Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stir fry sliced pork with young ginger and spring onion - Featured in Group Recipes & Dishfolio

Here is another of my Mum’s recipe which I will never get tired of.  If you are looking for a tasty, fast and easy stir fry recipe, you have found it:D   A tip here to remember though, you must use pork tenderloin and sliced them thinly. The trick to have smoother texture of the pork is to marinade it with a tea spoon of corn flour.  Ooo, I love smooth and tender sliced pork.  You can use beef tenderloin if you don’t like pork but I love both!

Serving 4

200g pork thinly sliced tenderloin
2 tb chopped garlic
2 tbsp vegetable/olive oil
3 stalks spring onions/scallions, cut to 2-inch lengths
1 tb Chinese cooking wine
2 tb water
50 gm young ginger thinly sliced

Marinade pork for 15 mins:

1/2 tsp sesame oil
1 bullion chicken stock mashed
½ tb oysters sauce
2 tb water
1 ts corn flour
A pinch of white pepper


Heat oil, fry ginger till fragrant. Then add garlic and stir fry till fragrant.  Add pork slices, stir fry till half cooked and add spring onions (the white bottom thick portion) water and stir fry till pork is cooked.  Add the rest of the spring onions and mix well.  Lastly add Chinese white wine and when you smell the aroma of the wine, turn off the heat and the dish is ready to be served.


  1. I chanced upon your blog via babeskl while submitting my 2 cents. The quay po caught my attention..I'm hokkien. And you have such great pics! My husband is a "banana" and I'm part nyonya and learnt to love cooking and baking late in life. So, I'll be watching your space for ideas a lot more from now.

  2. I love a quick stir fry.. this looks delicious!

  3. Evans,
    thanks for dropping by and your comment (^^)

  4. What a wonderful recipe!! My daughter has recently discovered she has a love for sesame oil, this will do nicely!

  5. awww that looks fantastic :) Thank you for sharing recipe!

  6. Kim,
    Usually young people do not like sesame oil, I am surprise your daughter does:D This dish has very little sesame oil so I guess it will be just nice for her.

  7. looks really really good and great pictures as well!

  8. This looks excellent. What is the difference between young ginger and regular ginger? Is there a flavor difference or just texture?

  9. The Mom Chef,
    Young ginger has finer texture,less fibrous and more tender. It taste a less piquant but more sweet. It has much thinner skin that doesn't need to be peeled. Young ginger is translucent in skin color and not brown. Often times it will have pinkish sprouting tips.javascript:void(0)

    Japanese gari or sushi pickled ginger always uses young ginger.

  10. ladymorgiana,
    You are most welcome:D Thanks for dropping by.


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