Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One Lovely Blog Award

This evening I received an email from my foodie friend, Elisabeth - telling me that she has included my blog in her list of “One Lovely Blog Award”. Thanks Elisabeth.
It has been a fun ride for me to share my Mum’s, my hubby’s and my own recipes. I am also very pleased to meet so many wonderful foodie friends on my journey. This is an AWESOME experience for me and I LOVE meeting new friends everyday.
As part of the award, I was told that I have to award it to another 10 to 15 bloggers. So here they are. Congratulations!
Please check out my AWESOME foodie friends:


  1. Thanks so much Quay are very kind :) Did you change your page? It looks very nice.

  2. Many thanks and much appreciated. You have a lovely blog and I really enjoy it. Diane

  3. Hi Nancy & Vijay,
    You are most welcome:D

  4. Thank you very much Quay Po and I am honored. Love your blog with those interesting recipes :)

  5. Yayyy thank you so much, I'm honored!! :)

  6. sorry, I'm late to collect this lovely award. Thank you so much given me this award, appreciate much.


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