Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My son's dream is realized but I am still dreaming

Everyone has a dream. My dream is to become a dancer but looks like this will remain a dream only. During my time as a teenager, my parents will never support this passion I have, especially my Dad.  He was very old school, no way he would support his daughter to become a dancer. In his mind, it is not a professional job, professional jobs are doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. Teenagers now are luckier bunch, most parents are very supportive in their endeavors and adventures, don't you think so?

I love all kinds of dances from folk dance, social dance, ballroom, line dance, latin, hip hop, and even belly dancing. What about hip hop? Can I really do it at my age? Why not? Of course there are some acts that I should not try so as not to break my old bones but the answer is yes, I can do it. Same for belly dancing, the right isolating technique must be applied, if not, I may be isolating my bump from my boops permanently! So far so good, they are intact. LOL!

About 5 years ago, I attended a 2-days tribal belly dancing workshop conducted by the famous Sharon Kihara from USA. She is very beautiful, friendly and un-pretentious. I enjoyed her classes very much. At the end of the workshop, we got to see her perform live. Her dance moves are very sensuous. The control she had over her movement is unbelievable. Watch this video and you will understand what I am talking about. Even if you do not care about belly dancing, give this video clip a chance, you might discover a new genre of music that you might like. Of all the belly dancing music I have, I love this one the most. It sounds very mysterious and captivating.
After the course we were presented with a certificate of attendance. Here is a photo of Sharon and I. It was taken after she presented the Ceritificate of Attendance to me. This photo is not very clear because it was taken by my old mobile phone.... yes, silly me forgot to bring my camera on the last day. I value this picture taken with her because she is my belly dancing idol. Did you notice the tatoo on Sharon's hands and body? They are just artistically, knock-out beautiful! I won't dare to put a tattoo on my body because I am a "chicken"! I don't like the sound of the needle and I don't think I can stand the pain. I admire nice tatoo though. LOL!

When I was into belly dancing I was crazy over all the sexy and attractive glittering outfit and accessories. I have a whole wardrobe of outfits and accessories that I have not worn for three years now. Here are a few of my favorite sets. Aren't they beautiful?
The last time I performed a belly dance was at my high school classmate, Soo Har's wedding lunch. We had so much fun and my other classmates who were there enjoyed the brief choreography I had put together for her.

Dancing will always be a passion of mine. I feel peaceful, free and happy while nothing seems to bother me when I dance. I have not danced for a long time but I would love to start dancing again. Maybe someday, I will put on all the glittering outfits and accessories and dance again, "like no one is watching"!

I better stop dreaming and get back to food. Since I am talking about passion, I have this passionate recipe to share with you. It is something nice to go for if you feel hot and sweaty. Absolutely appropriate to have on crazy hot weathers like now. This is to be served cold so it is very refreshing. This makes a very impressive dessert to serve to your guests too and it taste delicious.

Lemon curd mousse with dragon fruit

Lemon curd
1 cup whipped cream 1/4 cup sugar 1 1/2 cups lemon curd
1 dragon fruit, cut into bite size.

First prepare the lemon curd. Click here or on the photo to go to the recipe.
When the lemon curd is done, put aside. Put whipped cream in the mixing bowl and whisk until you see “soft peak”. Fold cream into the curd gradually. Gently fold it until well mixed. Spoon into your favorite glass ware, layering dragon fruit with mousse and have pieces of dragon fruit on top layer. This can be served right away, or refrigerated for up to 8 hours. Make sure to cover with cling wrap before putting in the fridge. As in mousse or most creamy puddings, the cling wrap should be touching the fruits and lemon curd evenly across the entire surface so as to avoid air exposure and any unwanted oxidation or formation of a "skin" on top. Serve very chilled.


  1. Wow, she is an amazing dancer! Way to go for even taking the class. I can only imagine how funny I would look in that attempt. This mousse looks delicious and just right for a summer night. Thanks!

  2. Every one has a dream..... belly dancing sounds like great fun. I would love to be a vet but I am long past qualifying now, the brain does not remember like it used to. :-) Diane

  3. Amazing!!! (the dance and the dessert!!) I'm a big fan of dance as well- doing zumba at the moment and loving it!!

    With all the dance, these little mousse is perfect for providing the sugar lost!

  4. Wow...you have shared with us the most amazing thing about you...belly dancing !!! and you looked sexy in that attire :p, bet quay lo's heart beats faster each time you do the belling dancing for him..eh LOL! thanks for the video too and yea parents are very supportive of their kids endeavours. So happy for your son..he will be famous soon and I am sure you have a part to play in helping him achieve his dreams :) who knows one day you will also achieve your dream....but for now we are happy with your food...love that lemon curd mousse..yumm yumm

    Have a nice day,

  5. I have always admired the moves of belly dancers especially the way they shake their booties so effortlessly! I joined a free session once and found it to be very difficult! You do have a very beautiful collection of costumes!

  6. I always admire belly dancers. Lemon curd mousse with passion fruit looks delicious.

  7. Mom. You are a great dancer. And i love you.

  8. Go on. Get back to dancing while you still have the energy. There is no time like now.

  9. Wow...you are amazing Veron...:) I like dancing very much but never had a proper lesson..;p I still remember I followed my parents to their ballroom dance lessons long time ago, I just love to see people dance.
    Oh talking about tattoo...I had mine last 3 months...hehe...I love the art and admire nice tattoo like you...:)

  10. Go, go Dancer Quay Po! And, the lemon curd looks delicious.

  11. I'm lucky enough that my parents supported all my endeavors, and yet I'm still not a famous actress!

  12. Geng!
    I do hope to learn belly dancing one day. My hubby will be laughing at me like nobody's business. LOL.
    BTW, is that a dragonfruit in the picture instead of passionfruit

  13. Oh yes, these two things - lemon curd and dragonfruit go together well like belly dancing and your passion for it. I did belly-dancing as a form of exercise and you're right, the isolation of the belly and hips is really hard to master! Never stop dreaming, for it keeps you constantly young ;-).

  14. Never stop dreaming. The lemon curd mousse looks fantastic with the dragon fruit. Must be so refreshing!

  15. @Mike, yes I am still... hehe

    @Foodiva, for sure I will keep dreaming to stay young:D

    @Wendy, you hubby will not laugh at you if you bellydance for him, he will be amazed, trust me:D Oh and thank you so much pointing out my mistake, I am writing about my passion so much that I even call the dragon fruit as passion fruit hehehe... I have corrected it already. A teacher is a teacher, every so sharp to spot mistake but I really appreciate you telling me. HUGS

    @That Girl, you are blessed to have parents who are supportive my dear. If you are happy with you life now, is fame that important?

    @yummychunklet, thanks for being so supportive and encouraging.

    @Reese, good for you to be so brave to do the tatoo! You must show me the next time I see you. Me, I love see people dance too especially ballroom. My parents are great ballroom dancers.

    @1-2 Punch, which one, the lemon curd or Me? hehe

    @Small Kucing, Yes, I think you are right.

    @Nick, It means a lot to me for you to say that, I love you too, VERY MUCH!!

    @Swathi, Me too, admire all of them, it is really a wonderful form of art. Sorry, I named my fruit wrongly, it is dragon fruit. Thanks to Wendy to alert me on that.

    @Jeannie, It is very hard in the beginning to get the isolation but if you give a chance, you will get it slowly and then you will be addicted it.

    @Elin, thanks, never say never right?

    @daphne, I LOVE the zumba too, it is such a sexy dance.

    @Diane, no, you are more than qualified.

    @Barefoot in the kitchen, ya, we all look funny when we first learn the bellydance and I can remember we laugh a lot at the beginning. It take time to get those moves right.

  16. What a lovely passion! And I can see this hot looking mama looking faboulous in lovely belly dancing outfits!! Wah...

    Although the dessert looks great, your passion and dream takes the cake on this one! :D

  17. I love belly dancing! No, not to dance but to look. =P It's one of the beautiful dance and it's so cool you can do that. I think I can't get on the rhythm at all...lol. Your mousse is really lovely and the picture is beautiful!

  18. This is such a beautiful fresh dessert!

    How lovely you look as a dancer! I know I would be doing something different if my parents would of supported me or pushed me when I was younger. Things are a lot different now.

    I love lemon curd and make it a lot when my lemon tree is full...usually in December. It seems such a summery flavor, but I guess in Florida summery weather can last all year. I have yet to try dragon fruit, it's hard to find around here, but I will some day!

  19. @Food Dreams, hahaha I wonder how I look in those bellydance outfit when I turn 60!

    @Nami, You will be surprise when you get into the act, you will somehow know how to follow the rhythm. If I am staying near you, I will surely convince you to try.

    @Lyndsey, Thanks for your compliment on the dessert. Wow you have lemon tree in your garden? That's nice. Here is Malaysia too, Summer forever hehe. Now that you mentioned that dragon fruit is hard to find in Florida, I remember I have not seen any in California too when I was there.

  20. Keep dreaming. You look fabulous in this dancing costume.

    I can never think of combining dragonfruit and lemon curd to make this lovely dessert...This is a great idea!

  21. Veron, I think the lemon curd & dragonfruit treat sounds as delicious as you are! :o) My dream is be a dance instructor but will never come true, due to budget. I've 3 younger brothers. I have learned so many things when I was younger....aerobic, tae-kwan-do martial art, modelling & ballroom. I'm glad at least I've attended all those activities. Have no regret at all.

  22. oh wow! belly dancing!?!? you never fail to enthrall and surprise us with your numerous talents, Veronica!

  23. yes, i'm sure you can do hip hop dancing and i like your confidence here!I enjoy dancing too but not a dancer, just for fun! This is another nice dessert after ' quay po's delight". I've made your lemon curd again the 2nd time just few days ago for my swiss roll, yum! and also your sweet potatoes donuts, double yum! just posted up the donuts this morning, hv linked it back to yours!

  24. @Lena, Went to check out your posts on the sweet potato donuts. Good job!! I am very proud of you and thanks for the mention.

    @Alan, hehe, I am Jack of all trades, Master of none!

    @Kristy, I appreciate what you said. Let us both keep dreaming!

    @Zoe, Thanks. I think anyone wears those lovely glittering costumes will look nice in them.

  25. oh i think belly dancing is super sensual! the pros always make it look so easy and then when you actually go to try it...looks so funny. well, on me at least. lol. Gary and i used to take salsa dancing before the kiddies. that was so much fun! dancing is really a great form of exercise too. big kudos to you for never giving up your dream, Veronica. keep dancing till your heart's content! you go girl!

  26. @LeQuan
    Gary and you can start dancing again. It is really a very good form of exercise and it is a good recreation for couples.


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