Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ginger fried rice - Featured in Group Recipes

This recipe of ginger fried rice came from a good friend of my Mum.  He and his wife were our neighbors when I was 10 years old.  The couple were really nice people. I say "were" because both have passed away. One special memory of them was when they threw a birthday party in their home for me when I turned 13. That was the first party I can recall where we had music and dancing.  It was a very special gift to me and I will always cherish this sweet memory and remember them fondly.

Oh do you know you can store ginger but first you have to peel it, wrap it in plastic and then freeze it.  It will not only retain its freshness, but it is easier to slice and grate when it is frozen. 

Ginger fried rice

10 stalks of long bean (dice)
1 piece kwai far yoke (dried Chinese sausage meat) (diced)
¼ cup Spring onion (diced)
3 tb vegetable oil
3 tb minced ginger (the amount can be more or less according to personal preference)
21/2 cup cooked rice
½ cube chicken stock
A drop of sesame oil (optional)

Heat oil in wok.  Add rice and long beans and fry till rice a little dry.  Add chick stock and mix well.  Add spring onion and kwai far yoke (dried Chinese sausage meat) and mix well. Turn on high heat for 1min or until there is a think crust of burnt rice formed at the bottom of wok.  Scoop out the fried rice and put into a bowl and scrape out the burnt rice mix it together fried rice and serve.


  1. Hi Quay Po,

    I was really touched by the story behind your ginger fried rice recipe. How sweet of you to honour their memory by posting this delicious recipe, and sharing your fond memories of the couple.


  2. ginger fried rice is good for women that just gave birth hor??

    i finally understand what "quay Po" means... hahaha i'm so slow. after reading your intro!!!

    have a lovely weekend :)
    jen @

  3. Hi Anna,
    Thanks for dropping by. What drives me to start this blog at first is to document all my Mum's recipes so that it will not be lost and also to share her recipes with as many people as possible. Then as I go along, I find that there is a story associated to certain dishes which I would like to share with my readers. Some are happy, some are sad but I cherished them all because they are about people I love and respect.

  4. Hi Jen,
    You too have a wonderful weekend:D

  5. I never knew I could store ginger! I've thrown away so much bad ginger because I couldn't finish using them. Thanks! :)

  6. Quay Po, I wonder why you have to peel the ginger before you freeze it ? Nowadays they found any root veggie or fruits skin are the best !! Ginger skin balance to the heaty ginger !! Once frozen, the ginger will be soft !! when I stayed with my daughter in Paris, we freeze the ginger after washing them, wind dry then slice 70% and 30% in whole -- easy to take just some slices of ginger out if needed. Never heard of kwai far yoke, may I know what is that or can you post a photo of this kwai far yoke . Thanks.


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