Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pictures speak a thousand words - Part 2

Tart Class Day 2 – 26th June 2011
It's Sunday, the second day of our pastry class at the Academy of Pastry Arts in Malaysia. I must admit it was difficult to roll out of bed so early on a Sunday morning, especially as I received no sympathy from my Quay Lo, who simply rolled over with a snort. Once I got myself into gear, and still fresh from the experience of yesterday, I felt the growing excitement of another day of exploring the secrets of pastries, delicate creams, and exotic aromas. 
As it turned out I was the first to arrive at the academy and made an eye opening cup of tea in the student lounge. By the time we had fully assembled I saw that our small group had trimmed down to five from seven the day before. No matter, I thought, as it would mean more direct coaching from the Chef. After our focus yesterday on savories, today we are to learn Sweet Pastry, as in Ganache moelleuse, Almond cream, Lemon cream and Meringue Italienne. My sweet tooth was utterly engaged.
After Chef Lejuene showed us how to make the doughs and the various creams, we all headed back to our stations to do our own. Let me show you the tarts that I baked and took home. Don’t blink your eyes!

Linzer dough raspberry strawberry jam tart

Linzer dough raspberry strawberry jam tart - close up

Lemon cream peach tart

Lemon cream peach tart - close up

Almond cream fruit tart with orange slice, pineapple and strawberries

 Lemon cream mix fruits tart with kiwi and peach
Tartlettes - chocolate cream and lemon cream with peaches

Are you more keen to find out what we did on the second day of the class now?
I will let my pictures speak to you.
Chef showing us how to make the sweet pastry, once done the dough goes straight to the fridge

Preparing the ganache moelleuse

Preparing the raspberry and strawberry jam filling

Preparing the lemon cream filling

Preparing the fruits need skill too

The lemon cream fruit tart taking shape

Tarts of the day

A group photo for the album

Quay Po and Chef Lejuene

For those who are interested in a career in pastry, or simply engage more fully in pastry making at home, here are some points to ponder:

1) You might want to evaluate all options. Most important, you want to find the right school.  

2) Find out about the instructors who conduct the courses, find out about their qualifications and whether their style of teaching will inspire you.

3) Check out the school by attending a class or two to find out if you like the set up, the potential classmates you might be working with, their curriculum and how many hours of hands on time you have.

4) You might also want to know what kind of certification you will receive.

Those are just my two cents. Honestly, after attending the two days tart class with Chef Lejuene, I am thinking about attending a part time course myself.  Hopefully, my Quay Lo is reading this post and make this my 15th wedding anniversary gift this coming December! HINT! HINT!

I promise to share all the recipes with you all once I get to make those tarts on my own but I want to create some new flavors. Have a wonderful week!


  1. beautiful post I saw in another site that you have joined this adventure wonderful experience lovely pictures

  2. This is so inspiring. Makes me want to take some classes. You did a great job and I sure hope your hubby was reading.

  3. Your pictures definitely spoke thousands words here!!! Loved the overall post and those yummy treats :)

    Yes dear, Jade invited me twice. She mentioned that you suggested my name to her the first time. Too bad I can't make it especially when my Hubby is overseas.

  4. Hey, thks for sharing these colourful shots! Glad u'd fun :) Noticed u've changed the banner pix here.... very nice family pix!

  5. you are fast huh...Love your post and pictures, Oh, you even rearrange it and took the pictures again, nice thought!

  6. go for it! create more delicious dishes

  7. Looks absolutely great! I can see you have lots of fun too. :)

  8. Oh my, those tartlets are gorgeous. Great job, Veron! You made those, right? hahaha.... Have a great day.

  9. Looks like you had a blast! I'd love to attend one of those myself ... definitely need some education in that field... hmm, good thought. I love those tartlets! Gorgeous!

  10. your tarts remind me of a visit to delifrance (one of our bakery shop). very pro. can't wait to see your creation next.

  11. I think the lemon peach tart is my favourite, looks beautiful!

  12. I love the lemon cream fruit tarts best! So fresh looking! looking forward to see your creations:)

  13. Thanks for sharing this, I love all the sweet tarts of your creation here. Looks pretty & delicious!

  14. Those tarts look delicious...you did a wonderful job.

  15. I don't think you need to take a class...I think you can teach one! You did an amazing job on everything! Beautiful pictures as well.

    Hope the hubby takes the hint. :)

  16. Wow what a fantastic experience with delicious pastries! That lemon peach tart looks especially tempting.

  17. What a fun day! Every single tart looks absolutely stunning. I would have an incredibly hard time deciding which one to enjoy first!

  18. Wow..all those lovely tarts. My mouth is watering.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll make sure to spend some time reading your blog and get to know you a little better. Maa

  19. yeah!!! you are right picture speaks thousand words!!!! I agree with you!!!!lovely clicks!!!yummy recipe!!!

    First time to your space, I'm loving it. No doubt i'm following your blog.
    I will be very Delighited to find you in my followers list of my blog.

    Happy Blogging!!!!
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    Good Food Recipes

  20. DD: Thanks and great to hear that you enjoying yourself here. Appreciate your following and I will check out yours.

    Maa: You are welcome. I would love to know you better too:D

    Jessica: It was a deliciously fun-filled days for us!

    Xiaolu: Me too, I love the lemon cream tart with a combination of sweet and tartness.

    Ameena, Small Kucing, Kim Bee: My Quay Lo just told me to go for it but I am indecisive whether to go for the certificate course of just those weekend classes. I guess I must ask myself, do I really need the certificate?

    Rachel: thanks, that's very encouraging.

    Sonia: That's me, I am someone who just can't rest until what need to do is done:D Yes, I came home to take the photos with my Canon 500 again, those tarts are too lovely not to have to photographed them properly.

    Shirley: Yes, I have changed the banner pix for sometime already. That is one of my favorite family pix.

    Kak Love: hope that you can join us if there is another chance. Looking forwarding to meet you in person.

    Cheah: I would not have done this without the guidance of the chef.

    Jeannie: I have to put on my thinking cap to create something nice. The chef had set a very high standard for me.

    Chopin: Looks like most of you like the lemon peach tart.

    edith: Wow, I feel flattered!

    ping: you are a very good baker yourself but it is true, attending classes like this will inspire us more and we also get to learn some great tips from the professional chefs.

    Kristy: You don't believe me? hehehe Yes I made those my dear but under the guidance of the chef lah. Now the challenge is to make this at home. LOL!

    That Girl: Thanks so much.

    Liittle Box: OH YES! I did!

    Torviewtoronto: Yes, you saw that in Sonia's blog right? We were at the class together. Good to see you again.

  21. wow looks like u guys did alot the 2nd day!

  22. DG: good to see you and thanks for the kind words.

  23. Swee San: yes looks like it.

    Yummychunklet: thanks for being so supportive.

  24. All this is making me hungry..... :-)

  25. Eeek! You are making me so hungry with all those beautiful shots of those delicious tarts. Seriously, my stomach just growled upon seeing your photos. Great shots, and thanks for sharing.

  26. LeQuan, those lovely tarts make me drool too. Haha I am blowing my own trumpet. I hope when I make them on my own without the guidance of the chef, I can still produce such lovely looking tarts.

  27. These look so delicious!!! What a fun time!

  28. @GStaples
    I apologize for the late reply. Somehow, I missed seeing your comment. Thanks for dropping by.

    Thanks so much for your kind words and nice meeting you.


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