Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stir fry cabbage in chilly with peanut snacks (far sang thong) - Featured in Group Recipes

Hey, if you have some peanut brittles at home,  try this very unique dish.  It may sound strange to use a sweet snack in a vegetable recipe but trust me, it taste good!  

Stir fry cabbage in chilly with peanut brittles (far sang thong)


250gm cabbage thinly sliced
1 tb chilly paste
½ cube chicken stock
1 tb vegetable oil
70gm peanut brittles (preferably those with sesame) - crushed
1 ts chopped garlic
½ cup water


Heat oil and add garlic and fry till fragrant.  Add cabbage and mix well.  Add water and chilly paste and turn heart to medium and let it simmer till cabbage is translucent and soft.  Put in serving dish and sprinkle crushed peanut brittles.


  1. This is very different indeed. I've used peanut brittle in kerabus, acars and salads but to cook? Strange as it is, it looks yummy!


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