Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I laughed out loud. Read and I promise you will too.

I want to go "off topic" with something that still makes me laugh when I read it and I thought you might enjoy it too. My Quay lo travels extensively due to his business and the note below is what he wrote in an email to his daughter, who had shared an article on airport security with us one morning. The article was about the growing inconvenience and hassle of security checks when we travel, and highlighted the emerging use of revealing xray equipment. Stitch is specifically responding to his daughter's statement that she just grins and bears it because it is far better than no security.
My Quay Lo wrote:
*** You know, that is exactly how I survive the ordeal. I just keep telling myself that it is one of the signs of the time. If I rant, I rant to myself. Other then that, I just “bend over”, and occasionally say things like, “enjoy yourself?” or “could I get a copy of the picture?” to make it more lighthearted. I once had a female air security person, who had visions that she was Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry. She seemed intent on stripping me piece by piece. First it was remove the shoes. Then it was take out the wallet. Then it was remove the jacket. Then it was remove the belt…at which point I said “Hey, are we playing strip poker??!! Bcuz, I don’t have any cards”. The guy behind me laughed out loud but “Dirty Harriett” kept in character and only scowled. So I shut up and consoled myself that at least I gave one guy a laugh.
One of my regrets is that travel has become so tedious and wearying. Seats are smaller as my ass grows bigger. Leg room is shorter as my knees get stiffer. Meals are rarely a notch above animal feed. Toilets are barely large enough for me to stand up straight in. Passengers are ruder than ever before. Every time I schedule another flight I tend to want to say to myself “crap…another airport, another crappy airline, another hotel that will find 1,000 ways to irritate me”, and I remember how it used be a that each trip I took was preceded with a sense of excitement and adventure. Sometimes with these thoughts, I fall into one of those internalized curmudgeon rants about the “good old days” and "ain't it awful". Usually I jatr myself out of this reverie, realizing that isn’t really true, so I try to catch myself. The fact is that every face I see represents a new opportunity to learn something, and a new opportunity to make a friend. Not long ago I sat next to an Arabic businessman and we had one of the most congenial conversations two people could have. I have had, in my life, a thousand experiences like that. I once was behind a pregnant woman who fell backwards while climbing the stairs to the plane entry. (some problem with the gateway had forced the airline to bus us to the plane and enter this way). I caught her and managed to get her back on her feet. She was so gracious in her thanks that I felt good. But as I reached the plane’s hatch, the flight attendant said “great catch, sir”. The crew then went on during the flight to give me very attentive service. It made my day.

There are still great things out there to experience. And great places to discover. You can’t have these experiences sitting at home, I know that. So I think contemplating a trip becomes a question of overcoming inertia.”
Congrats, my dear, for overcoming yours, though that has always been a skill for you. You are one of those bubbly people that just see pleasure and adventure in everything. That makes me very proud and I hope it will always be that way for you.

Love, Dad ***

When my Quay Lo returns from his travel, he is always glad that he is home. Even a simple sandwich, his usual request after a long return flight and it is late in the day, will make him very happy.

Ham Sandwich
3-4 slices of shaved ham
2 pcs whole meal bread
3 slices of plum tomato
1 pc of Romanian lettuce
1 tbs mayonnaise
1/2 tbs Dijon mustard,
and a dash of black pepper
some corn chips

Assemble all the above, Simple enough?


  1. Ha, funny. Felt the same way myself several times.

  2. Your ham sandwich is American-delicious! Or Asian delicious.Or Europena Delicious - all I know is I want it.

    Your husband is spot-on about travelling. I (sigh) remember when it was fun. It's not. The fact that your husband made a person life- is delightful. Everyone needs a bight spot in their day.

  3. Your Hubby is so right to try to laugh off things. It's unfortunate that we have to go through so much just to travel, but it is for our own safety. Kudos to your hubby for not only trying to look on the brighter side of things, but also for trying to enlighten things for others. Stitch is a very wise man indeed.

  4. My 2 friends and I recently traveled together, 2 Americans and 1 Braziliian. My Brazillian friend made it through 2 checks with a $40.00 bottle of lotion, but in one city they took it out of her bag, I laugh as I see her mumbling to the security people how much money she paid for it, while my American friend was being xrayed because she had a little miniature jack knife on her key ring.

  5. Your husband is so right, those guys that search you are a real grumpy lot and no sense of humour at all! LOL. Diane

  6. Yeah, those customs and security folks really take all the fun out of travelling with their grumpy, long faces and scowls. Why can't they at least smile while making your life miserable?

  7. That's a great letter - what a great attitude he has. Wish more fliers were like him!

  8. This letter really did make me smile and reinstill my firm belief that every day is what you make it. Smile and it will follow you around.

  9. That is a perfect and positive account of travel in this day and age! It did give me a good chuckle and I'm still smiling as I type this. So glad to have found you. Thanks for stopping by to say hi.

  10. Thanks for popping over and leaving a comment on my blog. I enjoyed this read from your husband . . . as I have travelled a lot. Love his positive attitude.

    I lived in Malaysia in part of junior high and highschool - up in the highlands. (Tana Rata) Can't remember now how it was spelled. Good memories.



  11. It is nice to have a safe flight, but too bad we need to go through any of this.I had a delightful time surveying your blog and enjoying some good food ideas.

  12. This Ozark Farm Chick knows ya just gotta laugh and girl ya have me laughin' here. Life just goes down better with a good chuckle.

    MMmmmm, bite please...your sandwich looks mighty gooood. :o)

    I just wanted to thank ya for poppin' over with your sweet comment. Drop in anytime girl, the door of the Ponderosa is always open.

    God bless ya from the sunny hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!! :o)

  13. It is really funny. Love your sandwich

  14. I really love this...not only is it hilarious, but at the end he talks about making the best of this situation, which is really all we can do, as passengers! Thanks so much for sharing, it brought a smile to my face!

  15. Sometimes simple is the best...Happy New year to you and your beautiful family :-)

  16. Rhonda,
    For me is all the time but then, like my son used to say, "Mum, chill, it will pass?" and it did! LOL!

  17. Claudia,
    Yes sure I remember traveling was much fun in the good old days! (Altho I am not much of a traveller).

  18. lequan,
    Laughter is the best way to make ourself feel better and it is contagious too and what a compliment you gave Stitch. I have to agree with you because he married me! hehehe.... just kidding

  19. 1-2Punch,
    I had a similar experience too. Once I forgot to pack the cheese knifes I bought in my check in luggage, it was confiscated :(

  20. Diane,
    I wonder if I am one of them, will I be grumpy too?

  21. ping,
    I think they should go for a class that teach them to laugh or at least smile.

  22. Belinda,
    Come to think of it, life is all about attitude. Like the saying goes "If you can't change the world, change yourself".

  23. belinni,
    Thanks for dropping by and leave your comment. I love making new friends. I am glad my post does put a smile on your face and knowing that put a bigger one on mine! Do visit often and let me get to know you better.

  24. Tanna,
    You are most welcome, I enjoyed browsing your blog and thanks for checking mine. Happy to know my post give you a chuckle. Hope to see around again soon.

  25. Glenda,
    OMG! what a delight to know that you have lived in Tanah Rata before and have fond memories. Thanks for dropping by and leave your comment. Hope to see you again soon.

  26. Out on the prairie,
    Thanks so much for spending some time reading my blog and happy to know you get some food ideas. Do drop by often for new recipes.

  27. Nezzy,
    You are most welcome and thanks for visiting me! You bet, I will visit you often cos I enjoy reading your posts.

  28. You are most welcome Faith. When I read that letter several times and it still give me a chuckle.

  29. Gulmohar,
    Thanks, can't agree with you more.

  30. Nezzy,
    I grew up in Tulsa. Your neck of the woods was our summer playground for many years. Now it is all grown up into what Branson has become. Roaring River, Table Rock, The White, all part of my earliest fishing experiences. I am in a completely different time & place now but have wonderful memories of those early years.

  31. Yes... we can relate. My husband is an airline pilot and gets the "full treatment" on occasion as he passes through security. You would think that since he is actually flying the plane that they wouldn't need to take his tweezers away, but they did!
    I am going to pass this to him! He will enjoy it. I love the "Dirty Harriet" reference! We will start using that!

  32. Oh...that is so sweet! Home sweet home and nothing is sweeter than home-cooked food and great family members. This post is heart warming and gives me lots delightful smiles :D


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