Monday, November 15, 2010

Stir fry baby bok choy with dried shrimps and yam - Featured in Group Recipes

It is very hard to come by a good piece of yam, one that is very starchy.  When you see one, it is like striking a lottery.  Caution: Yams, unlike sweet potatoes, are toxic so don’t eat it raw. Cooking helps to destroy its toxin. There are many variations of cooking yam but seldom with green leafy vegetables. The flavor of this dish is unique and unpronounced.  


300 gm yam, cut into small cubes
400 gm baby bak choy
20 gm dried shrimps
1 tb vegetable oil
1 ts chopped garlic
1 cube bullion chicken stock
3 cups water
1 ts ground white pepper
2 tb fish sauce


Dissolve a cube of bullion chicken stock in 3 cups of warm water and set aside. Wash and blanch baby bak choy in salt water.  Deep in cold bath, drain and set aside.  Wash and soak dried shrimps in warm water for 30 mins. Drain dried shrimps and set aside.  Retain the  shrimp water.  Steam yam for 25 mins.  Heat oil in wok and sauté dried shrimps till it is soft. Add yam, fish sauce and chicken stock. Reduce heat to medium and let it simmer till yam is very soft and gravy reduced.  Add baby bak choy and mix well for about 2 mins. Transfer to serving plate and serve hot.


  1. That looks absolute;y delicious - real comfort food!
    Robyn :-)

  2. I made this yesterday. Quick, easy, and amazing! Served it to two

  3. Hi Quay Po...teehee.

    I get a kick out of that, sorry. Thank you for telling me your real name. I will call you Quay Po if you prefer :-D.

    What a wonderful idea to add yams to this recipe. I've never tried this combo before and now must when I find a good piece of yam. Thank you for sharing this lovely recipe. I love the presentation too.

  4. I just had some baby bok choy with mushrooms and would have loved to try it with yams. How wonderful, thank you!

  5. I agree a "good" yam is hard to come by or rather, maybe I need to learn how to select one.

  6. Robyn,
    Thank you for checking out my blog and give me the joy to get to know a new friend. Hope to see you again.

  7. Dinetonite,
    Thanks for your comment and visit.

  8. lequan,
    If you try this, let me know what you think and your suggestion to improve the taste is welcome too. You know, cut the bok choy into bite size for my hubby instead of serving as a whole floret. He never can understand how Asian can eat green leafy vegetables in whole ... let alone understand why I love to eat stew pig's ears! LOL!

  9. Jude,
    You are welcome. Thank you for visiting me. I saw your friendly monster, love it!

  10. tigerfish,
    When I go buy yam, I depend on the seller to choose a good one for me but often disappointed. What I see them do is to scrap a little flesh off the yam to see if they are starchy or not. I wish there is a better way to find that out.

  11. Beautiful. The site, the photography and this delicious recipe. Thanks so much!

  12. I've never eaten real yam. I have to try this!

  13. this combination baby bok choy with yam is new to me, sound so interesting and i bet it taste good.

  14. Sonia,
    Try it, you will not be disappointed:D

  15. This is really unique! You're so creative. thanks for the recipe.

  16. Never tried this combination before. Got to give this a shot soon.
    Can I just cook the yam in the stock till it softens instead of steaming it first?

  17. yd,
    You can actually on very low heat and for a longer time. I steam it to cut down the cooking time. After you tried this dish, do let me know how you like it.


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