Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Colors for health

Colors for health

When I go marketing, I think of colors.  Brilliant colors of vegetables and fruits uplift my spirit.  When I serve food, I enhance it with colors. Colors make the food looks appealing and taste good even before we put them in my mouths. Furthermore, colors improve health.  According to Scientists, highly colored fruits and vegetables contain a disease-fighting agent called phytonutrients.  The red in tomatoes, the orange in carrots, the blue in blueberries, the green in leafy vegetables and the purple in grapes all  helps in reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer.  The yellow in corns helps protect against muscular degeneration.  See the power of colors? So the next time you go marketing, make sure you put lots of colors in your cart and then on your plates:D Fill your life with colors and you will always stay happy and healthy!
If you want to know more about colors, here is a fun link:

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  1. This is so true. I love the vibrant colors of veggies and fruits. And the more colorful they are the better for you. Thank you for your comment and support! I truly appreciate it (=


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