Monday, June 13, 2011

I may be gone but I live in your heart forever....

To my blogger friend, Ah Tze of A way of mind, who had a miscarriage recently, I am so sorry. I am thinking of you and hope time will heal your pain. I am sure all your other blogger friends feel the same for you.

I have chosen a poem and made a card for you in memory of your child.

The Love You Bring

I looked toward the clouds today
and for a moment saw your face
And wondered just where you have gone
with the hope it's a peaceful place.

Did you show yourself to me today
to tell me you're all right?
Or was it just a daydream
playing tricks upon my sight.

Then I thought of when you left
still too young to say a word
Yet the look you gave us said it all
in our hearts, your good-bye was heard.

You have changed our lives forever
your short time here not in vain
And hope you know we tried it all
to keep you safe from pain.

We will always feel the void inside
because you are not here
But each new thought you send our way
let's us know you're always near.

So until our journey nears its end
and we hear the Angels sing
We'll face each new day as it comes
and live off the Love you bring.

By James Sullivan


  1. So sorry to hear this. I miscarried my first pregnancy and I'd still tell around that it's my first baby. I know how she feels. Only time can heal her pain.

  2. Lovely words just popped over to Ah Tze of A way of mind to wish her well. Diane

  3. What a beautiful tribute...and such a sad occurrence. My older sister had 3 miscarriages before she carried Hallie to term. My heart and prayers go out to this family. Thank you for sharing with me...and for leaving such sweet words on my own blog. I hope you have a beautiful day!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I have several friends who were in the same situation. It's very tough. I'm praying for your friend.

  5. What a beautiful poem and my heart goes out to Ah Tze. It's times like these that good friends help us through. I misscarried after my daughter, and am so thankful each day for her. Friends and family help so much.

  6. My heart goes to Ah Tze too! It is so beautiful of you to craft the poem for her. I'm sure it will warm her heart and feels better.

  7. i miss her too ): is really very nice and sweet of you to write this for her. i hope she'll feel better. AH TZE JIA YOU!

  8. What a beautiful poem. This is so sweet.

  9. Veron, it has been a while since I leave a comment for my blogger friends... today, when I type the keyboard it looks so unfamiliar. I can't control my tear when I read the poem... thank you for thinking about me, I think time will heal my pain and I will come back soon.

  10. Ah Tze, it is okay to cry. Take all the time you need and please be patient with yourself. When you come back, we will all be here waiting. HUGS!!

  11. you are an angel on earth.

  12. I wished I had you around as my fren for the 3 miscarriages I have cos you're really really sweet. The poem brought me tears, it's never easy. My consolation is that at least I still have BoiBoi :-)

  13. Veron, you are so nice and sweet wrote this poem for Ah Tze. I hope she will be back for blogging soon.

  14. Thanks for all your comments. I am sure it will give comfort to Ah Tze.

    babe_kl: I am glad time has healed your pain and I am sure BoiBoi will bring you lots of love and happiness.

    lena: You are one of the most supportive blogger friends I have. f we are living nearer to each other, we will sure become real life good friends:D Thanks for your kind words but I am far from being an angel on earth lah:D

    Sonia: I did not write the poem for Ah Tze. I selected it because it is so appropriate and I thought those words will speaks her heart. The poem is written by James Sullivan.


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