Monday, November 15, 2010

Watercress pork rib soup - featured in Group Recipes

Chinese soups are so easy to make.  I think most of the recipes are “idiot proof”.  This one is for sure.  The outcome usually cannot go wrong and almost every Chinese soup has some benefits to your health.  To name a few for watercress soup:

It helps to protect the eyes because it contains a high level of two carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin.

It helps increase production of breast milk so lactating mum should drink lots of watercress soup. 

If you do not mind the bitterness of raw watercress, chewing raw watercress leaves will help stop bleeding gums.

Watercress leaves are used as a poultice for the relief of enlarged prostate gland. The poultice can also treat swollen feet and sprained ankles.

On top of all the above, the taste of the soup is soothing and pleasant, not like some herb soup that is bitter and hard to swallow.


600 gm watercress, wash and cut
500 gm pork rib
5 pcs big red dates,
6 pcs honey dates
80 ml water

Blanch pork ribs and drain.  Add all ingredients into the pot and bring to boil for 15 mins and turn heat to low and simmer for 3 hours.


  1. This looks incredibly delicious, I can't believe it has so few ingredients! Yum.

  2. I'm passing it along to my own personal chef. He loves your recipes!


  3. No salt or soy sauce or herbs? Fascinating. I may have to try this. I just love your blog so much, and am so glad I found it.

  4. Hi Carolyn,
    Thanks for your visit and comment. I you like simple soup, do check out my recipe on Papaya soup:D

  5. Megan,
    How lucky of you to have a personal chef:D

  6. Serene,
    Ya, the flavor all comes from the watercress, red dates and honey dates. I like to drink it as it is:D

  7. Quay Po- This soup looks so delicious!And easy, too!


  8. Loretta,
    It is even better of you have a crockpot, throw all ingredients inside, put on high and once it is boiling, turn heat to low. Go off to work or run errands and when you are back, the pot of soup is ready to be served:D

  9. I love watercress soup and usually cook this once a month.

  10. Hi Ms. Quay Po,

    For some reason I feel so rude calling you that...teehee. Please let me know if there is another name you prefer.

    Thank you for your sweet comment reply. I enjoyed reading it and will give my little ones a big hug for you. You're too sweet.

    I love how simple this soup is. My mom likes to make it when she doesn't have much time to make a complicated soup. I used to make this with shrimp cause I don't eat much meat. The shrimp heads paired with the watercress gave great flavors to the soup as well. Hubby likes your version more though as he's more of a meat eater. Thank you for the info on watercress. I didn't know about the lactation and the bleeding gums, how interesting. My Dad likes to eat raw watercress. Hope you had a great weekend :-D

  11. lequan,
    Call me Quay Po is fine, that's what my friends and family calls me hehe.. I like it, it is like a form of endearment to me. Anyway, my name is Veronica:D Thanks for telling me about using shrimps head with watercress. I must try that the next time.

  12. Interesting post and I will try this recipe it sounds great. Diane

  13. This looks very similar to a soup my dad would cook.. very hearty :)

  14. Diane,
    Did you see what lequan suggested? Can substitute pork rib with shrimp heads. Even more interesting.

  15. Kim,
    So your dad makes soup for you, what a lucky girl you are.

  16. Wow this soups sound fascinating, I have never seen all these ingredients together, and also such a short list! I just got some pork ribs, maybe I should give it a a try? Thanks for sharing, and also for the support on Foodbuzz! :)

  17. The Cilantropist,
    You are most welcome:D Good luck to you and thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to visit.


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