Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pork rinds are the new health food?? It is my Mum's favorite!

You might be surprised to know that Pork rinds are the new health food according to the Dietititians.  They are now rooting for pork rinds as a healthier alternative to the ubiquitous potato chip or tortilla chip as a way to satisfy the desire for a salty and crunchy snack. 1/2 oz. serving of pork rinds, about 1 cup, contains 5 gms of fat, 9gms of proteinn and 80 cal. whereas 1 single serving of potato ships has 8 gms of fat, 11 gms of carbohydrates, 2 gms of protein andn 140 cal.!! Of course, it will good if you can stay away from both.  Nevertheless if you have to have a salty and crunchy snack, I would recommend you choose pork rind instead.

Here is a dish my Mum makes with dried pork rinds.  Pork rinds is her favorite but she does not make this dish very often probably because in her mind that pork rinds are not good for health.  However, when she does make this dish, it is a treat for me:D

Stir fry dried pork rinds with pineapple 
and prawns in chilly sauce

1 med. size pineapple
60 gms dried pork rinds
100 ml coconut milk
2 ts sugar
1/2 cube chicken stock (without MSG)
1/2 kg med. size prawns
2 tb vegetable oil
2 tb water
parsley for garnishing

Chilly Sauce
3 tb chilly paste (can be more or less depends how spicy you can stand)
5 bibs garlic
10 small shallots
5 buah keras (candlenuts)
Blend all the above

Cut pork rids into strips. Wash prawn ad devein. Cut pineapples into chunks.  Heat wok over high heat, add oil and chilly sauce.  fry for about 3 mins.  Add pork rinds, pineapples and sugar continue frying for another 3 mins.  Add prawns and water and and fry till prawn is just cooked.  Lastly add coconut milk and bring to gentle boil and turn off heat. Ready to serve.

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