Saturday, January 14, 2012

When old, must have 3 "LOWs"

One of my girl friends once told me that when we grow old, we will be very blessed if we have all 3 “LOWs” (in Cantonese, "LOW" means OLD). The first “LOW” we must have is our “Low Kung” (husband). Our husband is our companion, someone we can pick on when we become old and grumpy! LOL! (Just kidding). Actually, he is our best friend, the one we trust that we can be ourselves. He is the one we can confide in and rely on to take care of us for the rest of our lives. The second “LOW” is  “Low boon” (our savings). This is necessary not for ourselves alone but for those who eventually ended up taking care of us.  Our "Low boon" help relieve them from any financial difficulty as a result of taking care of us. The third “LOW” is a VERY important because this “LOW” is one that will keep us sane and brings us lots of joy! That is “Low Pang Yau” (Old friends). One biggest fear of growing old is loneliness but if we have lots of “Low Pang Yau” then we will not feel lonely and isolated. Statistic shows that seniors who are isolated and lonely tend to have more health problems and a poorer quality of life than those who have a good social network of friends and family. I think I have that. Just recently, my friends and I celebrated New Year together at a karaoke joint which belongs to one of my girlfriend's vocal teacher. We had a great time eating till we were stuffed, yakking till our jaws dropped, laughing till our stomachs hurt, singing our hearts out and dancing like no one was watching. We had so much fun and we almost brought the roof down! LOL!

Out of 3 "LOWs", I already have two. My Quay Lo and I are still working very hard to have enough of the 3rd "LOW" so that we can both retire in the near future.

My 1st LOW, my Quay Lo "Low Kung"

Here are some of my second “LOWs”, my wonderful “LOW PANG YAU” (old friends). 
We celebrated the New Year with a BANG!

I brought with me some food to share with them and one of them is a pasta salad. The karaoke place was dark and I could not take a nice picture of the salad.  I guess I was too excited to go off to have fun and I forgot to take a photo at home too. I have made this salad before with same pasta but different other ingredients. They both tasted pretty much the same.  I will share with you the recipe of one I made earlier which I have photos. There you go.

Wheat pasta salad with herb vinaigrette dressing

Ingredients for salad:
2 cups of wheat pasta of your choice
1 can garbanzo beans
1 cup pomegranate seeds
½ cup diced cucumber without seeds removed
2 slices of bacon, fried, and broken
shave parmesan cheese
water with salt

Bring water with added sea salt to boil and cook pasta for 9 mins till al dante. Drain pasta and set aside. Add in garbanzo beans, diced cucumber and pomegranate seeds. Put in the fridge and chill for 1 hour. Pour herb vinaigrette dressing over and toss to mix well. Serve warm or cold with shave parmesan cheese.

Ingredients for herb vinaigrette dressing:
½ cup white wine vinegar
dash of salt and pepper
½ cup fresh basil
¼ cup rosemary leaves
2 cloves garlic
1 cup extra virgin olive oil

In a blender add white wine vinegar, dash of salt and pepper, basil and rosemary and blend for 10 to 15 seconds. Add 1 cup of extra virgin olive oil and blend for another 10 to 15 mins. 


  1. May I just correct you on this one .... you have 4 "Lows". You forgot, you also have your Quay "Low" who pampers you to no end. :D Bonus!
    Oooh, bacon! I love the sound of the salad except maybe for the pomegranate seeds. Don't get me wrong, I love pomegranate, on it's own or as a juice but I could never understand how the seeds could be eaten in a salad, cake, etc. I mean, the seeds are so fibrous, it would have been equivalent to the fibres of a small piece of cardboard if I were to swallow everything from just one fruit. Sorry, I guess it's just me who's strange in my opinions since I haven't heard of anyone having that same opinion as me. Oh well ... I'm sure the tangy sweetness goes well tho.

  2. I love the "old friends" part. I see it a lot with my mother when she talks with her friends, and I just wish she had more in the States with her. Most of them are in the Philippines still.

  3. I like what you have written here; the 3 Lows. I am happy for you that you are blessed with all the Lows with you! May you stay healthy and bless with happiness at all times! Lots love from Mel...

  4. That wheat pasta... MMm I would love to put a chunk of that pasts IN MY MOUTH.

  5. That's so true! What a creative theory!

  6. hahaha,very funny...3 "low"

    but it's true !:)

  7. You have all three already lah!!! No worries, can be lady of leisure and shake legs all day long...

  8. so many Low also ready hahaha. Great pics :)

    You are certainly blessed

  9. What a NICe New Year Post!

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  10. Love your stories on top of your lovely recipes. Always puts a smile on my face when I finish reading it.

  11. Pomegranate is a very expensive fruit. Opps, would it be too rude to mention the price since you made the salad to your dear friends, hahaha!

    Have you noticed that all the ladies were wearing black & white clothes? Was that the colour theme for that special occasion? The last time I went for a karaoke session was when I was working in S'pore.

  12. Well said! I fully agreed with every 'Low" mentioned here.

  13. Love your post very much... ohhh for all the LOWS you mention. I can't agree more.. and like you, I too have the 2 LOWS hehehe..and now still working on getting the other LOW..

    Looks like you have a bunch of lovely and fun friends.. love the pic of the pasta yumm yumm

  14. I didn't know you were singing. Looks like you had fun.


  15. You all dressed in black & white in the singing group and looked like you guys been having great fun! I can see that your retirement life is going to be sweet and fun!

  16. Simply LOVE IT :)
    May you always be happy and healthy :)

  17. Oh how true! Now I am trying to take stock of how many of the 3 Lows I have.... not quite there yet... must work harder.

  18. hahaha yes man! You are not the only one who said that about pomegranate in salad. My Quay Lo also not crazy about it.

    Perhaps you can encourage your mum to make new friends?

    Thanks Mel.

    hahaha… that's the way to eat it. You do know how to enjoy food.

    True ya? Although you are very young my dear, it is good to start working at your "Low Boon":D

    I think we prefer low than high when we grow older.

    you are wrong lah. cannot shake legs yet lah. hand stop, mouth stop hehehe

    @Small Kucing
    I cannot deny that:D

  19. @cloudia
    Thanks Cloudia.

    @Baby Sumo
    Good, smile more, and you will always stay young and pretty.

    haha you can talk about price with me all day long. Yes, the pomegranate is very expensive here too. We all were black and white because the organizer of the party said that is the theme. No special occasion, just for fun.

    @The Experimental Cook
    I am glad you do.

    Yes, I am sure lots of people working one particular LOW.

    Yes, I love to sing especially Cantonese songs.

    I hope so my dear.

  20. @Loly
    Thanks much.

    haha, I think you will soon be there. "JIA YU":D

  21. awesome! all the 3 LOWS. I hope to have them too:D have an extra LOW...your quay LOW hubster! hehehe.

  22. Interesting post. I hope I have all 3 'Lows' but the savings is always a worry with the way prices go up all the time!!!
    I love pasta salad and this sound delicious to me. Keep well Diane

  23. haha! I like this post. I hope I have all three when the time comes! Looks like you and your friends had a blast at KTV!

  24. You have lots of good friends and they are lovely ladies! I haven't gone to KTV for a long time! Sounds like you had a great time! Pasta salad is always a big hit in my house (kids don't consider it's "salad")...heehee.

  25. @missyblurkit
    You said the same thing a Ping. Yes I guess I have an extra Low then:D

    Same here, we are worry of the inflation too.

    Yes, wish you will have all 3 Lows and more.

    Yes, I have many good friends and they are all beautiful people. I am sure the kids don't think they are salad, to them, it is pasta but then it is a good way to get the kids to eat some vegetables as well since there are plenty in this pasta salad. LOL!

  26. That is such a cute post! If you are still looking for the 3rd LOW, you can sign me up! :)

  27. This is a beautiful post Veron, and you always have so much to say! It's a nice way to look at it something we all can look forward to and to strive for! You are all set!

    This looks like a lovely salad, nice combinations, except the pomegranate seeds...just kidding.

  28. @Lyndsey
    Thanks Lyndsey. Hehe, you know lah, old lady almost reaching 60, gone through so much over the years, got lots of stories to tell. Hope I am not being long winded. hehe.. No worries about not liking the pomegranate seeds, I love frank opinion. Hugs


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