Thursday, January 12, 2012


My Quay Lo made some rum balls and had used them as Christmas gifts for our close friends. They are also one of the desserts we served during Christmas day to friends and family. Everyone love it and there was not one ball left!  Yes, they were very delicious and addictive! So, instead of spending a fortune to buy a box of “GODIVA” chocolate as a gift, how about making rum balls yourself and give them as gift to your sweetheart this comingValentine? This will be a more valuable gift because it is something you made with love and money cannot buy. Furthermore, it will only cost you a fraction of what you pay for those outrageously expensive flowers or chocolates sold during Valentine's Day. This reminds me of an incident that happened during the early part of our marriage. My Quay Lo was on a long business trip to Bangkok and in order to break the long time separation, Quay Po a.k.a. Lucy went to join him for the weekend. On the day of her arrival, Quay Lo went and bought flowers to decorate the apartment and a big box of ‘GODIVA” chocolates to welcome her. So here comes Lucy walking into the apartment and she could see flowers everywhere in the apartment and a nicely wrapped gift on the center of the coffee table. That put a big smile on her face. Quay Lo asked her to sit down and relax. He even made her a cup of her favorite English Breakfast tea before handing her the gift that was on the coffee table. He asked her to open the gift and so she did while Quay Lo eagerly waited for a response from her. Are you curious to know what is the first thing that came out of her mouth when she tore off the gift wrap and saw the box of GODIVA Chocolate? Can you guess? I don't think so. LOL! No, not “Honey, how sweet and thoughtful of you, Thank You! MUAX! MUAX!” BUT being CHINESE and being LUCY she said, “Wah!! this chocolate is VERY EXPENSIVE wan!! How much ar?” LOL!  OOOPZZZ!! She immediately noticed the “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU SAID THAT” expression on Quay Lo’s face. HAIYAH, DIE! Lucy!!!, you just gave the wrong response and said the wrong thing!!

Usually when a friend gives Lucy a gift, she will not ask for the price but among  family members, she would because when she gives gifts to her family members, the price will be the first thing they ask sometimes even before saying thanks. After Quay Lo got over the culture shock, he told her that he almost dropped dead when he was asked for the price of the chocolate instead of the normal response that he was used to. He told Lucy that it is rude to ask for the price of a gift. Westerners will never do that even with family members. (Oh I see, said the blind man). 

When Quay Po did something stupid or embarrassing, she would love to blame it on LUCY!  I hope I did not confuse you on this story. I am sure my regular readers know that Quay Po is Lucy and Lucy is Quay Po. 

I love you, LUCY, please don't cease to exist so I will always have someone to blame. LOL!
Another suggestion. Since Chinese New Year is round the corner, Rum Balls are something different to offer other than the usual traditional Chinese New Year cookies. Look, don't you think they look attractive but don't you dare ask "How much ar?" LOL!

Rum Balls
(My Quay Lo's recipe)

Start with “day old” brownies (I use the Better Crocker brownie mix to make the brownies) that have been allowed to dry. Break apart in a mixing bowl. Sprinkle with rum (or bourbon or brandy may also be used) and stir until a clingy dough is formed that is not too wet. (At this point you may add into the mix optional chopped nuts that have been toasted in a frying pan or low temp oven. You could also add finely chopped preserved fruit best of which would be cranberries, cherries, blueberries, or blackberries).

Note: If day-old brownies doesn’t work for you, try this recipe:
1 1/2 cups confectioners' sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
1/2 teaspoon ground allspice (optional)
1/2 cup dark rum
2 tablespoons light corn syrup
2 1/2 cups finely crushed vanilla wafers

Mix all of the above together and go to next step.
Place in fridge for at least 35 – 45 minutes. Remove and while still chilled roll spoonful’s in the palm of your hands until the size you want. Roll each ball on toppings of your choice. Chopped nuts (pistachio is excellent here) powdered sugar, decorative sugar, or dip in chocolate.

Place on a silicon padded or wax papered pan. Return to the fridge and allow the formed balls to return to a chill. Place in a covered cookie container and keep cool.


  1. I love these beautiful Rum Balls. But I'm allergic to rum, Quay Po (if it's so little and not enough), Hahaha! Wishing you the best of 2012, Quay Po!

    ~ ray ~

  2. Gary's so sweet. Still giving you surprises.

    Hmmm..... do we get these for the potluck too??? ahaha!

  3. I can imagine the expression.. Lol.. But it's good to be surprised once a while with a box of chocolate!

  4. Lovely and sweet rum balls. Bet the kids will love it too.

  5. Cantiknyaaaa...suka tgk...macam2 rupa ada...:)

  6. Ha hahhh!!!! I had a good laugh at the chocolate story!. My mum alwiz ask the price also, so I grew up thinking it's "normal" to ask. :)

  7. Thanks for the joke, Lucy. Lucy is cute and truthful. I love Lucy too.

  8. LOL...I finished the Wedding Balls > Delicious :p

  9. What a great story spanning cultures. And, thank you for the recipe! We will surely try this one!! Yum!

  10. Definitely going to offer rum balls to my friends who celebrate Chinese New Year!

  11. I've had a jar of Godiva chocolate spread in my pantry - I know it must be VERY expensive but I did not dare to ask how much. Later, I pengsan! And so sayang, don't dare to eat... Given to me by my young blogger friend,

    Never had rum balls before... Yours or Quay Lo's must be extra nice, nicer than any in the shops... Hint! Hint! Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  12. I love you too!!! :D Hehe ... never mind ...
    Those rum balls look so professionally done! Godiva couldn't make them any nicer ... seriously!

  13. Thanks for sharing this!! Hope I be able to use my right hand asap!!

  14. Veron,those rum balls looks good...mmmm you are one lucky Lucy :) Quay Lo so clever at making these rum balls..they look so professionally done ! Thanks for sharing the recipe :)

  15. Haha I love Lucy too.. How nice it is to have "the other side" of us to blame when things go wrong.. Great idea to have rum balls for a change from the traditional cookies

  16. Hahahaaa! I don't know what to say, QPV!! Just so funny!

  17. Gotta love that Lucy! Great story. I'm still teaching my daughter how to graciously accept any gift and she's nearly 30! I love the idea of using day old brownies in the truffles. I'l save for Christmas, but Valentine's Day isn't too far away!

  18. yummy and mouthwatering...Happy New Year...:-)

  19. HI Lucy! ;)

    The rum balls look really lovely. I made truffles over Christmas and it was a hit with my friends. I must give this recipe a try one day!

  20. i think for a more chinese new year feel, i wanna ask some sesame as the topping :)

    Latest: CNY Is Less Than 10 Days Away!

  21. Hahahaha As usual your post made me laugh out loud :D These rum balls looks perfect and gorgeous as a Chinese New Year gift ! Good job , Lucy :D

  22. Hahahaha, Quay Po, I can't stop laughing reading at your post. I can imagine that situation. I love these rum balls, I think I need to make some, maybe after Chinese New Year. Now I'm busy baking cookies for CNY lo :)

  23. what a great story, you have the best sense of humor!
    its always a joy coming here, and those rum balls wow, they sound not to hard either, yum!

  24. Wow your quay lo very good, helped you to made rum balls as gift! Very pretty as gift too.

  25. Ahemmmmm... *bodek-ing mode* I loveeeeee chocolates... with rum or no rum. My son loves chocolate oso... how about letting me have some in our next makan makan session? *muka tembok Cina*

  26. two are made to be together!
    Those rum balls look to die for, Quay Lo and Lucy!

  27. Hi Lucy, thanks to be my 39th follower! 39 is a lucky number for Chinese and hopefully bring you lots of luck for the CNY. Your blog makes me laugh and I'm happy to follow you back. :DDDD

  28. Quay Po, thats a funny story. Chinese is like that, like to ask or find out the pice of a gift. If my husband bought me flowers I will feel heart ache and blame for spending unnecessary money, but if he doesnt buy me flower I will get upset. haha... U know what..I learn something from the western culture, when you receive a gift, immediately you have to response with surprise, and follow by three incredible words: gorgeous, beautiful n lovely. then everyone will feel very happy hahaha...

    I never have rum balls before, your rum balls look so good, will try this one day.

  29. Lovely dessert! I am so wanting to try it. I usually make it with cake, but with brownies is must be decadent!

    Have a great day.

  30. Loved reading your funny post, Veronica, a.k.a. Lucy, about the Godiva chocolates. As a matter of fact, they are my very favorite. The way I look at it...I deserve it, and you certainly do, otherwise your hubby wouldn't have gotten them for you!
    Those beautiful rum balls bring back a lot of fond memories. Haven't made them in years! Thanks for sharing:DDD

  31. The rum balls look amazing and what a delightful story - thank you for sharing...Lucy!

  32. hey, i'm getting a cd from much ar? haha..just kidding. yeah, i do think it's quite normal here to ask for the price of gifts if it's coming from very close family members! These rum balls are a great idea for valentine's day!


    Oh! I came to tell you
    that you get a "shout out"
    and thanks tomorrow (Friday)
    at my place-

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  34. LOL...This is a great post. I have the same experience with my Mat Salleh hubby when he gave me his first gift. At first he had that facial expression like 'What?? Are you that materialistic?' kind of look!!Hahahah...The Rum balls looks perfectly divine. So Lucy, how much does it cost? Just kidding !

  35. The red Rum Balls looks stunning!Love it! Is it coated with decorative sugar?

  36. LOLz thanks for the short true story, I loved it! ^^
    Rum balls is a good idea. I'll do just that for Valentines! And yes, I am Lucifer (male for Lucy! lmao)too coz the 1st thing that always comes to mind whenever I give or receive gifts is $$$ LOLZ Gosh I'm such an El Cheapo! :s

  37. Yueky : Hahaha! I loOoove this story Lucy, so funny and so true!

    Lucy : Really? Sure or noOoot?

  38. they look good and i bet taste awesome. quick question...and silly you dry them in the fridge or leave them outside at room temperature. thanx!!!

    hopefully i can make them this year to celebrate valentine's day with the tamchiaks and besties.

  39. @Ray
    Ray, hope you have a great year ahead of you too. If you are allergic to Rum, how about using cointreau?

    Yes, you guys will get to taste my Quay Lo's Rum balls. Sound so weird when I say that! hahaha

    @Swee San
    Yes, we all love surprises!

    @Yee Ling
    No, don't give the kids, unless you intentionally want to get them drunk! hehehe

    @cik cek
    terimah kasih. kalau tak mau guna Rum pun boleh:D

    Ya la, I think in our culture, it is normal.

    @Sheoh Yan
    Lucy love you too! :D

  40. @Small Kucing
    You did? Good for you and so happy to know you like them. I am thinking of making some to bring with me to Sibu!

    No thanks needed my dear. I am so happy to share all our recipes with you. Get creative when you make them. Roll them with any coating you want.

    I am sure your friends will be delighted.

    hahaha, you are very polite not to ask the price. You always get nice gifts from your blogger friends but I think you well deserved them. You are truly a nice fellow! I am so happy to know you and your family. No need to hint, hint, I intended to bring some for you to try.

    Love you too Lucy! Can't wait to meet you in person so that we can both get Lucified!! hehehe

    I hope your shoulder fully recover soon so that I can get to enjoy all looking at your yummy bakes again.

  41. @Elin
    Yes, my Quay Lo is a better cook and baker than me. In fact, he is better at anything than me lah… it is easy to be better than this Lucy! hehe

    I love Lala too… sounds good!! Yes, that's why I will not let Lucy elude me. hehe

    So now would you want to add an L to the pet name you gave me? QPVL?? hehe

    Yes Valentine is round the corner too. Don't wait for Christmas.

    Happy New Year to you too. So happy to see you again. Hope all is well with you.

    Wow you made truffles? Did you write a post?

    Sesame? Why not?

  42. @Anne
    Thanks Anne. Laughing is good. Laugh more and you will looking younger:D

    Haiyah, make lah for Chinese New Year. This is so easy!

    These rum balls are super easy to make. laurie, I learn to laugh at myself long time ago. I find that I am happier if I can do that:D

    @Little Corner of mIne
    Actually, it was me helping my Quay Lo to make those rum balls, hehe.. he made the balls, I do the cleaning up.

    Haiyah, no need to "bodek" me to get to eat rum balls lah. Next time we go "makan" again, if got early notice, I will make some for you but better not let your son it because got rum. I will make some with out liquor for your son and Joshua.

    So should I asked me Quay Lo to change his name to Lucifer then? heheh

    Thanks for the following. I hopped over to your blog from Ping's. So 39 is a lucky number ha? I am glad to be a lucky follower of yours.

  43. @Li Shuan
    Ya Lor, but Quay Lo thinks it is not polite wor. hahaha, it is so true that about the flowers. Oh now when my Quay Lo give me a gift, I always respond with surprise and said "OOOO how lovely, I LOVE IT. MUAX MUAX". I never ask the price anymore but I will go find out the price from our credit card statement… hehehe

    Yes, definitely more rich than using cake to make them.

    Godiva used to be the best chocolates but then there other Belgium chocolate that are as good and less expensive. You should make some rum balls soon my dear.

    Sonia, "Did you see that "Are you kidding me" look on my face? heheh

    So nice to see you Ann. I am so happy you had a wonderful holiday and thanks for sharing your joy with us.

    No worries, you can ask me the price anytime. It is normal among us:D

    Thanks for the Shout out! Hugs.

  44. @i-lostinausten
    So you are in the same boat with me! I like that!! How much? mmmm… let me ask my Quay Lo and give him another round of culture shock! hehe Yes some are coated with decorative sugar.

    Hi Lucifer! Want to know what is the cost to make those rum balls? hehe

    SUUUURWAAA!! hehe

    The is no silly question, only silly answer. Dry those brownies at room temperature.

  45. Hello is beautiful pass to read your excellent letters.
    happy weekend.
    a hug.

  46. @Ricardo
    Thanks for your visit and comment. You too have a wonderful weekend. Hugs.

  47. Tak apa... *evil mode* let the budak budak mabuk and get high on rum. Hahahahahaha! I think there's once Kathy gave me some chocolate with liquor in it. I din realize that there's liquor in it and let my son eat it... and boy... did he do so many funny things after eating it. LOL!!!

  48. Ha! You sound so much like me. I have learned to keep my mouth shut when opening an expensive I just smile and get excited thanking him. :)

    These rum balls look amazing, I know he would be happy with them. My grandmother used to make these for Christmas. Such good memories.

  49. @Kat... wahhhh... now only u finished the cookies Quay Po give you? OMG... I know la... must be u hide it from anak and curi makan when he's in kindy. nottie ah u! LOL!

  50. @cleffairy
    You "Mummy Jahat" hehehe.

    Oh cannot keep mouth shut, have to say something and must say with surprise and appreciation lah:D

  51. Hmmm,I can smell the rum from here.this is truly a great idea for making a special gift.

  52. @Jessie
    Caan you really? Are you feeling a little bit tipsy then? hahaha

  53. Those looks absolultely lovely and rummy!

  54. they look beautiful, good job!

  55. The rum balls are beautiful, I would love to get them for a gift!

    1. If you are staying nearby, the gift will be at your doorstep:D


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