Monday, March 7, 2011

Women can talk all night long!

These were the gifts from my cheerful blogger friends.  Many thanks for the thoughtful gifts and an enjoyable day! 

Last Saturday I invited my blogger friends to my house for lunch and I started cooking and baking on Friday afternoon. Those who came were Swee San of The Sweet Spot Reese of Reese Kitchen and she brought with her a basket of fruits, Sonia of Nasi Lemak Lovers, she gave me the dried blue flowers which can be used to make a kind of nyonya kueh.  Not forgetting Pei-Lin of Dodol Mochi came with two big bags of her HUGE American Chocolate Chips cookies.   Do check their blogs out for they have lots of yummy recipes and eye candy food photos! 

Sonia and her kids were the first to arrive. As her kids need to go for tuition, they got to have lunch first without the others. However, I am glad to meet her kids and we had a nice visit. Her eldest son seemed to love my garlic butter mushrooms.  Next came Reese and her cutie daughter Cheryl. While Reese and I visited, Cheryl entertained herself playing games on my iPAD. She is a great kid. Oh, Reese and Cheryl love my lemon curd mousse. Finally, we had Swee San and Pei-Lin and they managed to catch up with Reese for a short while before she had to leave to send Cheryl to her swimming class. These are what mothers do when their kids are young. They always put their kids' interest before their own.

So left the three of us, Swee San, Pei-Lin and me.  Swee San said she likes the grilled vegetables and Pei-Lin, what did you say you like?  LOL! We ate and chat the whole afternoon till late night. Yes, it is not a typo, "till late night". You must be wondering what is there to talk about when we just met not long ago and hardly know each right? I was surprised too because our age different is huge. Both these lovely ladies can be my daughters but we seem to have the same wave length. Well, we touched on many subjects and one is about "FEAR" particularly, "Fear of gossip".  I remembered I read a book about human's eight basic fears and how they ruin our life.  If we can overcome those fears, we will be a much happier person.  I can proudly say that "Fear of gossip" is one that I have overcame long time ago.  To me, the best way to deal with it is to ignore it and let it die a naturally death.  There are many other subjects we touch on and time flies when our mouths are moving. LOL! We did not realised that it was 11pm until Swee San said “Oh, we better go.”  Can you believe that? No wonder men say women can talk all night long. I agree with them.  We can share almost everything with our girlfriends. We get comfort out of talking and usually female are better listening than male, do you agree with me?   I have many girlfriends who are dear friends to me. I have those who share my passion of dancing and eating. Another group are my classmates from kindergarden to high school. We meet and catch up always and now I made a new group of friends from the food blogging community who I can learn a lot from about cooking, baking and food photography. Best of all, I get to meet the local bloggers in person.  Isn't blogging amazing? If possible, I would love to meet in person with all of you someday. Are you now curious what we had for lunch? There you go!

The Menu for the lunch:

Garlic Butter Mushroom (click to get the recipe)

Cold Frittata (click to get the recipe and just put in the fridge for 24 hours before serving). You can be creative with the ingredients.

Grilled vegetables (click to get the recipe)

Roasted pumpkin with rosemary & thyme 
Mango Shrimp cocktail 
Herb pork sausage in spicy tomato sauce 
Lemon Curb mousse 
Unfortunately I have no time to take photos or write out the recipes for above but I promise it will be up soon.

Carrot Cake (Click to get the recipe)


  1. What great gifts and amazing looking food! Yum!

  2. I know right, it became 11pm so quick!!! Thanks for hosting us :) you guys come come after my new house is ready hehehe (but 6 months from now lol)

  3. What a lovely lunch! Your presentation is excellent. I would be proud to serve such a lunch.

  4. Oh my...11pm!! I wish I can stay that long...;p Next time I'll just let my aunt take care of Cheryl if I go visit...haha! Thank you so much for hosting, and thanks alot for the iPad that accompanied Cheryl..^^

  5. Re Gossip:

    Those who care, don't matter; those who matter don't care.

    what a lovely way to spend a day (and a night) :-)

  6. Blogging is amazing...and it is so wonderful to finally meet our "virtual friends!" I wish I could have come over and shared your lovely meal. Everything sounds AMAZING. Thank you for sharing! I hope you have a happy week. Your posts bring me joy...thank you for being you!

  7. Veronica, I totally agree that women are better listeners (and talkers haha). I actually find it much fun talking to people whom you've just met because you have so much to learn about them. Sounds lime you ladies had a great time with some delicious food as well. I wished I could meet all of my blogger friends, if only money didn't matter I'd be flying all over the world. Oh well, just have to wait till I win the lottery :-D. Hope you and Gary had a wonderful weekend!

  8. I agree. A few good girlfriends + good food! The night is still young!

  9. Veron, thank you for hosting us over at your place and for the good food, too! We seriously had a talking marathon! LOL! Hmmm ... I think I love all your food, especially crusty bread smeared with your grilled veggies. Btw, my bro loved your carrot cake too! =)

    Looking forward to having Stitch finally get to eat his share of the cookies.

  10. Awwww.. I wished I was there!!!
    I missed you gals so so much.

    Next time, my house! It'll be ready by hook or by crook before I deliver. But it's so so far away.

  11. i wish i could stay till 11pm too, so i can continue drink the expresso and enjoy your nice carrot cake, hehehe..Thanks for hosting this lunch, appreciate much. Hope to see you soon. Ya, dont worry about the mistake you done in the otak recipe, your otak-otak was too great.

  12. Diane, David, yummychunklet: So nice of you guys to visit me often, I really appreciate it.

    Swee San: We will definitely be there when good food to eat wor! My stomach growling even thinking about your delicious food. LOL!

    Angela: Thanks for your compliment and your kind words are very encouraging.

    Wendy: No worries, far far also, we come. Your food so awesome, how not to?

    Reese: You are very welcome my dear. I have a very enjoyable day. Oh no need to leave Cheryl with you Aunt, just ask Sonia to bring Desmond the next time. When they are tired, they can always sleep on mu couch:D

    Rudi: I can't agree with you more.

    Monet: It i always a delight to see you and I just love how you write.

    LeQuan: Do you want 4 digits from me? hahaha I know exactly what you are talking about. How we wish we are so rich that we can go all over the world and visit our friends. I wish you and Gary have a wonderful week too.

    tigerfish: Absolutely!

    Pei-Lin: You are most welcome. It was a wonderful day spent with you all. You bet, Stitch will definitely get his share of your cookies.

    Sonia: Like I say, the next gathering we will fix on a day when all of us have no other commitment, then we can talk till we drop! hehe

  13. Looks like u had heaps of fun! that sounds fab! Good food and friends! Great combination! Generous of u to host it.

  14. Thanks daphne and yes, we had a good meet. Life cannot better:D

  15. Looks like you had a fun filled day. awesome creations.

  16. All look so delicious. I would be busy eating rather than talking :p

    Your gathering sounds like lots of nice of you to host this.

  17. Swathi: It is indeed:D

    Zoe: It was worth all the effort cooking and baking for my friends when I see them enjoy themselves:D We all can multi-task. Eat, chat and laugh at the same time. LOL!

  18. All looks incredibly delicious! The ladies are lucky to have been fed such a fantastic lunch. I especially love those mushrooms and can't wait for the recipe. :-)

  19. beautiful photos! The garlic butter mushrooms look sooo good! Thanks so much for your nice comment :)

  20. Karen: thanks for your comment. You can get the recioe of the mushrooms kicking on the photo.

    Aqua: you are welcome. Very nice of you to visit me. Hope to see you around often.

  21. How cool is that! And the girls got to enjoy all your home cook meal. I so want to visit you too! haha... I'm sure you all had a great time. 'Gossips'! I did axactly what you do and life is wonderful. :o) Hope you're enjoying your weekend.
    Blessings, Kristy

  22. Kristy: The next time I have a gathering, I will send you my invitation. It will be great to meet you in person. You too have great weekend.

  23. Hi Quay PO...first time leave my words....i'm very interesting for yr carrot cake, but yr recipe's CUP is how many G OR ML? sorry i always using G or ML, hehe....thanks for sharing a good food and cake, Yummy2!!

  24. Joelyn: 3/4 cup ganulated sugar = 150gm, 2 cups seived flour = 256gm, 3/4 brown sugar = 165gm, 1/2 cup walnuts = 99gms, same for the raisins. 1 1/2 cup oil = 270ml, 3 cups shredded carrots = 384gm. You might wonder why the calculation does not tally, don't because 1 cup equivalent to gm for each ingredient is different. Hope this help. Let me know if you have anymore questions. Happy to help and happy baking and enjoy the cake!

  25. Hi dear,You so kind and very fast reply...muack2...And thanks for yr recipe..:)

  26. Joelyn: You are most welcome my dear. There is no water in my house from last night till now so cannot cook. I am off to take my shower in my son's place and hope can get water by tomorrow. MUACK2 back:D Talk to you again soon.

  27. I clicked over from Sonia's blog! Mmm the frittata has to be my favourite :) Amazing arrays of dishes!

  28. Min: The frittata is fun dish to do. It is so easy and you can apply all your creativity juice. It is like a blank cheque. Looking forward to see a post on your version of frittata:D

  29. Hi again...i forgot to ask for the Cream- Cheese Frosting with sour cream!

    2/3 cup icing sugar= g

    18ounce cream cheese=g

    1/2cup sour cream=g

    i plan to make it today ...
    haha..Cos never try it before, wanna try and know how the taste...

    Thanks again.have a nice days!

  30. My dear Joelyn, happy that you are making the carrot cake today.

    2/3 cup icing sugar = 83.33 gms
    8 oz cream cheese = 226.8gms
    1/2 cup sour cream = 115 gms.

    Very Important:

    1) Make sure you squeeze out the carrot juice till the shredded carrots are just slightly moist to the touch.

    2) Must sieve the icing sugar and put in 1 teaspoon at a time to get a nice smooth texture for the frosting. Keep the frosting in the fridge while waiting for cake to cool.

    3) Apply frosting to the cake only when it is completely cool.

    Enjoy!! and look forward to see your post on you bake. HUGS!!

  31. dear,Noted!and thanks for your FAST reply:)


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