Monday, June 27, 2011

Pictures speak a thousand words - Part 1

Last week, I received an email from Jade of Mustard Tree Communications asking me if I would be interested in attending a two days "tart" class at the Academy of Pastry Arts, Malaysia. As an amateur baker and not even a very good one, I jumped at the offer! Although I already knew how to make some pastry, I was eager see how a professional pastry chef does it. I knew this would be two days filled with fun (or at least my idea of it).  I would get to meet with others who love baking, and would be able to pick their brains on the subject and learn from them.  Oh yes, Swee San of The Sweet Spot and Sonia of Nasi Lemak Lover were in the class with me. When Jade asked me if there were any food bloggers that I knew that would be interested to join the class, I thought of them and a few others who were not able to make it.  Hey, Pei-Lin, if you are reading this post, I am sorry, we missed you this time. I think it would be fun to have local food bloggers weekend events someday. 

Chef Guillaume Lejuene himself conducted the tart class. He is a graduate in pastry arts (BTM en Patissier) and CAP Pâtissier- Chocolatier- Glacier- Traiteur. Chef Lejuene has been trained under some of the great pastry chefs ( M.O.F) of France. He is now the Director of Academy Pastry Arts, Malaysia. If you want to know more about him, please click here. The Academy offers both full time and part time courses in Certificate and Diploma Pastry and Bakery Arts. To find out more, please click here.
If you are someone in Malaysia who is thinking of entering the pastry world, you might like what I am going to share with you, so have a sneak peak at the academy and see if this this is the kind of pastry school you are looking for.

Although "yours truly" has been married to a Quay Lo for almost fifteen years, I still have not learned good English or how to speak like an American. Even my Quay Lo has given up teaching me.  So, I have to think of ways to tell my story without having to write too many words. I decided I had a better chance of learning more about photography and let the pictures tell the story for me. My husband, who helps a great deal with editing, has told me that I am an enthusiastic communicator. (I think he meant I talk a lot.) However, he also loves photography and agrees with me - a picture can truly speak a thousand words.  

Tart Class, Day 1 - 25th June 2011
Item 1 - Quiche Dough and Royale
Chef showing us how to make the quiche dough

Hands on

Using the right cheese is important

We made two kinds of quiche. Spinach tomato and asparagus tomato

Chef showing us how to roll out the quiche dough

He explained that we need to shape the dough perfectly into the pie ring so as to get a good looking quiche

Do not put too much filling, this will do.
Preparing the chocolate pastry cream

Filling the quiche with royale cream and then they are ready to go into the oven
Happy students with the chef, all excited to send those lovely quiches to be baked. We can't wait to taste them.

Our creation! Gorgeous looking and tasted even better than they look.  YUM!

Item 2 - Choux Chantilly and Chocolate Eclaires
preparing the chocolate pastry cream for the eclaires

 the pastry cream is now ready to go into the fridge for 1 hour

 Making choux pastry dough

 Chef showing us how to check if the dough is ready for piping. 

After piping, and baking. Choux Chantilly and Chocolate Eclaires. LOVELY!

this is how you make craquelin (mixture of butter, brown sugar and flour) we put this on top of the choux dough before baking)

In addition to all the visually appealing and delicious tasting goodies we brought home, the opportunity of learning from Chef Lejuene, and a day surrounded by people who share the same interest as I, had given me much joy.  I am so happy that I can in turn share my joy with you.

I will definitely share those wonderful recipes and valuable tips from Chef Lejuene with you when I make these decadent bakes at home again but before that, I have yet to show you what I have learned on the second day of the class. 


  1. reading this post, it make me missed my chef and school, with the food... I miss Academy of Pastry Arts, Malaysia!! I was a student there, and their excellent chefs and learning environment is BEST!

  2. How I wish I can join you all!
    From the pictures above, you ladies really have lots of fun....oh I envy leh

  3. Yes, i too enjoyed in this wonderful class. Thanks for the recommendation me to Jade, hugs!

  4. Great post. Loved seeing how things look as you go. Thanks for posting this. Looking forward to more.

  5. I love all your process photos, and I think your writing is wonderful!

  6. very professional :D. Bet your Quay Lo will be enjoying the food next few days.

  7. Veron, what a great fun! So sorry that I'm unable to make it this round. Whoa, you ladies are really hardworking. I noticed you've to take off the jacket. hahaha... Btw, just a few of you attended the pastry class?
    Hope you're having a great week ahead.

  8. Hey I'm there! It was a fantastic class taught by someone with a real passion for sharing his craft, would highly recommend it to anyone interested.

  9. Definitely looks like you guys were having a lot of fun! Great looking photos that do speak thousands of words to me:D Looking forward to the next instalment!

  10. Woah, too bad I'm in my confinement!!!
    I wonder when can I ever get merdeka again........sigh**

  11. This class sounds like a lot of fun. And food is a universal language.

  12. hey veronica =)

    so fast u post =) thank u! so efficient and glad u enjoyed the class =) was fun hosting u guys =)
    hope to see you soon!


  13. Sounds like an interesting day, and you get rewarded with good food.

  14. Check out the NEW website of Academy:

    Got all the class schedules there :-)

  15. Fantastic photos and yes they do tell a story. Never the less I think you write pretty good English. I wish my French was 1/2 as good as your English!! Diane

  16. Don't worry about speaking like an American. I live here for so many years and I still can't speak like them. My hubby still laugh at me when I used certain words and I can't get away with my lah and aiyoh ha ha.... I heard a lot about this new culinary school in KL. I love attending classes like this especially with friends. Hopefully I am able to when I go back early this year.

  17. Nice pictures, I think the pictures really speak a thousand words :) The quiche really looks very tempting, want to try baking, see how it tastes :)

  18. Good for you, Veronica! What a fun and great learning class you attended.
    Such a coincidence. Yesterday I made two quiches for my was the classic Quiche Lorraine, and the other was fresh spinach and mushrooms, with of course the classic grated swiss cheese. (did the same with the dough disk, to chill it)
    Truly amazing photo collage of the course. You look so all the photos of the entire class.
    Thank you so much for sharing...will be waiting for your future quiche posts...yumm!

  19. yeah, i heard abt the academy too from peilin's blog some time ago, you gals must have enjoyed learning so much. was it a 2 full day course? I was chuckling reading gert;s comment on the lah and true but that is our malaysian english, we are so used to that..furthermore english is not our mother tongue but friend, your english here is already perfect! no?

  20. Great photos of your class, I felt like I was there! The tarts look so perfectly baked, congratulations;-)

  21. Amazing! Looks so delicious and such great photos.

  22. It looks like such an amazing experience! Sonia just posted her story too and it looks just as amazing. I'm envious!

  23. this is such a cool experience loved Sonia's post as well looking forward to seeing your pizza

  24. Oh, my, what fun!!! So many beautiful dishes you made...and gorgeous photos! Thank you for sharing with us all :)

  25. Lizzy, Rebecca, daphne, Tiffanee, Pacheopatty,
    Three-cookies, Jeannie, Kim Bee: Glad you guys enjoy the pictures. It was indeed a great experience.

    Lena: I know some friends who go the Western countries for just 1 year and come back speak with a slang but for me, I think I am that leopard that can never change its spots. haha

    Elisabeth: thanks so much for dropping by and I am hopping over to your blog to see your quiches.

    ICook4Fun: When you coming back? Maybe we can meet up and go to a weekend class together?

    Jade: Next time, you have an event like this, count me in:D Thanks again.

    Hungry female: Yup, you were there:D

    Kristy: Hope you can join us the next time if there is another chance for the classes.

    Small Kuching: You are right, he is enjoying still everything I brought back.

    yummychunklet: so kind of you to say that. Thanks.

    Kim Bee: You are welcome, glad you enjoy the photos.

    Sonia: No need to thank me, so happy that you enjoyed yourself.

    Reese: If you are interested to join such event, I will pass your contact to Jade so if there is another chance to attend such classes at the Academy, she can contact you.

    Cynthia: Coming from the horses' mouth, I couldn't agree more.

  26. gosh! u guys are fast! I hven't even had time to breath after the class.. nice pics!

  27. Wendy: Enjoy your confinement and don't think of Merdeka yet! haha... but it will be soon ya?

    Swee San: No worries my dear, take your time.. we will be here when the post is up:D Hey, thanks so much being there with us on the first day of the class. We had problem using the kitchen aids without you the 2nd day.

  28. ARGH!!!!! I'M SO JEALOUS!!! Wish I could attend which a class here in Singapore but I'm afraid there are none!

  29. Alan, come to KL one weekend and we can attend a class together:D

  30. Veronica, looks like such a great class to attend. So awesome that you were able to attend with a few other local bloggers as well. Definitely part of the joys of blogging. Those tarts look wonderful and you took some great pictures. Look at the smiles on those faces. Pictures truly speak a thousand words.

    Sorry I'm so late at commenting. Been trying to catch up with my blogging, but summer time and longer daylight hours = more time spent with the kiddies.

  31. LeQuan, I knew you were busy, well, you are wearing so many hats and it is not easy. No sorry required my dear, just visit whenever you can and know that your visits will always make my day! XOXO

  32. Hi! Can you pls share the quiche recipe? It looks really delish!! btw you have a nice blog and pics :)

    1. CL, thanks for dropping by. How about trying out the Spinach Bacon mini quiche recipe first. Will keep you posted when I make this quiche again and post the recipe. Let me have your email.


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