Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Winners for White Christmas Challenge

Thank you to all participants of White Christmas Challenge and Congratulations to the 5 Winners. They are:

Jessie of Jessie Cooking-Moments
Naked Plate
The Hedonista
Bubbule in Cucina

One of the winners above is my blogger friend Jessie of Jessie-Cooking Moments who entered the competition via QPC. She won 1st place with her entry: My Magical Gingerbread Boxes! BRAVO!!

A big Thank You to my friends who participated the challenge through QPC. Thanks a million for your support. All your entries are CREATIVE AND FABULOUS!! I love them all! Each of you will still receive the ROSEVELT's Album 17:35 from me eventhough you did not win a prize from Savory Spice Shop. To me, YOU ALL ARE WINNERS IN MY HEART!!  Please email your address to so that I can mail the CD to you. 

Participants via QPC:
Jessie - My Magical Gingerbread boxes
Elisabeth - Linzer Cookies
Lena - Christmas Tree on Potato and Yeasted Apple Strudel ( Strucla Jablkami )
Shirley - Cute Egg Faces For White Christmas Recipe Challenge
Vivian Pang - Flower Steamed Buns/ Sponge Dough Method and Caramel Oatmeal Brownies
Alice - White Xmas Log Cake and Noel Nut Balls
Ann - Christmas Snowball Cookies
Bee - Christmas Matcha Cookie Tree
Ping - Blizzard Bread

If I a have missed anyone, please email me to let me know. You know how "LUCY" I am, right? LOL!



  1. Happy Listening to all the winners!!

  2. Congratulations to every one who is a winner.

    I am trying to catch up after being off line from before Christmas until after the New Year!!

    Keep well Diane

  3. What, is this for real? I won? The 1st prize? This is AWESOME! How can I go to sleep tonight? I need to call my mum in M'sia tomorrow & tell her this good news! Thanks, Quay Po, I still can't believe it!

  4. Congrats to the winners :) How exciting!

  5. Congrats to the winners.

  6. Congratulations to the winners! I had fun!

  7. very glad that i was able to take part and congratulations to the winners!

  8. Congratulations, to the winners. I had fun participating! I did check out the #1 and her creation was absolutely stunning, and beautiful!
    Thanks Veronica for all your help, and support!


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