Monday, June 20, 2011

My Quay Lo calls his Quay Po "LUCY" for a reason

Both Quay Lo and I love donuts. Before I started my food blog last July, I was totally not interested in cooking or baking. Needless to say, when we wanted any bakes, I had to go buy them. One afternoon, I went out to buy some donuts home for afternoon tea. That was not my favorite thing to do because finding a parking space where the bakery is situated is a big challenge. That particular afternoon, I was extremely lucky. I got myself a parking space without making any rounds. Some more, it was just a few door step away from the bakery. Have you ever found yourself walking a mile away from your car and then asked, "Did I lock my car door?" That happens to me so often that now, I had to lock and unlock the car a few times before I walked away from it. I know it sounds irrational but I can't help it. I hope I am not suffering from compulsive behavior but just being "Lucy".

After I bought the donuts and as I was walking back to my car, I saw a little white car looking for a parking space. I thought I could do something nice for the day so I waved my hand at the young driver and gave him a hand signal to follow me to where I parked my car so that he could take over the parking space.  I walked quickly to my car and had to used my car key to open the door. I could have used my car remote control if the central locking system was not out of order. My key went into the key hole but the car door would not open. I was puzzled but not sure why. The young driver waited for me patiently but I knew he must have wondered why I took so long to open my car door.  He sensed that I had difficulty so he was very kind to come to ask me if I needed help. While explaining to him that the door would not open, something inside the car caught my eyes.  OOPS!! that was not my car although it looked like it. Mine was two cars away! Oh my god! fortunately the owner of the car did not see what I was doing otherwise I will be mistaken as a car thief!  I thought opening and locking the car a few times before walking away was ridiculous, this is more bizarre right! So now, you know why my Quay Lo calls me "Lucy"?  LOL!  

For those who may not be familiar with the famous TV character, Lucy, you might want to check this video clip out - I love Lucy - Chicken and Rice. 

Did you enjoyed the video clip? Now is time for the recipe but it is not Chicken and Rice, it is Sweet Potato Donuts. You got to try this recipe. It is so easy to make and the donuts were very delicious. It has a crispy outside and a soft cushiony inside. I made a big batch and after giving away some to my neighbors, we still have some left. The three of us could not finish on the same day. I put what was left in the fridge and I was surprised that it still tasted good after two days. I warmed them up for about 10 seconds in the microwave and had two with a cup of hot coffee this morning, does that sound good to you?

Sweet Potato Donuts

1 C mashed sweet potatoes 
2 tbs butter
2 eggs, beaten
1 C sugar
Oil for frying
1 C milk
2 ½  C flour
¼ tsp salt
4 tsp baking powder
¼ tsp nutmeg

Work butter into mashed sweet potatoes. Add eggs, sugar and milk.  Mix well.  Add dry ingredients.  Let dough rest for 10 minutes. Roll dough out and cut out donuts.  Fry in hot oil. Drain on paper towel and roll in sugar.

I am submitting this entry to Aspiring Bakers #8 – Bread Seduction (June 2011)  hosted by Jasmine from The Sweetylicious.


  1. I wish to try out donuts, but then, I really had to find ways to finish them up as my in laws don't eat them. Only me and my girls!

    1. Wendy, you can make 1/2 of the recipe, if still can't finish, send to your friends, I'm sure they love them !! Or deep fry them just to light brown and keep in fridge in a air tight box when cool, re fry them before serving them within 3 days !! I think it may be ok !! Or you omit the baking powder and use less sugar and make into balls with the dried prawns sambal filling or any filling you can get !!

  2. once again you have tempted me with your recipe...yummy

  3. Delicious donuts and lovely presentation

  4. I really have to start putting my donut cutters to use really soon. Yours look plump and luscious!

  5. This sounds like something I'd do...I lose my car in parking lots all the time. It's terrible! And I have found myself standing in front of a car I thought was mine, trying to figure out why I can't open the door! Don't feel bad! I feel your pain Lucy. :)

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  7. Your donuts look really good!
    And thanks for sharing your Lucy moment. I once searched the house high and low for my key, only to realise that it was in my hand all the time. It's nice knowing that there are other Lucy's out there too... you are not alone. We all have some blond roots somewhere... hahaha.

  8. Veron, this is just so hilarious. hahaha.... Lucky you didn't being caught up as a thief. ha... I think I am as blur as you are.
    Hope you're having a good day.

  9. Hi, thks for this recipe.

    1. Just to confirm: 4 tsp of baking powder is used in this recipe?
    2. do you think it is ok if i reduced sugar to 1/2 cup without affecting the texture?
    3. i dont have donut cutter so if i shaped dough into round balls to fry, will it still work?
    thks alot and appreciate your help :)

  10. Whoops! I think we've all pulled Lucys at one time or another! Great donuts.

  11. These look great! So pillowy soft and sugary!

  12. Hehehehehe~~allow me to~~~It's really funny, coz u reminds dat I tried dis too, in front of d owner, extremely "paisei"!
    I love donut too!!

  13. thks for sharing Quay Po, I shall try this for my kids - they luv donuts :)

  14. OMG! this must be sooo embarrassing!
    those donuts look so good! (:

  15. I keep seeing doughnuts all over the place today!

  16. Oh mine.. haha. but well, the donuts turned out perfect!! Oh crisp hot donuts!

  17. daphne: haha indeed:D

    That Girl: So did what you see nudged you to make some?

    Jasmine: Oh yes, very embarrassing at the moment but I am one person that get over my embarrassment very quickly. I laugh at myself a lot!

    Alice: you are most welcome, I hope your kids will like them.

    Ah Tee: You are allowed to laugh, laughter can heal us from being "Paisei' hehehe..

    yummychunklet: Thanks, they really do.

    Belinda: Nice to know I am not alone.

    Belle: yes confirmed 4 tsp baking powder. I do not think reducing the sugar will affect the texture. You don't need a donut cutter, round balls will taste the same. Hope I clear your doubts:D

    Kristy: Ya lor, I am very lucky. Otherwise Quay Lo will have to bail me out of jail hehehe.

    NEL: I feel so much better now that there are more Lucys out there! hehehe.. Me too, I have done that, looking for my iphone while talking into it! hehehe

    Aarthi: thanks for dropping by. I will check your blog out.

    Ameena, Thanks for making me feel better, loosing keys is also one of my expertise, did not know I have a contender, Lucy! heheheh

    Shirley: So good to see you, hope all is well.

    sean, Amelia: Thanks for your kind comment.

    David: you must try this, I know you will like it.

    Wendy: Give some to your neighbors:D

  18. i love anything sweet potato.
    this recipe looks particularly amazing!

  19. Omg, LOL Veronica! That is totally something I would do too so I can totally relate! Hahaha! Hubby sometimes calls me "so poh" (silly woman) b/c of all the silly situations I get myself into. Glad you were able to figure out it wasn't your car before the owner got there. Lol.

    These donuts sound amazing. I love sweet potatoes, but have never had the donut version before. I'm sure they were gone pretty quick. Kiddies would definitely love these as well. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Katie: Thanks for visiting my blog and take time to leave a comment. It is greatly appreciated. This is a good recipe and if you love sweet potato you will be glad that you try this out.

    LeQuan: Oh my! if we both get together, we will make a nice pair of "So Pohs" hehehe.. Oh yes I think your kiddies will love these sweet potato donuts. Maybe you should make them into tiny sweet potato balls on a stick for them instead.

  21. hi lucy, a picture speaks a thousand words!! Fantastic donuts, i want to bookmark this to make it soon! this is like instant donuts, no proofing!

  22. Lena, oh yes, no waiting time! Look forward to see your post.

  23. Hahaha! Interesting post, Lucy! Love the donuts :)

  24. @Shirley
    hehehe thanks Shirley! Hugs from Lucy!

  25. Your blog is so interesting to read. I think i am 'Lucier' than you. It happened to me before, my mine were even worse, i actually went into the car and sat inside then i turned my head and look at the person next to me only i realized i got into the wrong car! I can feel my face was burning hot then...LOL!!

  26. @Soul Recipe
    Thank you so much for dropping by and I am glad you enjoy reading my post. It is kind of nice to know I am not alone! Hope to see you often so we can be "Lucys" together. LOL!

  27. I love "I Love Lucy"!! I watch it on every Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

    Your Quay Lo has a sense of humour.

    1. Omg , Yoke Yin, how did I miss your comment. My apology. Thanks for your visit.

  28. You're adorable! I think we've all had our "Lucy" moments somewhere.
    The donut recipe looks delicious too.

  29. Thank you aw. This donut recipe is a keeper.


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