Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I give you wings and sky is your limit!

I believe that we do not let anyone tell us what we can’t do but do what we believe we can.  That is exactly what my son does. When he wanted to take a course in performing arts, many thought that it is not a good course to do because this is not a professional course and being an artists in our country means being financially unstable.  Many Asian parents are reluctant to support their kids to pursue the course and in their mind, it is a way to protect them from leading a hard life. I have to confess I was a bit worried too but my Quaylo said, we should support him.  He thinks that one can only excel and be happy doing what one is passionate about.  He said money is necessary but it is not everything. I agree with my Quaylo. We always tell Nick we do not wish for him to be rich or famous, our only wish is to see him happy and earn an honest living doing what he loves.  Unlike, his college mates,  Nick did not pursue his degree in performing arts overseas after he graduated from college.  He decided to make a name for himself in the music scene here in his own country. He started out as a Singer Songwriter and an actor. He acted in AIR CON, A Cameronian Award winning play written by Shannon Shah and directed y Jo Kukathas. He was selected for the lead role in a local controversial movie called "GADOH".  The soundtrack that he composed for a play called "THREE" was nominated for the Cameronian Award. He was also the youngest Music Director for the play "KAKI BLUE". Nick used to perform alone with his guitar and later collaborated with a violonist, Savy Ho and formed an acoustic band called The Snow Symphony.  

Together they performed at various places like The Apartment, Laundry Bar, Groove Junction, Cloth and Clef and many other places. By combining this two individuals, you get sounds of hard guitar strumming melancholic violin lines.  Here is an example of what it is.  If you are interested to listen to more of their songs, just click on the photo above. After Nick became the vocalist for Rosevelt, The Snow Symphony is at a halt.  I miss The Snow Symphony.

ROSEVELT was formed in June 2009. Although they are quite new to the local music scene, I think they have accomplished a lot.  Recently, they got 3rd place in the National competition of Global of the Band.  They have performed in various locations locally and just came home from performing at The Esplanade Singapore.  With the support of family, friends and all their loyal fans, they are where they are today.  To those of you who have been on the journey with them and voted for them, you all will be happy to know that their song ‘MADICINE” is No.1 on local radio station, MET10 (Malaysian English Songs Chart Top 10) for 2 weeks now.  Thanks a MILLION!  If you want to keep them there for a while do head over to or click on the photo below to continue to vote for them.

To celebrate this occassion, I have selected one of the dishes I made in the past to dedicate to them.  Yes, it is “Char siu chicken wings”. Why do I choose this one over all the others?  Well I thought I give them the wings so that they can fly and the sky is their limit! LOL!  Also, I served the wings in a glass to toast to their success and wish them many more to come!  I LOVE ROSEVELT!! CHEERS!

Oh if you want the recipe, just click on the photo.

Char siu chicken wings


  1. hey i'm touched reading your's rare that asian parents are so supportive of their children's dreams. our parents are usually more pragmatic and wouldn't agree to such aspirations from the children. new found respect for you quay po! :)

  2. So wonderful how you and your husband support your children, and he's clearly talented!!

  3. Congrats to you, your son and your family! I love how supportive everyone is being. That is what really makes this story lovely.

  4. Veron, I remember you telling about your "sahm seng" (thoughts) when we were at your place that Saturday, about the clash of beliefs between the Asian and American/European parents. Stitch is right that we can only show our best, uncover the best in us when we pursue what we are truly passionate about and interested in.

    I haven't told you probably. Sometime before I graduated in May 2009 (from college back in MN), I almost enrolled myself in the pastry program at Le Cordon Bleu in Minneapolis-St. Paul. But I held back, because I know I'm not gonna be able to survive like this back in Malaysia. But I like writing, too, especially in food writing. And I'm steering my career toward that, something to do with writing. I'm doing that now. Learning and growing.

    Veron, I really thank you for the encouraging words you've given me! You know how my thinking is like 70-percent American and 30-percent Asian, right? LOL! I'm glad to find you and Stitch while surrounded by Asians. (Don't mean to diss my own people, but it's a fact.)

  5. Btw, congrats to Rosevelt and Nick! All the best to them!

  6. Those are the fanciest looking wings I've ever seen. :)

  7. Your son is very lucky to have parents like you to support him in his career. Also, like the picture of the chicken wings....can't help drooling!

  8. Veronica, you must be super proud of your son! Those are quite the accomplishments at such a young age. Congratulations to Nick and Rosevelt for obtaining the #1 song. I've just voted for them so I really hope Madicine will be #1 again. I really love that you did not push Nick into doing and becoming something he didn't want to be. As parents, our job is to guide and support our children in their paths, not force or push them to choose our paths. I've much to learn from you. I wish your son much more success in whatever journey he sets his heart on. Best wishes to him and Rosevelt as well! Big hugs to you and your Quay Lo for being such supportive parents!

  9. it's true seldom Asian parents will be supportive if their kids wanna take Performing Art coz consider hard to earn a living. Most would pressure their kids to be doctor, accountant, engineer and etc.

    I have a lot to learn from you

  10. Veronica, Nick is lucky to have you as his mum, you are so supportive in what he is doing! I need to learn this.

  11. Oh Veron,
    I hope he uses those char siew wings well and excel. LOL.
    Well, joke aside.
    It's not easy to survive in the local scene, especially if one is doing non-malay songs and movies.
    Truly I salute u for being so so supportive of Nick.

  12. You made a right choice to support him. Thatswhy he is success now! Great post and finger licking good wings.

  13. The wings look great. It is great for your son.

  14. such talent and passion, I love what he said One can only be happy following what tghey love...brilliant words.

  15. Way to go with the support. Congratulations.

  16. Jean: Thank you. I am still more pragmatic than my Quaylo and my son but I believe I am doing the right thing because I can appreciate what it is like doing something just because you needed the money. I can see Nick was happy living from hand to mouth even when he was doing music full time a year ago.

    Belinda: Thanks and he is very talented and I am very proud of him.

    yummychunklet: Thank you, that is what family is all about, we support each other.

    Pei Lin: You are most welcome my dear. I am glad you are steering your career towards something you are passionate about. You are definitely taking the right path. Hey, if you want a busybody to talk to, I am always here. LOL!

    A spicy perspective: Thanks for your compliment.

    Cheah: We are lucky to have each other. Thanks for your kind words.

    LeQuan, you are right. I am super proud of him all the time even when you fail because he always pick himself up very quickly and never quit. hehe.. Thanks so much for voting for Rosevelt. You are the so kind. I must tell Nick about it when he come visit next. I am glad you agree that we let our children choose their path and just be there for them. You two kiddies will grow up into very happy adults.

    Small Kucing, Ah Tze: Once we realised that it is our kids' lives and not ours, we probably will let go to let them choose their path. Frankly, happiness does not come without, it come within. So, if we truly want to see them happy, we should support them to pursue their dreams within our means. Success and happiness to each individual is very subjective. What it mean to us may not be for them but when one is happy, you will know.

    Sonia, Wendy : Thanks but I think I have to thank my Quaylo for making me understand the role as a parent. We do not dictate what our kids must do, we guide them and let them make their own choices and always be there for them.

    Joy: Thanks, ya it is good for him, wish he grow wings and fly to the sky hahaha.

    David: Thanks and don't we all love to do that, able to have a career that we are passionate about and at the same time earn a decent living? That's HAPPINESS for sure!

  17. this is not facebook, so i will manually *like* your post here :-)

  18. Congratulations on your son's success!! I'm glad you and your husband supported him in his artistic endeavors. I'm sure he is so grateful for that support.

  19. Keropok Man: Many thanks for your support.

    jennaeverythingblog: Thanks for your visit and take time to leave your comment. We are happy to be there for him. I believe all parents do what they can to support their children in their own way.

  20. i think u need not worry about the future of your son. it seems like he knows exactly what to do and is pursuing his passion! :)

  21. crustabakes: Mothers can never stop worrying for their kids as long as they are alive for their children are always kids to them. My mum is 76, she still worries for me but I agree with you, Nick knows exactly what he is doing.


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