Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A fun day at The Academy Pastry Arts Malaysia

I was invited, along with several other fellow food bloggers, by Jade of Mustard Tree Communication to visit The Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia last Saturday. I was the earliest to arrive but shortly after my friend Pei-Lin of Dodol Mochi. showed up. The Director, Lejeune Guillaume welcomed us and showed us around the institution. My first impression was; "did I walk into an art gallery or a baking school?". You will understand why I thought that when you view these photos of the fabulous items that were on display.
Sugar Arts: These are made from sugar, would you believe it?

Look at those gorgeous cakes!!

Lejeune also showed us how to make pastry and demonstrated the creation of various patterns. In order to serve them, he pointed out, they had to be decorated and plated first. He stressed the importance of presentation. "Feed the eyes before the stomach so they say."

Lejeune show us how to machine roll the dough for the pastry and demonstrated how to make various patterns

Here are some cakes they made that day
"Ninja Cake" (Pistachio chocolate cake)

Top Left: Chocolate tart, Top Right: Ninja Cake (Pistachio chocolate cake)
Can you resist these lovely Macarons? Not me!
We were given a chance to experience some hands on attempts and were asked to add the final touch to some items. It was truly fun to do.
Before we called it a day, we had to take some pictures for the album. Know why everybody is so happy? Well, who wouldn't after eating so many mouth watering goodies?!
For those who would like to enhance your baking and pastry skills, you might want to check out the courses they offer. Recent courses they have introduced are:
1) Art of Cake Making & Designing (Certificate Program) RM3,800
To find out more, click here
2) Pastry & Bakering Program (Part-time Certificate) RM5,000.00
To find out more, click here
I have tasted all the fantastic pastries and cakes made that day and all I can tell you is they are AWESOME! In this case, Beauty is NOT skin deep!
mmmmm..... YUMMY!!
After tasting we were invited to pack some home and, for sure, none of us rejected such a wonderful offer.
I would like to thank Jade for the invite and Lejeune for the warm welcome. Also, I would like to thank my friend Pei Lin for taking my photos. It was indeed a fun afternoon for me and it is a delight to get to know new friends too. Oh I am sorry for the lousy photos (those that were taken by me) because I was too lazy to carry my DSLR instead took these shots with the compact Canon G12. This is Stitch's new camera and I am not familiar with it so I inadvertently used all the wrong settings!


  1. How fun! and you know I would be in heaven, Im just adore pastry.

  2. I can't think of a better and more fun way to spend the day than making and eating delicious pastries! This looks like such a great experience. The decorations are truly impressive and everything looks so scrumptious. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Those are incredible cakes!! What a fascinating (and yummy) experience.

  4. coool.....yummylicious...hmm...this place sound like the same place which a fren learnt her baking from

  5. what a wonderful way to spend the day. sounds like a great experience. the cakes and pastries look stunning.
    thanks for sharing

  6. This looked like a fun and fantastic experience!

  7. Aaaack! Veronica, this is pure torture! Lol. I'm only able to look at these amazing cakes and goodies and not have any. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time. What an experience this must have been. By the way, you sure are looking good for a woman who has a young adult son.

  8. I wonder how fun it will be if I can attend one of those classes! Yes, all those goodies look absolutely mouthwatering. Thanks for sharing.

  9. That looks amazing! Love the macaroons!

  10. That looks so fun! The pastries are beautiful. Everything looks so delicious. :)

  11. lovely photos, quay po. i just love looking at pics taken at the academy. it just exudes such a positive aura doesnt it...like such a happy place!

  12. =) what a lovely posting with great pictures and commentary. great meeting you quay po =)


  13. looks fun!! Didn't see Pei-Lin in the photos?

  14. Gosh the place looks really fun - I might just sign up for a short course when I'm free :D

  15. This looks so fun! Bet you had a great day there :)

  16. Oh I envy you.. :) Its nice you enjoy such great experience :)

  17. David: I came back from heaven already hehe.

    Karen: You are welcome. Makes me happy to share.

    Belinda, Bridgett, Esther: It is!!

    Small Kucing: Your friend has gone to learn at the right institution.

    Filip: Thanks

    Kristy: Let's go to a weekend class together. You can come stay a night with me if you wish:D

    yummychunklet: ooo the macarons were awesome!

    greengirl: so nice to see you again. thanks for your visit.

    LeQuan: You always know how to put a smile on other's face. Thanks for the compliment.

    fatboybakes: I agree with you I feel very happy the moment I step into this institution. I just told my Quaylo that we will go there for a weekend class one of these days. It will be fun.

    Jade: pleasure meeting you too and thanks again.

    Janine: do sign up for the short course, I guarantee you that you will love it.

    Swee San: Pei-Lin is just next to me in the group photo:D

    Cathy: Yes I did!

    Sonia: No need to sob, sob, next time another opportunity pops up, will definitely drag you along. Hey how about we all go for a weekend class one of these days. That will be fun!

  18. wow I love those croissants! So very flaky and beautifully shaped!

  19. This is some incredible experience. Looking first glance at the photos, I did feel that it is an art gallery. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Wow I didn't know there is such an academy in Malaysia :) Looks like you had a fun day too~ Thanks for sharing!

  21. Wouw you are so lucky! And thanks for sharing your exciting experience at the academy Pastry Arts.

    I would like to pass you an award, please stop by whenever you free :)

  22. What an awesome experience! I'm thrilled that you had this opportunity.

  23. Hi Veronica!

    looks like you gals had loads of fun with the hands-on cake decorating and sample all the delicious bakes and makes.

    Does the academy offer shorter courses, i.e. one day cake, cookie or macaron making classes?

  24. Angie: I have to say, the croissants is very delicious! One of the best I have tasted.

    Medeja, Victor, Sandra: It is a wonderful experience for me:D

    DG: I am happy to share my experience with my friends and likewise I enjoy reading theirs. Hey thanks a million for thinking of me for the award. I feel honored. You are very kind.

    Alan: We had lots of fun and yes they offer weekend classes and making macarons is included in their tea cakes cookies and bars weekend class. Here is the link : http://www.apaschedules.blogspot.com/ You want to come one weekend to do that? I can join you if you do:D

  25. Wow, those are some pretty impressive foodcrafts! I am sure you enjoyed your day there, and seems like you are picking up some crafting skills yourself! :)

  26. your cakes look so yummy! I would LOVE to take a cooking class!

  27. Aqui, I did not make those lovely cakes. They were made by the students in the Academy:D Yes, when you see their creation, they inspire us to want to take the class. Thanks for dropping by and nice meeting you. Hope to see you around often. Have wonderful weekend.


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