Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Deepavali

As a Malaysian, I celebrate, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali and Christmas!  I guess that is the advantage of a Multi-racial country:D  We get more holidays and more reasons to celebrate and also more different kinds of  ethnic food.  Not only that, many can speak more than one language.

As today is a public holiday, my kitchen is closed for the day.  The three old folks went out to celebrate Deepavali at a favorite Restaurant to have Dim Sum.  We enjoyed driving on the road today because there no traffic jam or angry drivers.  My hubby bought some movies and we intend to just enjoy each others company, flop on the couch and be couch potatoes for the day.

Here are some pictures of the Dim Sum we had and the three old folks enjoying each other's company.

My hubby's favorite - fried turnip rice cakes with bean sprouts & chilli

Various kinds of our favorite dim sum

My hubby and mum enjoying the Dim Sum


  1. Hey do you also celebrate Deepavali festival.....I never knew Malaysian also has the same festival as Indians do....

    Happy Diwali!!!

  2. Sabby,
    Sure we do:D When I was youngyer, I used to wear Sari to visit my Indian friends on Deepavali day. My best friend's mum taught me how to tie a sari. Unfortunately I have lost touch with her. I wish she will see my blog someday and reconnect with me.

  3. The more reasons to celebrate, the better I say! When that also involves lots of different ethnic foods, well that's even better :)

  4. Daily Spud,
    I cannot agree more with you:D

  5. Hi, Quay Po. Thanks for leaving a nice comment in Pet Creek. Today I blog about Water Spinach in Onenezz but I didn't cover the cooking portion. Will leave that to experts like you. Your food photos look absolutely yummy.

    Happy Deepavali!

  6. Mmmm.. dim sum. Almost time for my next visit to a yum cha restaurant for some dim sum!

  7. Happy diwali to you and your family. spread looks delicious.

  8. This looks delicious. In fact, almost everything looks delicious!! (saying almost because I haven't seen it far it's all:)) anyway, thanks for coming by and visiting my blog. I am now following you. I love to try new recipes and especially ethnic foods. Quick question: my oldest daughter just came back from Ireland and there was an Asian bakery there. All the cakes looked shiny and glossy. What is that? It was not buttercream or fondant like we use here in the states. REALLY glossy. I could post pic if you are not familiar. Thanks.

  9. Hi Swathi,
    Thanks and Happy Deepavali to you too.

  10. Hi One,
    Thanks for dropping by and I will go read your post on water spinach which is one of my favorite vegetables. Oh, I am not the expert, still learning from all my expert foodies friends.

  11. Kim,
    Can I come along with you? hehe

  12. Adena,
    Thanks for your visit and complement. I appreciate you taking time to leave your comment. About the shiny and glossy cakes, I am not sure what it is. If you can send me a picture, maybe I can figure it out.

  13. Quay Po- Your images of beautiful food are so artistic! I'm hungry after one second visiting this thoughtful blog!

    Thank you for your kind comments on APPLESandRUBIES and for entering my jewelry giveaway this week!Hope you win my earrings!

    Best Wishes to you!I will follow your blog.


  14. nice blog.. have a view of my blog when free.. .. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog...

  15. Hi Mr. Lonely,
    Thanks for your visit and your comment. Sure, I will drop by your blog. Hope to see you again.

  16. Hi Loretta,
    Thanks for following my blog and your kind words. I hope to see you often and you bet, I will be your regular visitor to check on your new designs of your lovely jewelleries! I hope my foodie friends and readers will check on your blog too.

  17. I just posted several pictures of cakes on my blog. I hope you can tell what I am talking about. They look so different from what we do here in the states. The base icing is glossy, looks almost like gel??

  18. Adena,
    If I am no wrong you use powdered sugar and egg white to make the frosting glossy. Also I believe light corn syrup also being added to make the frost glossy.


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