Friday, November 19, 2010

Pecan Pie

Like the Chinese idiom: "Yow yuen chin lay lung seong wui, moe yuen tui mien pat seong foong”, literally means if you are fated to know each other, you will meet despite the miles apart, if you are not fated to meet, even if you find yourselves sitting opposite each other, you remain strangers and that's true about how we met John and Diana. We were at the Bangsar Village supermarket a few months ago looking at beef at the meat counter. John and Diana were there too. Then, my hubby and John started a conversation about beef the next thing we know, Diana and I were exchanging hand phone numbers. A few weeks later, we met for dinner and became good friends. Isn’t it amazing?

Last evening, we had them over for dinner again. My hubby, mum and I jointly prepared a fusion dinner for them. Here is our Dinner Menu for the evening:

Sui kow (Chinese Dumplings) with wasabi, mayo red pepper sauce - prepared by me
Crispy crab claws with black pepper sauce on sweet melon and grilled beef on skewers - prepared by hubby and me.

 Main Course: 
Pan fried ground black pepper, ground coriander and parika coated tuna steak on ginger fried rice - prepared by mum and me (recipe for the tuna given to me by hubby)
Grilled vegetables salad with beef jerky in balsamic maple syrup dressing - prepared by me. 

Dessert: Pecan Pie - prepared by me

We served a bottle of really fine cold sake with our food. It was a wonderful evening! Happiness to me is seeing people enjoy the food and have their plates empty for every course. Most of the above recipes were posted except for beef on the stick, crispy crab claws in black pepper sauce and pecan pie, I would like to share with you the recipe for the pecan pie first and post the recipe for the other two later. Here you go!

The dining table setting for the evening

Pecan Pie
Largely adapted from Karo Pecan Pie recipe

Ingredients for one 9 in. pie crust:

1-1/2 cups all-purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup butter, chilled 1/4 cup ice water
Ingredients for the filling:
1 cup dark corn syrup
3 eggs
1 cup sugar
2 tbsp butter, melted
1 tsp vanilla extract
30 whole pecan
1 cup broken pecan

Method for making the crust:

In a medium bowl, combine flour. Cut butter into flour mixture until it resembles coarse crumbs. Gradually sprinkle the water over the dry mixture, stirring until dough comes together enough to form a ball. On a floured surface flatten dough ball with rolling pin. Roll out into a circle that is one inch larger than pie dish. Place pie shell into dish and refrigerate until pie filling is complete.

Method to make the filling:

Stir all the filling ingredients (A) together thoroughly.
Method of assembiling the pie:
Spread out 1 cup of broken pecan into the pie crust. Pour in the (A) mixture. Arrange 5 flowers with the whole pecans. Bake in a preheated oven at 175 degrees C or 350 degrees F for 55 – 60m mins.

Note: Tap the center surface of the pie lightly, It should spring back when it is done.


  1. Oh...this pecan pie look really good. love the nutty sweet filing. I would say "What a feast and a sweet ending with a nice pie!"

  2. I remember this Karo pecan pie recipe from when I was younger! Wow, how lovely. Looks so delicious and also love the story and the quote of meeting the couple. Some things are just meant to be :)

  3. I love pecan pie and have not made this for a long time.
    You're such a good host Quak Po, I bet your guest must be enjoying this dinner very much with all those delicious dishes.

  4. i have not try pecan yet, i have to get some to try this pie, look so yummy. Your guests must be very satisfied with all these delicious foods that you have prepared for them.

  5. Ann,
    Thanks you and I guess it is timely to make one for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I love eating it with vanilla ice cream.

  6. Sonia,
    I used to get my step daughter to send pecan from US and until 5 years ago because back then the price of pecan is so expensive. Recently because of the drop in USD, the difference in price has narrowed and I buy the pecans at the local supermarkets. Although this is an all time family favorite pie, we do not make it often, we want to keep this as a treat:D

  7. Ooooooo one of my favourites :-) Diane

  8. Diane,
    Look like this pie is a crowd pleaser:D There are some recipes that call for light corn syrup and I have used it before and I don;t find much difference. Which do you use?

  9. Hi Tee,
    Thanks for your visit. I wish I can understand Chinese to read your blog but I enjoyed the photos tho:D

  10. Like my music instructor in high school used to say, "for those of you interested in extra credit, a pecan pie will do nicely". He would say this unashamedly with a Cheshire cat grin. I get the same grin when Quay Po Cooks makes it. When I was a kid in Oklahoma,we had the good fortune of being able to go to parks and roadisdes in our town and pick up pecans ripened and fallen from the huge trees they become. I can remember filling buckets full.

  11. Mmmm, looks delicious!!! I should try that

  12. Angel,
    Thanks for your visit and do give me feedback after you try it. Have a nice weekend.

  13. briarose
    Thanks for your visit and compliment. Hope to see you again. Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. Darling,
    How I wish we can do the same here picking buckets of pecan pie. Yes, let's keep pecan pie for those who deserve an extra credit hehe..

  15. This and a big scoop of vanilla bean ice cream....I'd be in heaven :)

  16. Stephanie,
    Yes, that how I eat my pecan pie too hehe

  17. Oh man, this is so irresisitible! Yummm....

  18. Kristy,
    My hubby finished the last two pieces of pecan just before he left for a business trip.LOL!


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