Monday, November 1, 2010

Hong Kong Choy Sum (Chinese cabbage) with dried scallops

Another of Chef Sam Leong’s recipes which is so simple to make and very healthy and delicious.
1 tb cooking oil
120 gm Hong Kong Choy Sum
3 gm roasted garlic
20 gm shredded dried scallops
160 ml chicken stock
1 ts sugar
1 ts Chinese cooking wine (hua tiao)
a dash of ground white pepper
Wash and separate the stalk from the leaves of Hong Kong Choy Sum. Heat wok and sautee the stalks of choy sum, dried scallops, roasted garlic until garlic is fragrant. Add the choy sum leafs and stir fry for another 5 mins till they look dark green. Stir in chicken stock, sugar, salt and Chinese cooking wine and pepper and bring back to cooking temperature. Remove from the fire as soon as the final ingredients are all well mixed in and the wok reaches simmering heat. Dish out and serve hot.


  1. Torviewtoronto,
    I enjoy creating the presentationn of the food and taking the pictures as much as the cooking. I love the whole deal:D Thanks for your compliment.

  2. Normally I use Hong Kong choy sum to cook soup or stir-fry with garlic. And now I learn a new way of cooking it.

  3. Hi Little box,
    I like your screen name and the little doggy is so cute. Yes, I did the same as you, just stir fry choy sum with garlic. This is also a new way for me:D

  4. Your photos are absolutely GORGEOUS!! I love the intense lighting you use & the way you get so close to the food. BEAUTIFUL!!

  5. Rettabug,
    Your comments give me lots of encouragement to take better photos. Frankly, I am just an amateur and just started to learn more about photography:D My hubby gives me a lot of useful advice both on cooking western cuisine and on photogaphy. He is my teacher for a lot things but you know what? I bet he is a very frustrated teach because he has a very hard headed student. hehe

  6. I miss choy has been years since I last had them.
    The combination of flavours is beyond delicious!

  7. The dried scallops add so much more "umami" ...and make it so delicious.

  8. I love bok choy, so I think this will be great and yummy.! Love the pictures.

  9. Pam,
    I believe using bok choy will taste as good too:D

    I love Chef Sam Leong's recipes, simply and flavorful!

    You are right "umami" is the word for the flavor added by the dried scallops.


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