we love is the texture, which is exactly what he hates. I can understand that because we are different, we came from different heredity. I will not try to convince my Quay Lo to like what I like to eat because one man's meat is another man's poison. 

Kung Pao Sotong (Cuttlefish)

20 dried chillies, soak till soft
3 cloves chopped garlic
500g sotong (cuttlefish), cut
2 tbs light soy sauce
1 tbs oyster sauce
1 tbs dark soy sauce
1 tsp sesame oil
1 tbs chilie sauce
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp corn flour, mixed with 2 tbs water
2 tbs cooking oil
½ cup toasted cashew nut

Toast cashew nuts and set aside. Wash and cut cuttlefish. Heat wok, add oil, stir fry dried chillies at low heat till turn to dark color and fragrant. Add in garlic, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, oyster sauce, chilli sauces, sugar and sesame oil, stir till mix well. Add in sotong (cuttlefish) and stir fry over high heat till sotong (cuttle fish curled up). Add in the corn flour mixture, when it’s thicken, add cashew nut and mix well. Dish up and serve. 

Note: You may want to add, capsicum and green onions, I did not use them because I am out of it and I am lazy to drive out to buy. Sorry:D


  1. I loves cuttlefish. I might like to try this too. Hope it is not to spicy by the amount of 20 dried chillies in it!!

  2. Yummy, my favorite :) Nice picture and delicious sotong.

  3. I love sotong very much and yours certainly looks very appealing to me but they are very high in cholestral so I try not to eat them too often now that age is catching up:P

  4. Interesting, I would love to try this. Other than peanut butter that I am not fond of I can eat anything!! Diane

  5. oh my goodness! I am 100% with Quay Lo on this matter. The texture of those foods would simply not work for me. I can't even imagine. I'm glad that you love them though! I have the best time reading your blog and seeing how different some of the foods are in our very different parts of the world.

  6. Oh my..this dish brings back memories. Have not had it for years. Salivating just looking at your beautiful photos.

  7. First of all, lol at the title, dear! I must agree with you, you cannot/should not convince someone else to like what you like to eat. Gary and I have agreed on that a long long time ago. Teehee.
    This dish looks yummy, beautifully plated as well. Cuttlefish does have a strange texture to it. I don't blame your Quay Lo for disliking the the texture.

  8. Never heard of this; but it sure looks good.

  9. Reading all of the above, I think we can say it is one of those foods that people either love or hate. About the only way that I find I like it is as "calamari" other words, deep fried. But then I thought, wait a sec...why take a product that is already high in cholestrol, and make it worse by deep frying it. Just so I can tolerate it? No thanks, definitely doesn't compute. That is why this world is so wonderful - vive la difference!

  10. My hubby is the same. He will run so far away if he sees me eat chicken feet, durian, sardine ha ha..I miss eating this type of sotong especially cooking it in sambal. We can't get it here. All we have is the white sotong.

  11. Looks delicious! I have never heard of this dish before, but surely would love to try this!:) Thank you so much for sharing!

  12. Bananaz loves cuttlefish ok not that rubbery. Chicken feet sounds great but not pig's ears are quite crunchy. Guess your Quay Lo will not touch pig's blood. Got an Aussie buddy who would not take ox-tail soup. You always have nice snap shots for your entry.

  13. My husband is far more adventurous than I am. I draw the line at feet, he does not.

  14. Ha ha... totally understand! I get similar reactions whenever durian comes up. I mean, I don't LOVE the stuff, but I will eat it and think it's pretty good. Most people would run the other way.

  15. The rich colour of the sotong makes the dish look very delicious. I'm drooling looking at your pictures.

  16. Usually I don't like this type except for the sotong kangkong... I prefer the white one for cooking...but yours looks heavenly! Yum!

  17. ha ha ha, taste like chewing gum....can add vanilla or strawberry flavours liao! lol!

    I love sotong cooked this way, with cashew!

  18. Hi! I definitely gonna give this dish a try, it looks so great! Salivating...

  19. I love cuttlefish. I just cook it simply, sambal style.

    Those sure look yummy. *drool*

  20. Looks so delicious!

  21. @yummychunklet, for me, this is very delicious, more so when I have not had this for so long.

    @lina, I love sambal sotong also.

    @Alice, there so many ways to cook sotong but this is one of my favorite.

    @Pete, haha, maybe can make popular adding vanilla or strawberry?

    @suituapui, I like the white one deep fried.

    @Zoe, stop drooling, go get some and cook it:D

    @Nobel4lit, you are right, luckily, my Quay Lo only don't touch the dish and did not run the other way...hehe

    @That Girl, your hubby is good to be adventurous at food, I am sure he enjoys more food than those who are not.

    @Bananaz, No way, my Quay Lo will take pig's blood, I used to take that but after I am married to him, I stopped taking it otherwise he would regret marrying a dracula! haha

    @tanja, I am happy to know that you will try this. You are very adventurous.

    @ICook4Fun, I can appreciate how you miss those food especially when you can't get them.

    @Three-Cookies, I love using a lot of dark soy sauce when cooking kung pao:D

    @Darling, you miss some wonderful food.

    @Rita, taste good too.

    @Small Kucing, memang sedap:D

    @LeQuan, right, save my breath to eat more. LOL!

    @Charmaine, isn't amazing how food always brings back memories.

    @barefeet in the kitchen, same here, enjoyed each time at your blog when I visit.

    @Diane, Can you get this type of cuttlefish at your place?

    @Amelia De-ssert, Thanks for the compliment.

    @Jeannie, Totally agree with you that they are sinful. You are right, when we age, we got to be mindful of the amount of certain food we eat.

    @Mel, you can adjust the amount of dried chilli to your own taste. I love it to be explosive spicy. LOL!

  22. yeah, chicken feet and pig/chicken intestines, i think many people will stay away from them especially the westerners. YOur kung pao sotong reminds me of the kung pao tin kai "frog" which i also like. yes, and frogs too, i guess many will also run away from eating frogs !

  23. @lena, I don't eat frogs, I have tried once but did not like it. I love chicken intestines especially those at one Hainanese Chicken rice shop in Ipoh. They are no more there now. Hard to get nice chicken intestines in KL.


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