Monday, March 21, 2011

A blog post for a good friend, Kimberly of Kimba's Kitchen

Kimberly of Kimba’s Kitchen is no stranger to many of you. She has a lovely blog with lots of delicious recipes and "eye candy" photos.  Whenever I want to treat my eyes to a feast, her blog is one that I will go to. 

Kimberly is the first blogger friend to invite me to do a guest post for her. I feel so honored.  Thanks Kim for the invite, the friendship and your continuous support. You and all my blogger friends and the silent readers who come visit me often and leave kind words are the reason why Quay Po Cooks is still alive and kicking! HUGS!!

This is the recipe I submitted for the guest post and if you are interested to try this hearty tasty soup rice, please click on the photo and it will bring you to Kim’s blog and the recipe is there. 

1 whole fish bone from a medium size "Senangin" fish
½ cup milk
Enough water to cover the fish bones and 1 in over
Bullion fish stock to taste (1 – 2 cubes)
2 tsp Chinese cooking wine
1/4 cup dried scallops (washed, soaked in warm water for 15 mins)
2 pcs dried shitake mushroom (washed, soaked in warm water for 15 mins)
½ cup chopped cilantro
½ cup chopped spring onions
1 inch spring ginger, thinly sliced
1 tsp white pepper corn (pound slightly)
2 cups of cooked soft white rice
1 tbs cooking oil
Salt to taste

Wash and soak dried scallops and warm water in 2 separate bowls in warm water for 15 mins. Squeeze dry the mushrooms, slice them thinly and set aside. In a deep soup pot (pot A), add oil and sauté ginger until fragrant. Add sliced mushroom and stirfry for 1 min. Set aside.
Fry the fish bones in a wok till golden brown, drain oil and set aside.
In another soup pot (pot B), add fried fish bones, water, fish stock, white pepper corns and bring to boil. Lower heat to low and let simmer for 1 hour.  Sieve the soup into pot A.  Add cooked white rice and scallop together with its water and bring to boil. Lower heat and let simmer for 20 mins or till scallop is soft. Add milk and Chinese cooking wine and simmer for another 5 mins. Lastly, add salt to taste. Mix well. Garnish with cilantro and spring onions and serve hot.


  1. That's gorgeous. I'm heading over there to read it, and to put Kimba's Kitchen on my reader, because your blog is one of those I go to for beautiful food pics, so I trust you to know where to find them. :-)

  2. mmmmmmmmmmm that makes my mouth water;)

  3. Such an enticing photo, Veronica. How could I not head over there right now? Hope you had a lovely weekend. Did you receive my email by the way?

  4. The photo looks great! Can't wait to try the recipe!

  5. Look really nice, love the pictures too! gloria

  6. looks delicious. A humble dish yet wholesome and filled with nutritious ingredients :)

  7. Legs and hands up to support your comment on Kim's blog. However, not forgetting you have a fabulous blog and recipes that not to miss too ! :-P

  8. lovely! would love to try this later on! :)

    little miss fhenny

  9. Very nice photo. I will visit Kimberly's blog. She seems like a lovely person and hope to be-friend her thru blogging.

  10. Serene: Thanks for the compliment and I am glad you follow Kim's blog now. I know you will enjoy her posts.

    David, LeQuan, Gloria, Jean, Yin: Thanks and Hugs.

    yummychunklet: Thanks and do let me know how you like it.

    fhen: Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting and take time to leave your comment. Hope to see you around often.

    Zoe: Thanks for your compliment on the photo. So good to know you now follow Kim's blog. Oh yes, she is a very nice lady and I know you will enjoy her posts.

  11. That sounds a good recipe. That'll fit this lenten season.

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  12. Hearty and nourishing! Yummy for these few rainy days :) Hopping over to check out Kimba's Kitchen ;)

  13. BuyWoWAccounts: Thanks for dropping by and your kind comment. Hope to see you again.

    Min: Yes this is so timely for the rainy season:D Enjoy yourself at Kim's blog.

  14. Congratulations on your first guest post! Your recipe has me intrigued - it sounds delicious, light, and very satisfying. Love the beautiful photo!

  15. Karen: Thanks for encouraging words. I am glad you like the recipe and the photo.

  16. We've named you for the Stylish Blogger award. Enjoy!!

  17. Crafty Cat: Many thanks for thinking of me for they Stylish Blogger Award. You are so sweet. I am still trying to figure out how to display the awards on a page of its own.


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